29 October 2011

Ways to wear...

Hi Guys.. I've been lacking on the ol' blogging front lately.. My week has consisted of working and sleeping! The main thing that sucks is I'm going from work straight to Uni or from Uni straight to work.. so have literally no time for outfit posts! I'm hoping to do one today though as I have a day off :D

I've been dying to blog all week, but have been lacking in inspiration and to be honest I just couldn't keep my eyes open for long enough to come up with something thats worth blogging about! 

I've fallen in love with the most simple Tee from River Island.. and before I commit to buying online I normally try and make a few possible outfits on polyvore to see if I really need any more new clothes! I've come to the conclusion that on payday I shall be buying this top (even though I could probably DIY my own)

Blazer: Topshop. Top: River Island. Hat: ASOS. Tights: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

You don't believe how in love with this look I am.. I literally need every item!! The skirt is unbelievably gorgeous... I will hopefully be buying this too!! I want to be wearing this right now!! I think this look could be worn casually, or even to wear somewhere you need to dress smarter. 


Coat: Topshop. Top: River Island. Jeans: River Island. Hat: H&M. Boots: River Island.
Ok.. I want everything in this look too.. Arghh I regret doing this.. gonna be skint come payday haha! This is like the perfect Autumn/Winter outfit.. just add some leather gloves! 

Earrings/Ring: Regal Rose. Top: River Island. Shoes: River Island. Skirt: River Island. Tights: Henry Holland. 

This is a night out look that I'm sooo in love with! I think if you wore this on a night out you would really stand out, as it's not your typical night out outfit! This outfit is rock chick with a cool edge... I think it screams awesome without too much effort! 


I have been chosen as one of 15 finalists for the 'Pure British Style' Sarenza blogging competition. My post is here
So now here's where you lot come in.. If I win one of my readers gets to win all the shoes that I have featured in the post!!! 
So to be in with a chance of winning.. you have to vote for me by posting on twitter with the link to the competition blog post HERE  and the hashtag #SarenzaUKstyle. 

For example: My vote for the @SarenzaUK comp goes to @LowriBevan http://lowri-thedeerhead.blogspot.com/2011/09/pure-british-style.html #SarenzaUKstyle.  

Really appreciate any votes and I'm gonna say thank you in advance :D 

23 October 2011

Designer or High street...

 I'm gonna go all Gok Wan on you today!... Can you all tell which is the 'Look for MORE' or the 'Look for LESS'?
I think this will be easy for most of you as you will recognise high street items easily, especially if you shop as much as I do! 

Look for More = £5425 (wow)
Look for Less = £361.99


Which look do you prefer?

Personally... I like elements of both looks. I'd wear the trousers, hat and ring from Look 1 and the shirt and coat from look 2... and I'll take both pairs of shoes please :)

My point is... Is there really that much difference between designer and high street?
In my eyes the answer is NOT REALLY!
Obviously a designer item will last you much, much longer (probably longer than it will actually be in fashion) Designer items have special little details that are absent in the majority of high street clothes. The touch, cut and shape of a designer item will generally be better than that of a high street item. Designer items are investments.. If I were to splash out on a designer piece, I would make sure that it was something classic and not something 'on trend' something that will never ever date.. such as a black blazer.
On the other hand, why buy designer when you can get much much more for your money on the high street. You can even invest in high end high street items in places such as All Saints and Reiss. Shops like All Saints really match the quality and special details found in designer items.

So.. If I were to win the lottery would I loyally stick with the High Street or would I move designer?
Answer: I'd shop in both. Both offer different things! I'd buy what I really like, and it wouldn't matter what it said on the label!
Gok always says it doesn't matter about how much money you have... You can look good on a £50 budget or on a £50,000 budget! I think he's totally spot on! It really bugs me when people can't dress tidy (not fashionable, just tidy) when Primark is cheap and has lovely clothes!


19 October 2011

Aztec Cardigan

From now on my outfits will mainly consist of a big fat green padded jacket, a white with green check shirt complete with a cravat thingy (dont think thats what they're called... like a neck tie) black trousers and black shoes: The Morrisons Uniform! Don't know if any of you have seen it, but it is truly horrid! That's what I actually wore the majority of yesterday.. but for a little while I did go to uni and wore my new gorgeous cardigan...  

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Top: River Island
Jeans: tesco

I sometimes make an effort to dress nicely for uni, other times I just chuck any old thing on.. like todays outfit... But with a cardi like this you can still be stylish, yet comfy and not to 'over done!' Also loving my wine jeans... which are a massive steal at £16! 

I've bought myself a fur stole from H&M (which seems to be the new blogger favourite) and I cannot wait to  receive it and wear it, think it will look awesome over this cardi! Although with H&M's unreliable online service God knows when I'll actually get it! 

Just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone as I have reached 200 GFC followers.. which is absolutely amazing :D you've all made me a very happy lil lady :) 

That's all I have to say today me thinks! 

17 October 2011

Want Want Want...

I haven't done a want list in ages, probably because the shops aren't really wowing me at the moment... Which is kinda of a good thing as I don't have any money to spend! BUT... There are obviously a few things that I wouldn't mind owning... 

Urban Outfitters have some really beautiful pieces this year.. I've bought a cardi that I'm sure you'll see more of on this blog and it is really gorgeous! Wore it yesterday and had so many compliments! Also I really want the fringed socks which are so original! (I could probably make them myself mind!). I'm really disappointed in Topshop's knitwear this year... Normally they have me lusting over every knitted item that they produce! But nothing has really got me going this year... they must have put all their money into making shoes, as the choice of shoes have been freaking amazing! River Island have really upped their game this season, they have produced some gorgeous coats and knitwear and have got me looking at their website more and more! Finally, All Saints... my ultimate lust shop.. I do treat myself to their clothing on the rare occasion but never have a big spree there as the prices are a little expensive.. The detail that goes into their products is second to none! Absolutely beautiful.. NEED THAT JUMPER!

In other news.. I am completely depressed that Wales lost in the rugby! If you are French I now hate you (haha I'm joking) But ALAIN ROLLANDS (the ref) if you ever happen to stumble on to this post I just want you to know that you are a complete and utter TWAT :) 

Right I shall Love you and Leave you!

13 October 2011


I wore this yesterday to a the Cardiff Blogger meet up. It was such an amazing day, was amazing to meet everyone, although it's sooo weird seeing people you've only ever seen on a computer screen in real life! 

Firstly a few of us met at BB coffee and Muffins and had free drink and muffins :D! It was AMAZING! All the muffins are made freshly every day so they were super delicious! We then went for a some light shopping (blogger style) Was gutted that some of the vintage shops were just shutting though :( Also, I'm not happy that none of the other bloggers stopped me from spending £50 in Urban Outfitters haha: Skint for the rest of the month now! 

The final event was the bit I was the most exited about... We went to the management suite in the new St Davids Shopping Centre and the lovely people there picked gorgeous clothing/shoes and accessories from some of the top stores and talked to us about all the ranges... There was also FREE Krispy Kreme dohnuts! We all had MASSIVE goody bags full of samples and discount codes GALORE! There was also a raffle where every blogger won something..

Just want to say a massive thank you to the lovely girlies who organised everything :) 

Wow... very grainy picture! Soz

Shirt: Motel
Shorts: Vintage Levi
Neck-tie: Bootsale
I actually changed tights after these pictures were taken, as there was a massive hole in these ones! How awesome is my little neck tie? Think next time I go to the boot sale I'm gonna pick up more of them! (there was a store there that's there every week) 

Btw... I GOT THE SUPERVISOR JOB I APPLIED FOR!!! But I don't know how I'm gonna fit in time to blog lol! I will fit it in, but just don't know how I will haha! So I'm in uni and have a 30 hour job and I blog.. my time management skills are gonna be put to the test this next year! I'm sure I'll be ok though!

That's all from me anyways :) 

8 October 2011


Wore this to uni the other day... Just felt instantly happy wearing it! I actually forget how much I love black until I wear it again..

Jumper: H&M
Shorts: River Island
Tights: New Look
(the collar is off a from a Topshop top undeneath)
 Think I'm getting slightly more talented at these outfit posts... think the last picture was an accident with the self timer.. deer in the headlights look! It actually takes a lot of physical effort for me to do outfit posts as I have to move my settee out of the way to get the the only blank wall that is in my house lol! The things I do ay? haha! 

I still have a massive obsession with fishtail plaits... shame they don't look that good on me.. I would love my hair to grow all the way down to the bottom of my back as the plait would look amazing then. Has anyone tried sea kelp or biotin tablets to help they're hair grow? I'd love to know if they actually work... but don't wanna waste money! 

My mother said I look like Loopy-Loo the puppet today... I have no idea who this is, and google isn't helping! I'm sure it wasn't a compliment though haha! #bitch

Only a few days until the blogger meet (#SWALESBLOGGERMEET)... starting to worry about what to wear!! Exited to meet everyone though.. leave me a comment if you're going.. (and add me on twitter @Lowribevan

Peace out :D

6 October 2011

Red, White and Black aztec

These are my current nails... I seen a picture somewhere on tumblr of red and black aztec nails and loved the colour combo.. so this is my take on it...

Sorry about the fairly shoddy picture, My hands look bloody stinking lol! I haven't cleaned up around the nail properly yet, and managed to get black and white nail varnish everywhere... I'm not normally this sloppy haha!! Also I have so much top coat on that my nails are unbelievably shiny, so it was mega hard to get a fairly decent picture without the shine showing up.. I'm not much of a photographer! 

I do love these nails though, they're so striking in real life! Took me bloody ages though coz I kept changing my mind on the design.. re-did my pointing finger about four times! My favourite nail is my ring finger... I bloody love it! 

In other news... Uni is back up and running, I'm not there too much (only like 3 hours a week) but I'm bloody knackered.. I've had like 5 months off so just gotta get myself back into a routine.. 

I'm decorating my bedroom (well haven't started yet) and hoping when it's done I'm gonna do a room tour and show you my new decor... would anyone actually be interested in something like that?

Hopefully the next time I post it will be about an outfit.. I'm starting to slack again! Have a fun weekend guys :) 

4 October 2011

HD brows Before and after

Today I FINALLY took the plunge and got 'HD brow'd' I thought I'd post a review as for the last couple of weeks I've been searching google for before and after HD Brow pictures and to be honest there isn't that much out there, the same 'advert' pictures keep cropping up. The ones that are about are amazing though, and haven't seen a bad review so far. 

What is HD Brows? 
I'm sure by now most of you have heard about HD brows, but if you haven't... It is a seven step high precision treatment that promises to transform even the most over plucked blows. Treatments include tinting, waxing, threading, trimming, plucking, fresh mineral make-up and eyebrow pencil.

The Treatment
So after my first lecture back at uni today (yawn) I went over to 'The lash and Brow Boutique' in Cardiff... 
The first treatment was tinting, my eyebrows are an absolute pain to dye, the colour doesn't take very well at all, so the dye was applied a few more times throughout the treatment to get my desired result. Next was the waxing which I'm used to, what was different to any other wax that I have had was that my eyebrows were waxed from above too! Then came the plucking, pretty standard stuff there... then threading; now this was a very weird feeling, I can't explain how it feels but if you ever have it done you'll think back to this post and realise what I mean... it doesn't hurt it's just weird, kind of feels nice!
I asked the beautician about HD brow make-up as I wanted to have natural looking eyebrows and my old pencil was very waxy, thick and totally the wrong colour for me. She was very helpful and showed me the palette and explained how to use it and what each colour was for she also said that it lasts for ages.. she applied some to my brows and I loved it and bought it! 

Onto the best bit... the pictures :)


For reference: My last eyebrow wax was in mid July and have only plucked once since then (and that was only a few stray hairs)

Firstly.. I don't know if any of you realise how hard it is to get a decent picture of you eyebrows lol! Also I normally wear eyebrow pencil which makes a big difference to my brows, but thought it would be a better review to show you without pencil; even though this picture is REALLY embarrassing lol! But yea you can see just how bad my eyebrows were.. 
  • Bushy; not in a good way
  • Monobrow central
  • Funny gingery browny blonde colour
  • NO shape whatsoever
  • Just disgusting in every way shape and form


This is definitely the best my brows have ever looked in my life! I wish I could have taken a better picture! But seriously I'm so impressed.. she turned me around to look in the mirror and I was like woaaaaah... it was as if she took someone elses eyebrows and glued them on my face!!

The treatment is £25 (£20 with student discount :D) and I think it is definitley worth it.. I'm going back next month... don't think I would be happy with just a plain wax ever again! So if your thinking of splashing out on your eyebrows I would say definitely go for HD brows!

Here's a picture of the palette I purchased..
This palette is really good as it can also be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner and concealer! The colours are all powder which I was a bit worried about for my brows, but loved it after I had it on...
I have a mixture of the left black and brown on my brows! To use as eyeliner and concealer you wet the brush! The right two colours at the end are the concealers.
Can't wait to try and use this palette myself!

Overall, a very good experience and a very happy lady :)

2 October 2011

September... monthly round up #4

These monthly round-ups come around way too quickly!! I almost forgot to do one until I realised it's actually OCTOBER? Crazy right? 

Favourite Outfit

I wore this on the day of my birthday and just felt super comfortable! This outfit defines some my fashion loves right now.. leather, aztec, chunky knits, skulls (necklace)... see the 'outfit post' here

Favourite Fashion Buy

I bought this shirt from New Look the other day, I'm yet to wear it but I've been lusting over snake print for a while now! I can't wait to style it up and actually wear it :) It looks much much nicer in real life than in this picture. I think New Look website makes everything look so mumsy.. they really don't picture their clothes very well! 

Favourite Beauty Buy
rio rio
I ordered this online, something I wouldn't normally do when buying lipstick but the colour is absolutely fab, a really bright sexy red! With my newly dark hair I thought red would look fab as when I had red hair I was a bit scared of red overload! It's not as easy to apply as my favourite Mac lippy (which I may have lost :( ), but it is half the price! 

Favourite Nails

My take on the 'galaxy nail' trend. I didn't appreciate these nails as much as I should have when I actually had it on, I wasn't that impressed. After I took it off I missed this gorgeous mani and can't wait to do it again.. see my post here

Biggest Splurge
I haven't really splurged at all this month, most things I have bought have been fairly cheap and cheerful. Although I did spend £40 in Primark on just three things.. which in my eyes is a bit of a splurge! 

Best Bargain

I always contradict myself... as I just mentioned my 'spurge' in Primark, well during that splurge I found these gorgeous bargains! Just £16 and I absolutely love them! they have a little heel too which I love! Super comfy too! 
Biggest Lust

I'm annoyed that I can't find a picture of my 'biggest lust' item online. It is a leopard print fur coat from Topshop and it is absolutely devine!! It is a tad pricey at £100 but looks like it would be well worth it! 
I'll leave you with a picture of a coat that isn't quite my biggest lust, but I would happily buy if money was no object :)

Plan on Buying

I have actually bought for now everything I want, but I plan on buying a claw ring once I find a cheap one and I need a vintage lace Basque more than anything but I CANNOT find one! Anyone know of any? I want black! There is one on ASOS but it's not quite perfect! 

Favourite Picture

Makes me laugh every time.. just sums up my birthday night out perfectly: MESSY! 

Well I work in Morrisons and took the plunge and applied for a supervisor job... don't know if I got it yet, but just applying is a bit of an achievement! Other than that I've been a lazy bugger this month... uni starts again Monday though, so no more lazy Lowri! 
Also I think my lovely blog has grown a bit this month, as in I feel I have put more effort with outfit posts, which was the original aim for this blog! 
Looking Forward to

SOUTH WALES BLOGGER MEET!! I'm beyond exited! Can't wait to meet some fellow bloggers.. although I hope I'm not shy; I don't think I'm shy but you never know with me... lol!

HALLOWEEEEEEN!!! Last years Halloween was probably the best, most funny night of my life... you know a night that will stay in your memories forever? Well I'm hoping we can re-create that same madness this Halloween! Just what do I dress up as? Dying to dress as a Jack in the box, but maybe be awkward to go the the loo! 

Also.. I mentioned in my last post that I'm going to start my own little business selling hand painted false nails.. Well I can't wait for that to get underway and hopefully start making some moneys :) 

That's all from me.. September has been a good month :D Bring on October!