30 June 2011

June... Monthly Round up #1


I really want some kind of 'stability' on my blog... I like the idea of weekly round up's, but I honestly don't think I do enough interesting things, nor take enough pictures to be able to do them.. So I'm thinking a monthly round up with a bit of a twist...

My favourite outfit
Sadly I didn't take a 'proper' picture of my favourite outfit in June.. so here's a few 'snippits' of it..
Shirt: Never Fully Dressed
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Jewellery: Topshop
I also wore cute cream lace ankle socks, which just peeped over the Lita's.. :)

My Favourite Buy
Definitely has to be my cardigan featured in 'this' post.. I haven't stopped wearing it!

Biggest Splurge
My favourite buy^^, it was £48.

Best Bargain 
Oh, a toughy.. It's a toss up between my Topshop bag (£12 in the sale)...

...or my espadrilles, which I bought from B&M Bargains for just £2.99
Not the actual shoe I bought.. but more or less the same (mine are actually nicer) I bought them in black too

Best DIY

I bought an age 9-10 boys top From George at ASDA, cut off the sleeves, and around the neck and created this little gem.. it cost £3 and five minutes of my time...
Note: looks much better when not creased or worn.. lol
Biggest Lust
This month it really has to be a fluorescent bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company
My dad won £500, betting on horse racing.. I've tried to convince him that I need this bag in my life.. I've not convinced him yet, but its only £100(ish) so I don't see why he can't buy it for me? lol! Then again, my Mam has already spent half of it on a new Metal Embossed chest of drawers, which is lovely I may add! 

Favourite Picture

Pat on the back for anyone who guesses who the guy is dressed up as..

What have I achieved 
I passed all my exams.. and can continue to Year 3 in University :)

Looking Forward to
Magaluf next month.. ahhhhhhhh seriously can't wait!

So this post probably won't feature the same 'questions' every month.. but what did you think of it? Is it worth doing again for July? Another thing I aim to start is some sort of weekly feature, I really like Daisy Kate's (Fashion Stereotype blog) of 'Sunday Shoes' (I wont actually call it that).. I really love shoes and would love to feature my favourite shoes of that week, whether I've bought them, lusting over them, or just think they're completely crazy.. what do you think?

Thanks for reading lovely's :)

27 June 2011

Holiday Special

Hey guys

There's just four weeks until I jet off to Glamorous Magaluf.. It will be my third year holidaying there, I totally love the place. The atmosphere is amazing, the sun is a welcome change, the cheap drinks are lethal.. and it really is one of the best party places on this Earth! Obviously somewhere like Magaluf is not for everyone; but it suits me to a tee!

What am I going to wear? 
Magaluf certainly isn't the place for glamorous sunnies, beautiful detailed maxi dresses, and big floppy hats. Magaluf is no Marbella! Of course that doesn't mean that fashion and glamour goes completely out of the window.. the style is just more laid back and casual.

You're totally hungover from a crazy night out on the Maga strip.. all you want to do is get some greasy fried food down your throat. You throw your un-brushed hair into a topknot and maybe add a hairband, wipe off last nights make-up (then in my case put some waterproof mascara and eye-liner on),  put on a cute bikini and some sort of cover-up, grab your shades then your good to go.. normally takes less than 15 minutes..

All items: Topshop
After a day of baking in the sun (or in my case sitting in the sun for half hour, deciding it's too hot, then going back to the room to cool down/sleep for the rest of the day) it's time to get ready to go get drunk (again). Night time looks in Magaluf are still casual, people wearing heels kinda looks odd (by heels I mean huge ones). You don't see many 'going out dresses' like you would see on a night out in Cardiff etc. This would be my perfect night out outfit, Magaluf style..

Jewellery: Regal Rose
Bag: River Island
Everything Else: Topshop

Beauty Essentials

Models Own nail varnish
Mac- Kohl Eyeliner
-pigment eyeshadow
Benefit -Bad Gal waterproof mascara
-instant brow
-high beam
-hoola bronzer
-throbb blusher
Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
Carmex lipsal
E45 cream
I actually probably have more beauty essentials than this, such as face wipes, hair care etc..

Everybody loves pretty underwear.. obviously underwear is an essential (for most) these are the sets that I would love to be wearing on my hols...

All topshop
(click image to enlarge)
Of course I'd need to take plain white, black and nude bra's too! 

As much as shoes are my favourite accessory ever, they really arn't important to me on holiday. Flip flops for the day, Sandles for the night... I'll probably take a tan pair of sandles and a black pair. Here's some of my favourite...

Hope you enjoyed this post.. I sure did enjoy making it.. Got me super exited! I want to start packing my suitcase already! I actually love the week before holidays, lots of organising, planning outfits, sorting out essentials and getting the last things together ready to leave! Bring on the 26th July :) 

23 June 2011

Day to Night

Hey guys...

My last post was an accident, but I left it there as I did actually buy that bag in the Topshop Sale, only £12! BARGAIN!

Don't forget to check out my things on EBAY! CLICK HERE

So this is my REAL post for today!

I have been lusting over this dress, so I thought I'd try and create some outfits to inspire me before I commit to buy! 

The day look has a Bohemian feel. I picture this with wavy hair, or a fishtail plait and natural make up.  Imagine a hot summers day (Just imagine that in June??? pffft Damn British Weather) where your shopping, or going out for lunch with friends, just chilling.. Then suddenly you get a phonecall.. a friend wants a wild night out.. You have just one hour to get home, get ready and get out! That's about just enough time to switch the accessories.. Your hair's gone flat and bleugh, so you throw it up into a massive, messy Top Knot, which also shows off your statement earrings. You get out the black eyeliner, and create a dark smoky eye... Suddenly your transformed into a Wild Rock Chick! 

The leopard dress: Topshop

        DAY                                                                               NIGHT
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban                                            Bag: Alexander McQueen             
Bag: Topshop                                                      Shoes: Sam Edelman 'Zoe'
Shoes: Office                                                               Rings: Regal Rose
Necklace: Regal Rose                                                  Earrings: Regal Rose
Rings: Love Hearts and Crosses                                   Belt: Topshop 
Belt: Topshop   

I swore I'd never use Polyvore again, but so far all is going ok (apart from not realising that I'd linked my blog to polyvore so everytime I saved an item to 'My Items' I'd actually created a new post! )

This set has come up a little small, but if I make it bigger it goes too big.. so you'll have to squint a bit I'm sorry lol!

Thanks for reading :) 

P.s.. I couldn't use polyvore in the end LOL, so I'll stick to never using it again! NIGHTMARE!
P.P.S.. Can anyone give me any advise on how to make where I post wider, as I want to use XL photo's but they spread out of the space, if you get what I mean? Thankkkks :) 

TopShop shoulder bag

22 June 2011

My new cardigan...

Hey guys,

First of all... I'm selling a few things on EBAY... pleeeease take a look and help me with my Magaluf fund ;)

I said in my last post about my new cardigan, well I wore it yesturday and took like 2 pictures as my battery ran out on my camera.. They arn't the best pictures ever.. but thought I'd post anyways! 

Cardigan: Topshop
Plain top: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Belt: Vintage
Shorts: Vintage Levi's 

First of all.. WHY does my fringe look wonky in pictures?? It's straight, honest! LOL! Now isn't this cardigan a BEAUTY. You know when you know instantly that you MUST have something.. well yea this was one of them. I felt kinda stupid buying a cardi when I was meant to be buying holiday clothes, but I justfied it 'for the plane ride home' good enough excuse I'm sure!

Last thing.. Girls I need your help: So we're getting T-shirts done for the Magaluf hol.. We want to do something different and funny and a little bit dirty/suggestive.. We've come up with a theme of Road Signs or like Warning Signs.. For example 'Slippery When Wet'... If you can think of any really funny ones please put a comment!

Thanks for reading everyone :) Lots of Love

18 June 2011

My names Lowri, and I'm a shopoholic / What I bought


I really am a shopoholic.. If I'm not actually buying, I'm looking everywhere for what to buy; magazines, blogs, people on the street.. everywhere there are inspirations enticing me to spend more and more money. I'm CRAP with my money.. payday comes and money goes almost instantly! If I really want something I will do anything to get it.. that's why I have 4 completely maxed out store cards and one maxed out credit card! Most people think it's silly to have store cards etc, but I cannot live without them (or so it feels). My mother once offered to pay off all my debts if I cut up my cards.. but for me that wasn't a very good deal! I know how stupid that sounds.. I wanted her to pay off my debt, so I'd have like an extra 2000 to blow on clothes, but cutting them up just wasn't gonna happen. The thought of not having them to rely on when I'm skint, and possibly missing out on the perfect item of clothing is something I cannot bare!

Retail therapy really is the best! So Payday was on Friday.. this is what I bought. I restrained myself from buying a LOT, I really am trying to keep spending to an absolute minimum!

Firstly it was love at first sight with the most amazing cardigan.. Its so so beautiful! BUT I took a picture and it really doesn't do it justice.. I want to show you all this cardigan in an outfit post.. so check back for that!

Topshop: £28
Love this blouse.. love the not so ordinary Peter Pan collar! 

Topshop: £24??
I've been lusting over this little beauty for what seems like forever.. but could never justify the spend as everytime I tried it on it looked just bleugh on me... BUT I tried it on with my vintage Levis.. miraculously it was transformed from bleugh to beaut! 

New Look £22??

These haven't photographed very well at all.. the blue is amazingly bright in real life.. maybe coz its dark outside, and my bedroom is pretty dark so the flash must have distorted the colour a tad! But anyway these look lush on, and are proper summery! Cant wait to wear them! Oh and soz for not remembering the exact price of everything.. the clothes are like 2 feet away from me, so I could go check the price, but I CBA :) 

Hope y'all have had a good weekend so far... :) and thanks for reading, and soz I ramble a lot haha! 

16 June 2011

Outfit + MAJOR Lust...

Hey Hey Hey...

First things first... I have changed my URL to http://lowri-armsaroundamemory.blogspot.com/ My other one wasn't thought out very well it was waaaay too looooong! This one aint really much shorter but whatever lol!

So, with risk of sounding like an alcoholic/uncontrollable binge drinker, I am yet again in a fragile state due to alcohol abuse last night!  Twas a good un though! I unfortunately ran out of time to take any pictures of my outfit last night.. I do have one picture but its so horrid!

But I do have an outfit post from earlier in the week :)

Top: Amplified (purchased from Sugar Bullets)
Shorts: vintage Levis via Ebay
Belt: Primark
Ring: Republic

This picture kinda makes me laugh, I kinda look too tall for my bedroom.. Well, I can only walk straight (without a hunch back) directly in the middle in my room lol.. damn attic bedroom! I can't complain though, I literally have THE best room in the house.. Its out of the way, and is my little sanctuary... Love it! I shall be re-decorating soon... I'm thinking Massive deer head with massive antlers as a statement piece!

Oh, and I hope your not already bored of these shorts.. If you are you should probably never read my blog again.. as I know I will be featuring them a LOT! lol :) My top is my favouritest ever band... 'Guns and Roses,' my blog is actually named after one of their songs.. dedicated fan right there!  

The second thing to show you is my biggest Lust right now... it's probably old news, but I've only recently found a real love for it.. 

What an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY! Was never really a fan of bright colours, it's just something about this bag.. I need one in my life please :)  If you didn't already know, this lovely accessory is from The Cambridge Satchel Company 

So, Thats all folks.. 

12 June 2011


Hey y'all!

So, once again I sit here feeling fragile after a hard night painting the town red.

I'm loving my tripod.. makes blogging life a little easier.. but I really must learn a bit of time-management, as I always run out of time to take pictures before actually going out.. so I take a few, but know that most bloggers take loads to get the right picture.

Anyway... this is what I wore last night...

Top: Topshop
Shorts: Vintage Levi (via Ebay)
Belt: Vintage
Literally the BEST thing I've ever bought is these shorts.. they are the most versatile item of clothing ever.. they go with everything and are super hot.. and they were only a fiver! Result! Don't think I've taken them off since I bought them.

Skull ring: Topshop
Other ring: Primark
Bracelet: Topshop
Jeffery Campbell Lita
I wore my JC Lita's for the second time last night.. and I am super impressed, they're like 5.5 inches high and are one of my comfiest pair of heels.. my feet did burn at the end of the night, but I think that's a result of non-stop crazy dancing!

Anyway's hope your all having a lovely weekend :) I'm just gonna chill out tonight, and join in with the #bbloggers chat on twitter :)

Thanks for reading lovely's


8 June 2011


Hey Lovely's..

So I'm FINALLY free from exams, and it feels so AMAZING! Just waking up this morning and having absolutely nothing to worry about was LUSH!

My tripod came last week, and I have taken a few pictures using it, but I haven't perfected an 'outfit' picture yet.. I just have no clue how to act in front of a camera. I feel I look awkward and bluegh! Plus I really haven't wore any really amazing outfits.. but I will show you an outfit I wore last week.

But before that, here's a picture of a bra I 'DIY'ed , got the idea from this post on Effiesmakeupbox blog. Her bra is so much better than mine.. I bought the wrong kind of studs.. the iron on ones, so they don't have the 3D stand out effect that Effie's does. But oh well, I'm still happy with mine...

The studs bought from this seller on Ebay. 
I wore it under a sheer see through shirt on a night out on the weekend and it looked really nice as I normally don't like bra's showing through but this bra was a bit more interesting! I've also been DIYing my mothers vintage levi jeans.. I obviously cut them into shorts, and added a cross using these studs on the back pocket.. They not quite finished yet.. need to hem them. Also with the remaining denim, I'm guna attempt to make a denim sleeveless waistcoat.. wonder how that's gonna turn out.... DIY post when they're finished :) 

Jeans: New Look
Top: Topshop
Crochet waistcoat: H&M
Necklace: Topshop
Thanks for reading :) 

love Lowri 

1 June 2011

Ways to wear...

Hi guys...
Haven't long finished an AWFUL exam.. so just online shopping to make myself feel better (not succeeding as I'm seeing lots I want, but no money to buy :( ) Anyway's, I've seen this AMAZING sleeveless shirt on Topshop website, so I'm going to devise 3 different ways to wear it.. here goes :)

Guys.. can you please read the comment in the comment box from me.. Blogger is being a twat and wont let me write captions or stuff! :) 

look 1
Shirt: Topshop
Jeans: Vintage cut off Levi's
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Lips: topshop
ring: Regal Rose
Look 1 is my perfect look.. Think I'm guna have to invest in this shirt :) 
look 2
Add captio
look 3