4 April 2012

I'm baaaaack!

So, no idea where the mini break from blogging came from. I actually have no reason for it and it's kinda annoying as I've been wearing loadsa nice clothes lately! I think I'm having a little mid-life crisis and I'm trying to rebel to anything I have to work on in my life lol! Even though I love blogging, it can be kinda stressful and I think I just had too much going on with uni/life to be able to keep it up! I've been the same with uni work, at this crucial point in my degree I've kinda somehow decided to just have a 'not give a shit' attitude! I'm a dick! ha! I have an un-started dissertation to do, as well as exams and all other uni related crap all to be in within the next 2 months and I've just got to the point where I seriously cannot be arsed!

Anyway onto the post... I haven't even attempted to take outfit posts lately, even though, like I said I have been wearing/buying some pretty amazing clothes! Here's the kinda stuff I've been sporting lately. 

My new favourite combo is highwaisted jeans or shorts that have to be either patterned or coloured (literally haven't worn plain old blue denim in ages), a crop top and a coloured or patterned blazer and some statement jewellery! I literally cannot get enough of this combo! The mini summer we had was amazing.. and now the weather is coming back to the normal 'this time of year' weather and its starting to depress me.. coz I'll have to get my chunky knits/jumpers back out again, and for once in my life I really don't wanna! I normally hate summer clothes, but the clothes hitting the shops this year are perfect! Hopefully I'ma get back into blogging over the coming weeks.. but I probably wont have many posts to show you, as like I said I really do have shitloads of uni work to be getting on with! 

Don't really have much going on in my life at the moment to update you with... so here's a pic just to remind you all what I look like ha! 

Roll on June when my life can get back to all play no work ha! #Layzeee 

ps: I have a tumblr - get your follow ooon!!

Pps: I nearly forgot to say.. WOW at the influx of followers I've had over the last month.. last time I posted I had like 350 now I'm just over 400 :D THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! xxx