27 September 2011

What I've been buying... Tesco clothing

I've made my very first order with Florence & Fred @Tesco, and I must say I'm super duper impressed! Due to the low prices, I was expecting 'nice' clothes, just 'nice.' I popped over to their website, expecting to see maybe one or two nice things, but I seen LOADS of much better than nice things. Easily could have spent £100.

My routine when shopping online is to fill my basket with everything I like the look of, then think of a spending limit and whittle the basket down to the limit. My limit for F&F was £40 (there is a promotion on in aid of London Fashion Week that if you spend £40 you get 10 off) So in actual fact my limit was £50! :D #GottaLovePromotions

I spent £41.93 due to these charges lol!

Wine Jeans..

If you've seen my latest 'Want Want Want' post, you would have noticed wine jeans on there... I got them for the little sum of £16 :D 

Aztec Jumper...

Hello knitted jumper.. Hello Aztec.. Hello perfect jumper. It's OH SO Soft too... Always a bonus! £16 baby... Oh so cheap! (I'm reminding myself of the latest haribo advert here.. have you seen it? I LOVE it haha.. it's the father, he gets me every time with his cracking dance moves... 'Squiggayyy Squiggayy babyy')

Purple denim shorts...

I'm in LOVE with this shorts... they look so expensive. Seriously like really expensive. They're just as good as Topshop £35 shorts! I love the colour, I love the fit.. I LOVE the price, just £16! 

I'll probably be doing another of this type post in the near future when my Topshop things arrive :D LOVE having money! Next week I will probs be skint again haha! Oh and I'm going shopping today.. 'real life' shopping... that's when my spending habbit gets really out of hand... I'm on the look out for some shirts.. I always want to wear a shirt casually, but all mine are a tad 'dressy'... bet I wont come home with anything I 'need'

Have a good week y'all! 


  1. so glad you can come to the event :) love those purple shorts.
    I'm @Gemma_DS on twitter if you want to ask anything about the event on there xx

  2. Greta Bargains, im going to have to get myself to tesco :)
    hope you will follow my blog


  3. i love the aztec jumper and denim shorts especially! you're so right i never would have guessed that they're from tesco! they look expensive! nice one! :) thanks for your lovely comment lowri. i always come home with more stuff than i need too! Xxx


  4. Thanks for your comment and compliment chick :) love the shorts I agree they look more that £16 what a frikken bargain! You got loads for your money too!!!! :)

  5. that sweater + those jeans = an awesome outfit. nice finds!!


  6. I love all of this. The jeans especially!! What a bargain. Gonna have to get myself down to Tesco sometime soon aren't I! x

  7. give me all of this please??!
    loving that jumper


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