18 September 2011

My birthday Outfit

So last night I celebrated my 22nd birthday! It was an AMAZING night. Full of alcohol, laughs, lots of fun and a tiny bit of drama too! My favourite type of night out is when the next day you see your friends and everyone has a different story to tell, and everyone reminisces about funny happenings! There is no words to describe how rough I feel today!

I kinda run out of time to do a proper outfit post, but this picture will do.. lol! 

Dress: Yayer

My lovely friend made me this gorgeous cake!! Can't wait to eat it :) 

I hate when you have 'red eye' in pictures, then you correct it and it makes your eyes all weird!! My eyes don't normally look like this, they're blue, and now I have dark hair they're mega blue lol! After having pictures done, I've realised I need a new, darker eyebrow pencil.. A trip to Mac is in order :) 

Oh and if any regular readers are wondering ''what happened to ombre hair?'' Well... DISASTER!!! On Friday I was in the Salon from 9AM to 4PM.. bit of advise for you all.. DO NOT DYE YOUR HAIR RED!! Red is lovely until you wanna be a different colour, it refuses to leave your hair... we stripped the red with ColourB4 and it come out to a point that we thought brown would cover. Well I had brown roots and browny-red hair, but it looked OK, and I thought I can dye it again in a few weeks so it will be all brown. So we continued to ombre the hair, put 20% bleach on and it wasn't going blonde at all, just turning it a salmon pink, so we used the 40% really strong stuff.. and nope my hair would not go blonde (apart from the very tips)! I ended up looking a right hilarious state.. I had brownish hair with somehow bright red, salmon pink and bleach blonde ends. I looked funny! We just had to put a dark drown over the top then to hide the disaster that was my hair! So, I will be ombre one day, but Friday wasn't it.. I'm gonna try again in a few weeks! 
What do you think of my dark hair?


  1. You look lovely! And sorry to hear about the ombre disaster!


  2. Happy birthday, you look great I love your dark hair, maybe leave it longer then a few weeks before trying again? My friend had the same problem earlier in the year, the cake looks great, maybe try to ombre it yourself next time?x

  3. gorgeous dress that cake looks amazing ! xx

  4. oh you look really beautiful!

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  6. happy happy happy birthday!!! you look beautiful!

  7. You look lovely :)

    I had red hair for a bout a year and decided to go blonde, just like you it was a disaster so I went straight back to red! haha

    Hope you can check out my blog, I'm just getting it off the ground http://filthylittlethings.blogspot.com/ xx

  8. Love this outfit, and love your blog!:)

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  9. gorgeous outfit and happy birthday!!! id love you to check out my blog if you get a chance x

  10. your birthday sounds like a fun night! Love the dress and that look of that cake yum yum yum

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. Happy belated Birthday! I think your dark hair looks really nice, as does your dress!

  12. loovely dress honey!!like your nice blog..
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    Patchwork à Porter

  13. Happy late Birthday hope you had fun :) x


  14. That dress is so pretty, I love the color <3 xo

  15. Happy Birthday to you! I love that dress - perfect for a party! And that cake is too cute! And I'll take your word for it about red hair dye - I'll steer clear! :)

    sorelle in style

  16. lovely dress! Happy bday! :)

    Jacklyn ☮❤from Aly´s Book

  17. gorgeous dress, happy birthday!

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  18. you look gorgeous!! your make-up/face is beautiful
    I hope you had a brilliant birthday!

    Serendipity Style Blog

  19. Ummmm excuse me... you are ADORABLE! Hope you had a fabulous b-day! xo

  20. I love this post! It's charming, witting and oh-so fabulous!

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