13 September 2011

But don't you step on my yellow suede shoes... Outfit

Hey Guuuuuys! 

This is my new jumper that I wore yesturday on my Birthday... I'm totally in Love with it. Such an autumnal twist on the aztec trend! I had the last one in the shop in a size 12, but I like the oversized look! Oh and PLEASE ignore my face in this picture I look like a pervy old man :s haha!

Jumper: River Island
Faux Leather trousers: H&M
Shoes: Primark
I spotted these gorgeous mustard shoes in Primark and instantly fell in love! They were only £16 but back in the day these would have been about £10.. how bloody expensive has it gone? I spent £40 in Primark altogether, that would usually get you a fair few things.. I bought just THREE things? GOD £40 used to get a basket full! I'll show you more of the shoes in a different post; they are pretty awesome!

I never actually thought I'd have the guts to wear leather trousers, but these H&M ones are amazing, the material panel down the side make for a comfier less clingy version than the full leather ones! They're a steal at only £14.99 too.. Just imagine how much they would be in Topshop! Oh talking of Topshop.. I'm extremely proud of myself that for at least one day of my life I am not wearing ANYTHING by Topshop! Deffo a first for me :) Seriously bored of being head to toe Topshop all the time!

Last thing: BIG NEWS: On Friday I am taking the plunge and Ombre-ing my hair.. gonna be a hard process as I first have to get the red out, dye my hair brown, THEN finally put the bleach on! Don't even know if it is gonna be possible yet, but fingers crossed that come Friday evening my hair will be beautiful :) So bored of red now... literally everyone has got it around where I live. I wanna stand out in a crowd and not blend in! I actually don't know ANYONE who isn't a celebrity/blogger that has ombre hair... Even though us bloggers see it as a big trend, I think in 'real life' it isn't, just like no 'normal' person lusts over Arty Rings and JC Litas and all the other little 'blogger lusts.'

God I feel like I could talk for hours today... Sorry about the rambley post. I'll stop now otherwise I'll be writing a 2000 word essay here! haha! If only uni assignments were this easy eh? God here I go rambling again. SHUT UP LOWRI!!!

Lots of Love


  1. hahah i love this post!:D can't believe your shoes are primark for £16! :o we have some in office which are literally EXACTLY the same and they're £65 :L i love your aztec top too, there's a gorgeous jacket version in topshop (although i know you're staying clear of it :)) the leggings are great too, i want some! i wanted some leather ones but i was put off by the stickiness but these look great :) haha your hair will look awesome..I WANT JC LITAS ahh! haha, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) i will get the zebra shorts! xxx


  2. I love your jumper the aztec print is perfect and looks awesome teamed with the H&M pants I am a big fan of pleather pants I bring them out every winter. Good luck with your hair i am sure it will be fine and will look amazing xoxo

  3. love your shoes! adorable with that outfit. just found your cute blog!
    <3 mode.

  4. I am adoring your sweater, so cozy!

    style roulette

    PS: want to invite you to join my turban headband giveaway if you haven't.

  5. Love everything you've brought. Primark seems to be getting more expensive and it makes me think if theres a point going in there anymore when I can buy better quality stuff for such a little more money. :/ Good luck with you hair! Wish i was brave enough to do it!xx

  6. This outfit is amazing. Your chair/cushions are soso cute aswell! !

  7. That jumper looks so snuggly, i want one! Can't wait to see the ombre hair! Whenever someone (they probably don't have a blog) call it "dip dye" and i'm like "IT'S OMBRE!!!!!!!!!!" x

  8. totally go ombre, it will look amazing! loving your jumper and that was a lucky buy too! and the mustard shoes look suprisingly awesome and i know aaaah primark is so expensive!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  9. Beautiful outfit and the shoes are my favorite part.

  10. that is such a gorgeous jumper! love the pillows to <3

    xo zebra and meerkat

  11. Those shoes are a great colour!


  12. in love with this outfit,you look great,loving the yellow boots they are so different,thumbs up to primark.

    the leather trousers are gorgeous,i tried them on in H&M yesterday but they didnt fit me well :( look great on you though

    Kate xo

  13. What a gorgeous outfit! I adore the jumper infact I need one for myself I think ha-ha and I swear we are style linked because I nearly brought those leather leggings in H&M yest :p Primarks price rising really annoys me ha-ha Its like if you can't get a bargain basket full in Primark where ever else will you be able to?!


  14. Love the River Island jumper! I need to stock up on comfy and slouchy jumpers for winter! xx

  15. oooh love it! :) i have those leather trousers too! think i'm developing a leather fetish.. ahahaa so true about the blogging lust thingy! ombre hair, ysl artys, litas and starbucks. so common on lookbook but not really in real life xx

  16. I love that jumper, I can't wait to go shopping and stock up on some new knitwear for winter! Those leather trousers look great on you, love this outfit!

  17. amazin look

    really <3 ur sweater!

  18. Hey!! I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, and would love if you stop by, check it out, and enter

    In the Light of Style Giveaway

    see you there ;)

    ps. Happy belated birthday!

  19. I spent a fair bit in Primarni yesterday and did not come across these shoes!?!? They are gorgeous! <3 Jealous! Love the jumper too :D x

  20. Love this outfit hun. It is nice to mix diff brands I used to be guilty of head to toe toppers not so long ago now I do my best to avoid it! Or at least just one item at a time ha

    Oh and i love your cushions!!! So cool I do love a union jack!

  21. LOVE THE JUMPER AND SHOES :O Omg your blog is such a gem I'm in looooove <3


  22. ooow this jumper is so nice, too bad river island don't deliver france :(


  23. I completely agree with the Primark comment...seriously they've got so expensive! Last year I went in to have a look around and I saw a jacket for £50?! I couldn't believe it!
    I love all the wooly jumpers at the moment, surprisingly cool in the heat as well.

  24. Love the leggings, I looked for those last time I was in H&M and couldn't find them :(
    It's a shame Primark aren't as cheap any more, but at least it stops me from buying unnecessary things just because they're cheap!

  25. love the shoes! there are quite a few things that i would likke from primark at the moment! Ialso noticed the price increase!

  26. Absolutely loving that jumper, I'm so happy the aztec trend has carried on into winter with these lovely jumpers, I'm really obsessed with it! And I know, £16 isn't much for a pair of shoes but you just think "IT'S PRIMARK IT SHOULD BE £2!" Good luck with your hair! x

  27. River Island are killing it, that jumper is a must-have. It looks so cosy.
    Strut Mode

  28. Love the jumper - definitely going to have to take more of a look at River Island as soon as I have some money, they've really upped their game in the last couple of seasons...

  29. love this outfit and pilows! ^_^

    follow each other?


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