30 January 2012

Want Want Want

This is my current wishlist.. I'm starting to think of Spring/Summer and what I want to be wearing... 

|Jacket: River Island | Sleeveless denim jacket, dress, shorts, crop top: Topshop | Jewellery: Asos|
I haven't featured any pastel colours, but they are popping up everywhere and I'm starting to think how I can incorporate them into my current love of 'grungey' style. I always lose my identity in summer, I wear stuff that is not me at all such as pretty girly dresses and buy clothes just for the sake of it. I am determined not to do that this year... I will not waste money on things that I will never wear again. 

I've already bought the grey dress, after I featured it in my #SarenzaAmbassador post I knew I had to have it! I also now NEED a sleeveless denim jacket, but know that it's one of those things that I will end up hating and won't hardly wear. I'm hoping to find one in a charity shop or on Ebay to keep the cost down.

I have a £20 River Island voucher and the chavtastic summer collection is starting to hit the store... every A/W I see the new River Island collection and start to think, wow, they've really upped they're game this year.. then as soon as S/S comes... BAM it goes diamant√© crazy again! So kinda struggling to spend it, but really LOVE the stripe jacket.. think I'll buy that. I can wear it with my stripe Motel jeans (y'know the ones) and look totes crazy! haha! 

Anyway... I've been rather absent this week! I've been such an internet-phobe. I haven't even been on twitter/facebook I have hardly read any blogs.. It's all because I have been reading 'The Hunger Games' trilogy. WHAT.A.READ! Seriously so good, It took me about 4 days to read the whole trilogy. I don't read often because I turn into such a recluse, I cannot do ANYTHING until the book is finished, then for a few days after the book is finished all I can think about is reading and I get a little sad that I have finished the book lol! (I'm a weird one). Hopefully my somewhat 'normal' blogging will resume soon. 

God your all gonna get so bored, I cannot stop talking!! Right, I've bought myself a Canon 600D and I am LOVING it.. (can't wait to do an outfit post) It's actually amazing, the only thing I cannot get the jist of is the Macro setting, for example, I was trying to get a picture of my nail art but it was a blur.. any tips other than buying a Macro lens? Also.. I need to find a new free photo editing site.. picnik is closing :( so any recommendations? 

23 January 2012

Fed up of dry/cracked lips?

This is my first venture into the 'beauty' world. I'm in no way clued up on beauty/make-up but sometimes I may find a product or a solution to a beauty problem that just needs to be shared! 

So basically I have battled with dry/cracked lips for as long as I can remember. Most products I have tried over the years have somewhat 'disguised' the dryness but have never outright 'cured' it. 

I have two products here that I believe when used together they are like the DON of the lip healing world. My lips are softer than ever with no dryness at all!

They are... 

Carmex Classic Lip Balm

Think of treating your lips just like you would your face.. exfoliate then moisturise! 

The Lush lip scrub is a welcome change in my routine from the 'scrub your lips with a toothbrush' trick (anyone done that?). You literally just put it on your finger and scrub. All the dry skin will come away then you lick it all off. It tastes really yummy and leaves you lips super soft. Scrubbing your lips also encourages better blood flow to them, giving them a nice natural red colour; a good alternative to lipstick! I suppose you could make a DIY version of this with kitchen cupboard sugar and some sort of oil or honey, but that probably wouldn't taste half as nice! After using this scrub daily I left the house every morning with soft lips BUT half way through the day after fighting various battles with cold weather/central heating/air con my lips would be dry again, so obviously a moisturising agent was needed. 

This is where Carmex comes in. I had been meaning to buy this lip balm for a while, but just simply never got around to it. I spotted it in Urban Outfitters in London and just snapped it up. I think this product should be in every girls handbag! You apply and you feel a tingling sensation which is the product getting to work. The taste/smell is not amazing, quite medicinal, but that didn't bother me, it's probably better that it doesn't taste that good as you'd keep licking it and 'bothering' it before it did it's job. It's not like other lip balms where you have to re-apply countless times, it literally keeps your lips looking and feeling moisturised for hours, even when the product has physically gone from the lips! Most of the time I only re-apply just for the sake of it, or for the lipgloss 'shine' look. I really feel this product has soothed and relieved my dry cracked lips rather than just disguised the dryness. It is a little miracle in a tube!

I have now gone from using the Lush lip scrub every day to just 2-3 times a week, as my lips are in a much better condition and don't need the same extent of exfoliation as they once did. I'd say if you were looking to treat your lips with just one product I recommend that you get Carmex as it really is brilliant. The lip scrub is only really necessary if you have lots of dry skin that needs to come off!

Both products come in different flavours too :)

Each product is bloody brilliant in their own right, but when used together they literally are AMAZING!

22 January 2012


 As your probably aware Sarenza are holding a competition to become one of their ambassadors.. Now you all know how much I love shoes so I cannot and will not miss this opportunity. I always browse the Sarenza Website and when they say that it is 'Your ultimate shoe closet' they are not lying! To be involved with sarenza and have the chance to review amazing footwear EVERY MONTH is a dream come true for a shop-aholic/shoe-aholic like me!

My favourite shoes are the Cherry Red Dr Martens
If I had to chose a shoe that personified my personality it would be a pair of Dr Martens, they are... 
-Completely British
-Hard to break in, but forgiving when done so
-Hard exterior but soft interior 
-Top Quality
-Stand out in a crowd 
-Loads of fun
-You either love them or hate them 

I don't really need to explain why they're my favourite.. just look at them! Here's a few ways I would wear them, I especially love the last outfit, very 90's grunge which is the style I'm edging toward lately. 

I will be purchasing these regardless of the outcome of this competition coz they are freaking AMAZING! 

Good luck y'all if you enter :) 

20 January 2012

Random black and white

I decided to paint each nail with a different pattern... I think my favourite is the very simple polka dot one.. just simple but effective.. I smudged a few of them prior to taking the picture.. for example the stripy one! But cannot be arsed to re-do! Oh and please to ignore the bottom pic pointing finger, it was not meant to look like this haha! 

White nail polish is a MASSIVE pain in the arse! No matter what brand I try it becomes really gloopy, so I try the 'mix nail varnish remover with the polish' trick and it does work but the white become too runny then, even if I use just a little bit.. I use white polish a lot, so really need a good one? Any recommendations? I currently use Models Own and have tried Barry M and a crappy Claires accessories one and they were all fine at first! I'm guessing I'm gonna have to splash out a bit! 

Funny story.. Yesterday I ordered a £699 Canon 600D BY ACCIDENT!!! haha.. I was just adding it to the basket on Very.com and seeing how much it would be to pay monthly and how much with 10% discount code etc.. then clicked continue and BAM 'Order accepted' I was like SHITFUCKDAMN!! haha but then after the shock wore off I actually got exited.. I was planning to pay using their store credit, so would be paying a bill every month! I was thinking how wonderful (maybe) my pictures would be etc.. and I was actually planning on buying one anyway so thought Ah well.. least I actually made the big plunge without having to think about it... so I logged out of Very, got on with my day etc come home and logged back on and to my utter disappointment my credit was rejected :( Now technically I should be relieved but I was sooo gutted, like I said after the shock I got all exited and stuff. So today I couldn't get over the fact that I wasn't actually getting the Canon 600d.. so I ORDERED IT ANYWAY haha! But this time I bought it on Jessops and have actually ordered it (I hope).. end of funny story.

So maybe next week I'm hoping to blog with a brand new shiny camera :) (my pics will still probably be shit haha)

19 January 2012

The girl who cried wolf

Apologies for the shit quality pictures,I hate my face in them all but I do like my outfit :) 

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Fur stole: H&M
Shorts: Topshop
Top: New Look
I wore this out last night for a meal with the girls.. such a funny night! Got to love a girly catch up! I bought this wolf top the other day and absolutely adore it. I've wanted a wolf top for ages and this one was so cheap.. bit of a win win situation! Haven't really stopped wearing my shorts since I bought them.. so comfy and a perfect fit!

These outfit pictures were SUCH a struggle.. I was in the middle of having a hot flush and posing for a picture just was not helping the situation! (hence the shiny face) This is why the pictures are so shit; I couldn't wait to get them over and done with. Another reason why they're shit is coz it was dark and the final reason is coz I've got an awful camera! There you go haha! 

I am absolutely loving my week off work, had my one and only exam yesterday... super glad that's over with ... and now I can just relax all week! I'm having a spray tan tomorrow which I'm super exited about.. it's not about being pale! Then again though, I would love to have porcelain type pale skin with dark hair and red lips.. think Dita Von Teese.. such a beautiful look! I really do envy people who pull off pale! 

I'm aiming to blog at least another twice this week.. really taking advantage of my time off, so keep an eye out for some new posts :) 

17 January 2012

shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist

Since payday I've been pretty much non-stop purchasing! Going to London really didn't help the matter.. most of what is pictured here was bought there :) 

Not sure the dress is very 'me' but will probably toughen it up a bit, do love it though! The shirt is awesome and looks and feels a tad more expensive than it was! 


LOVE both of these things.. was actually hoping to find this dress in the dark red colour, but didn't! It literally fell out of the sale rail into my hands... I didn't even see it lol.. So I knew I had to buy it! What I love about velvet is the how theres lots of different shades of colour depending on where the light hits, weirdly though, thats what I used to hate about velvet! The shorts were featured in my latest Wish List and they are perfect.. have picked them up many a time in Topshop but always told myself I didn't need any more shorts!  Glad I finally got them! 


This picture does not do this jacket justice! I think it will be perfect in spring/summer when you just need a little cover up, its very lightweight! I love that it's aztec and pastely type colours (more-so in real life than on this pic) so will be bang on trend for S/S! This was a massive bargain, reduced from £40 to £20 and then when I got to the till it was £10 (£9 with NUS woohoo)! 


The design of this bag has me written all over it.. I could not leave it in the shop! The only thing is I'm really not fussed on the shape of the bag.. it's one of them shoulder bags that tuck right up under your armpit! Remind me of bags I used to use when I was like 12! I'm gonna buy a long silver chain to make it into an across body bag.. 


Well, when I went to spitalfields I was under the impression that markets start early.. but no everywhere around there doesn't open till like 11am! So there wasn't much to look at, but I aim to go there again on a Sunday in summertime.. I'm sure it is amazing then! I bought this beautiful headband, been lusting over one for a while, but didn't think it would suit me.. This one is so perfect, it feels like real fur it's so so soooo soft! It is faux though :) It's been so cold up here in the valleys the last couple of days, so I'm sure I'll get good use out of this!


This was a monster of a bargain.. I bought it over at NFD on Asos Marketplace on sale for £16 reduced from about £54! The blue is so vibrant in real life.. my camera does the colour no justice at all! Here's the link to this beautiful shirt! Ahh... while getting the link I've realised the shirt has gone back up to full price :( I feel extra lucky now though haha! 

Sooo, lovely people that's what I've been buying! Oh, and I'm well chuffed to say that I have reached 300 followers... YAY! Thank you all, another little mile-stone for me and my little blog!

15 January 2012

Silver and Black

YAY a nail post :) Haven't done one of these in sooo long, haven't even painted my nails for weeks! Stupid job!

Models Own: Sterling Silver:
Black Nail Art pen: Ebay

Not overly impressed with these though, love my thumb and ring finger but that's about it! My latest obsessions is with triangles, so wanted to do some nail art based around them! Forgot to put topcoat on though, so they aint that shiny :( 

I reaaaally need to have some sort of manicure and should really start moisturising my hands, my hands are probably the least looked after part of my body.. wash them eveyday and that's about it! I bite my nails as soon as they start growing coz they always start peel and then I HAVE to bite them lol! 

I have a week off work now, so painting my nails is TOP of my list.. miss my lovely nail art!

Hope your all having an awesome weekend!

12 January 2012

Born in the USA

Firstly, I apologies for the outfits in a mirror malarkey... I was in London, and definitely didn't want to take my tripod with me, I suppose I could have asked my mother to be photographer, but that would have been too sensible of me :)  

Shirt: Batoko
Neck Tie: Bootsale
Shorts: River Island
Coat: Topshop (via Ebay)

Loved this outfit.. this shirt is the best thing ever, and pairing it with the cute little neck tie was an awesome idea even if I do say so myself! 

So London was awesome! Although Oxford Street is SO monotonous, literally about every 5 shops was a Russell and Bromley, River Island, H&M, New Look or Next. Bit of variety would have been nice. Wasn't very impressed with Forever 21, the jewellery online is AMAZING, but they just didn't have the same collection in store. I went into Selfridges, wanted to buy myself a gorgeous designer purse, but nothing caught my eye, and when your gonna spent a heap of money on one thing you want it to be amazing don't you, so ended up with a £10 Topshop purse! 

Spitalfields Market was awesome, especially the cute shops around that area, much more exiting than the highstreet! Wish the market had more stalls though, but I'm guessing it comes alive on the weekends! I drank a whiskey at 11am so that was a first for me lol! 

Oh and if anyone is wondering how my Veneers consultation went.. It was AWESOME! I'm all booked up and ready to go! I'm doing 2 weeks of home whitening starting tomorrow then I'm booked in for temporary veneers 13th February and then the REAL THING on the 27th of February! Really cannot wait for my new smile :D I'm thinking of taking a picture of my teeth everyday through the whitening process so I'll be sure to have a blogpost on that soon! Should be pretty fun! 

Umm, don't think I have anything else to say... I've just finished my Essay for hand in tomorrow, so nice and relieved now, just an exam on Tuesday and then I'm done for a few weeks! YAY! 

Oh and I'll show you all what I bought in London.. will probably be my next blog post! Have a good weekend :) 

4 January 2012

Want Want Want

This is my most current wishlist, Kind of a dark/gothic theme going on which is what I seem to be wearing a lot of lately! 

Top row: All Topshop
Middle row: Tee- truffle shuffle. shirt: topshop
Last row: Creepers- Underground. Shorts and shoes: Topshop
Bit of a cheater as I've already bought the stripy shirt... It's quite pricey for what it is but so amazingly soft! I very nearly bought the gorgeous red velvet shoes on boxing day, they are absolutely perfect on, but I had to decide between them and Dr Martens, and I chose Dr Martens, as I have wanted them for so so soooo long! The creepers, again have wanted for ages now, but they are a little pricey, so I'm maybe gonna get a cheap version off Ebay! The Harry Potter tee is freaking amazing.. think I might have to definitely get that on my back! 

I'm going to London on Monday shopping, then staying over night and having my veneers consultation on Tuesday.. So wont be buying anything until I've graced the streets of London. Is there a Forever 21 on Oxford Street? I reeeeally hope there is. Last time I went in a forever 21 was in New York about 4 years ago, I loved it then and bought loads but for some reason I'm reluctant to shop on they're online shop! 

Anyway I'm so freaking exited for my consultation, eventhough I got a bad feeling that for some reason I wont be able to have veneers.. No idea why I have this feeling but I do lol! I hope it is just simply a feeling and that I'm not psychic and it becomes true haha! I did have a dream I was psycic last week and it was super freaky.. like really really weird, and a psychic once told me that I have powers haha! 

I feel so stressed this week.. like I got so many things to do and no time/energy/motivation to get anything done. Got assignments and exams coming up this month which have yet to be actually thought about. I hate being so last minute.. maybe that should have been my New Years resolution! 

Anyways starting to talk shit! Hope you all have a lovely week, probably most of all yours 1st week back to reality after Christmas, yeah? Hope it hasn't been too difficult! 

1 January 2012

2011 Yearly round up #1

Well... I have had my little space on the web since April, and with it being New Year and all I thought it may be time to reflect back on everything... 

I started my 'Monthly Round up' posts in June so I'm gonna take a look at them and pick my 'ultimate favourites' 

here's the link backs to my posts:

Ultimate Favourite Outfit


Just wish I wore it somewhere more special than for an Indian Meal lol!

Ultimate Favourite Fashion Buy


It's still easily the best cardigan I own!

Ultimate Favourite Beauty Buy

Not featured in a Monthly Round up

HD Brow Palette 
How did I actually live without this before?? I looked like a plonker before this ha!

Ultimate Biggest Splurge

Not featured in a Monthly Round up

These were once practically every bloggers dream! lol! Theres so many wannabe lita's around now, makes me rather angry that I bought them.. and I sooooo wish I got them in black! *If only I could tuuurn back timme!* I would buy the wannabe lita's in black, but coz I got the real thing I don't think I could own any wannabe's, if you know what I mean lol! 

Ultimate Best Bargain

H&M Fur stole.. another blogger favourite! It's so soft and pretty and I got it for super cheap :D 

Ultimate Favourite Nails


It's funny coz I didn't like these that much when I had it on, but the picture is so lush! 

Ultimate Biggest Lust


I talked about a coat I'd seen that was no longer online, and I couldn't afford it and it was gorgeous blah blah... I finally got it in December woohoooo! 

Bought from Topshop via the wonderful world of Ebay... I've wanted a fur coat like this for years, but never wanted to spend the money, kept thinking they would go out of fashion... but nope I have faith that I will be wearing this same coat when I'm 80 lol! 

Ultimate Planning on Buying

Out of everything I planned on buying.. I actually only bought about 2 things! The biggest thing I'm planning on buying is a brand new smile... consultation is in ten days wooohooo!! 

Ultimate Favourite Picture

Aww.. all the blogger girlies :) Had a wonderful day with them.. and I need to go to more meets in 2012! I need to be more organised and book things off work straight away so I stop missing out! 

Ultimate Favourite Blog Posts

I've looked back through my whole blog and picked my favourite posts! Most are on this side of September.. that's when my blog started to become (in my opinion) a lot better, with outfit posts becoming a lot less sparse and a whole lot better :)  although, lately I've been posting a lot less than I am happy with! This must change :)  


Notable Yearly Achievements

I became a supervisor!
I completed year 2 of University
I actually paid for my own holiday (massive for me, normally have to have mammy to pay coz I'm shit with money)

2012.. Looking forward to..

Having a new smile.... veneers babyyy! 
I'm looking forward to seeing how my blog can grow and get bigger! 
Hopefully going to a festival 
Living life to the full! 
Paying off all my debt not including my student debt lol or the debt that my teeth are gonna cost me!

Well thats it, wish I done this post last night so I could say that this is the last post for this year! lol! 
I want to thank every single reader and follower for sticking with me throughout this year.. looking back at the beginning of this blog I don't know how I had any followers at all haha!! I feel 'The Deer Head' really started to grow when I changed the name from 'Arms around a Memory' or whatever it was called, I can't even remember now lol, it was a shit name. If any non-bloggers are reading I advise you MASSIVELY to think about your name for a good while before you take the plunge and start a blog! I enjoy blogging a lot more now than when I started, I felt a lot of pressure to look good, do the 'right' posts, blah blah.. now I feel a lot more comfortable about what I say, post, what pictures I use etc etc! 

Anyways, hope you all have a brilliant 2012!