About Me

Life is about Living... 

I'm Lowri Bevan.. I'm a sometimes crazy, sometimes quiet, sometimes weird type of girl. I'm stuck in a life rut right now, as all my life I wanted to do one thing and now I'm doing it I don't actually like it. That 'thing' is persuing a career in music, such as a music teacher. But nope, not for me! This life rut is kinda stressing me out! 

But anyway.. I'm just gonna go with the flow, try not to plan ahead too much and take opportunities. 'The fear of failing' is a big thing for me.. which is partly why I took so long to start a blog.. I have been following blogs for a while and was itching to make one myself.. but I was too scared that no-one would read and follow. But then I thought.. 'Just go for it you pussy' lol! So here I am.. finally getting around to writing an about me page!

I kinda struggle with writing an about me page... there is way to much for me to say.. I'm a complicated species! So.. about me.. 

The basics are.. I'm 22 studying music at Cardiff University, I play the piano which I love! I love fashion it makes me happy.. but I am also a very jealous person.. but I'm only jealous of possessions not of people; if that makes any sense.. so fashion also kinda makes me sad as I can't own everything I want to.. and I am jealous of the stuff that people have that I wish I had lol! 

My aims for this blog are just to have a bit of fun really. Writing about fashion, my life and the world.. whatever is on my mind. 

Things you will learn about me...

I like to exaggerate
I have an obsession with skulls
I ramble
I cant write a paragraph without a '...' somewhere in it.. 
Animal Print is the best

I really enjoy life.. its an experience you're (possibly) only gonna get once! So I try to live it and not just exist!