25 September 2011

Want Want Want...

Yesterday was Student loan day, which has already got me searching for things I'm gonna spend my money on!
Although my intention is to be sensible with this loan.. I'm gonna pay off my student overdraft; but that still leaves me some money spare :) The main thing I'm after is essentials, I really don't wanna splurge on things I'm gonna wear once or twice! So here's some of my 'essentials'

A 'Boyfriend' Tee

Band tees: Amplified
Jack Daniels: Ebay? 
Boyfriend tees; tees that are typically seen on men but stolen by women lol! I have a few of these type tees and wear them all the time, so I'm a little bored.. need a new baby :) 

Wine Jeans
Love the colour, love jeans! I'm rather bored of wearing plain old blue denim.. this colour is such an autumnal colour and will jazz up any boring jeans and tee outfit! 

Tights and Socks
All Topshop
Tights and socks are so amazing these days, never just your boring old black! There is a massive range of patterned tights which completely transform an outfit! They are no longer just to keep your legs and feet warm, they are a fashion statement! Can't wait to get my mitts on some! 

Pleated Skirt
Therapy@ House of Frasier
I can't actually see me wearing this, as I don't really do skirts; I'm more of a shorts girl! BUT I really wan't it, and there's nothing wrong with giving it a try, will look gorgeous with some of the tights pictured above! 


All Saints
How freaking beautiful is this top!! Not a bad price for All Saint's either! I want snake print everywhere... might treat myself to this top.. I seriously love it! (Telling myself that this is not an essential.. I can't control my magpie-ness)

Ok, so I'm getting out of hand here.. So I'm gonna stop with this post before my sensible head disappears and I fall in love with something and have to buy it. I'm very proud/surprised that I haven't featured any shoes on my wishlist! 

Other things I'm coveting are...
Tartan Trousers
Dalamation Print in any way, shape or form! 
Big fat chunky knits
and much much more...

What y'all wishing for? 

P.s... If anyone is wondering why for the last three weeks I haven't done 'Shoes of the week.' It's simply because I'm uninspired by shoes lately and don't want to post a load of cack :) As soon as I'm inspired again it will be back up and running! 


  1. i agree with you, boyfriend tees, wine jeans ( i have ones) and snake print, the best!


  2. I like boyfriend tee and pleated skirt!

  3. what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i really like it :)

    love, lola

  4. I've brought SO many tights lately it's ridic ha-ha but you've just encouraged me to go get even more :p love those 'boyfriend tee's' too :)


  5. I like pleated skirt :)


  6. That top is such an essential!!! So good. Obsessed with pleated skirts lately too.

  7. Definitely agree on the jeans! Those nude heels she's wearing with them are gorgeous too.

    Dayner x mozzypop.com

  8. hose wine jeans are really beautiful, especially with nude heels.


  9. I love those jeans , i'm always a little scared of colored jeans but i think i'm gonna take the plunge i saw some really nice ones on the topshop website :)
    Anyway i have followed you now :)

    Would mean the world if you would follow me xx

  10. http://dottedblazer.blogspot.com/

  11. I love all those tights! I wouldn't mind a pleated skirt either - I'm getting bored of my bodycon one!

  12. I love boyfriend tees. I am shockingly short on them in my closet, and that needs to change ASAP.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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