24 July 2011

Shoes of the Week #4


Cannot believe how quick the weeks fly by.. On #4 already! In aid of my holiday (which I totally haven't mentioned yet LOL) I thought I would dedicate this weeks feature to holiday shoes! Different types of holiday require different types of shoes.

1: Sam Edelman 2: Topshop 3: River Island
1: Finsk 252-95 2: Haus of Price Multi Gem Pump 3: Sam Edelman 'Lorissa'
Think London, Paris, New York! Shopping, sightseeing and everything else you would do on a City Break holiday. For the day you would need something comfy but stylish. In the night you would have to wear something that makes you stand out from all the other gorgeous ladies that fill the stylish streets of the City! Every street is a catwalk.. ESPECIALLY in the cities!

Beach Break
1: havaianas 2&3: Topshop
1, 2 & 4: Kurt Geiger 3: Missguided
Everybody needs the perfect comfy flip-flops.. In my humble opinion Havaianas are them; they're comfy, colourful and stylish! Sandals are also an essential on a summer holiday! The night time becomes complicated, as heels wouldn't be an option for a lot of beach break type holidays; I'm not taking any heels to Magaluf with me. BUT if I were to take heels.. I would be well happy with these gorgeous ones.. Platforms and Wedges are the most comfy heels, and in hot weather I think comfort is quite essential. There's nothing worse than being hot and bothered AND not being able to walk in your shoes! 

Festival Trip 

1: Topshop 2: Kurt Geiger 3: Doctor Martens
Ok, so a festival is not technically a holiday..but it is something you would get exited over and pack your suitcase/backpack for. I'm directing these shoe idea's to a British Festival. We all know what the British weather is like, and we all know how muddy festivals are. Wellies are pretty much an essential for an outdoor event. Sandals are a 'just in case' the sun comes out. Need I say anything about the Doc Martens, they're effortlessly cool and are hard-wearing and I reckon they could take on the rain, sun, hailstones and whatever else the weather could potentially throw at us! Fashion is one of the most important factors in a festival.. so shoes must not only be comfortable and weather ready but also super stylish!

So guuuuuys.. Unless I write a scheduled post you wont be hearing from me now until about the 3rd August.. as I am going to Magaluf Tuesday (Eeeeeeek) BUT there will be plenty to talk about and a whole load of holiday pictures/outfits for you to nose at when I'm home.. I'm so unbelieveably exited! :D

Hope you all have an amazing week (I'm positive I will hehe)

Lotsa love 

21 July 2011

Holiday Shopping :D

Hey guys..

The title of this post is somewhat ambiguous. Yes, I was intending to go 'Holiday Shopping' but a lovely A/W goody sneakily found its way home with me! But I did mainly buy holiday related things so I was almost good!

All Topshop
I bought the bag online.. and was a little disappointed with how small it was.. The online picture is so misleading! I did read a review saying how small it was, but I thought meh whatever! BUT I am keeping it. It will no way fit a purse, but I'm gonna use it for nights out, so It will fit loose money, ID, phone, camera and cigarettes as long as you pack it as if your playing tetris! It is super cute though! Wanted these shorts for so long.. decided to pick them up yesterday FINALLLYYY! This shirt will look perfect with my H&M white crochet shorts :)

Crap picture soz
Seen these and thought I MUST HAVE.. Aztec is my biggest love right now, it's on my nails.. I want it all over my walls.. My background on twitter is Aztec. I want Aztec everything (seen the Aztec shoes in my last post? They're to DIE for!) Not really sure how I'll wear these.. never been one for patterned leggings.. Just could not resist!

So yeah.. I'm totally taking this on my summer holiday to Spain :S But seriously.. I'll probably be wearing this in the middle of August in Wales.. while the rain pours and the temperature drops.. Spring Summer Autumn Winter.. all the same in Good Ole Great Britain! But isn't it laveeeely! Was actually hoping it would rain today so I could wear it, it's actually lovely and sunny.. Typical Britain; when you actually want shit weather it shines!
Hate buying sandals, as I have awful feet and sandals are just blah to me.. so I wanted a cheap pair, and these are perfect, only £13! I should show you all a picture of my feet, they're actually so funny, all my toes are the same length and they're all like squished together.. I look like I have too many toes on my feet, sometimes I have to count them to make sure there are only 5 haha! (I can't believe what shit I am talking today lol) Oh, and my cat has a MASSIVE foot fetish... so he couldn't resist these shoes; sniffing them, licking them.. weird moggy!

Ring: Topshop
Necklace: H&M
The moustache ring is perfection! The necklace is also perfection BUT I NEED A PAIR OF DREAM CATCHER EARRINGS!

L-R: MAC: liquid last liner MAC: technakohl liner BENEFIT: Instant Brow (Medium) TOPSHOP: Skint Tint MAC: Amplified creme lipstick (Impassioned) TOPSHOP: Cream Blush (Neon Rose) MAC: Pigment (Copper Sparkle)

Cannot wait to try out some of this make-up. I didn't bother with swatches and stuff, I don't wanna spoil anything before hols lol!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my beautiful cat.. I have two, but the other one (Tigger) was probably sleeping. So meet my lovely, hilarious, fluffy cat SOX :)

I loled so much at the last photo.. he's inside a MAC bag.. He loves going in bags, he'll let you carry him around in them for hours lol! So funnyy!!

So that's all folks :)

18 July 2011

Shoes of the Week #3

Hiii :)

So I'm a day late with this one.. but never mind. I had planned to do a post on my own shoes this week but they all looked awful with my crap attempt at photography whilst extremely hungover, so maybe another week!

So like I said before, I like to mix it up a bit each week.. So this week is gonna feature some beautiful shoes with matching clothes...

1, 2, 3, 4, 7: Topshop
5: Senso Delilah
6: Miss Selfridge
I know you're all probably so bored of me banging on about animal prints.. but animal print, a picture of an animal or animal shaped jewellery just wins me over instantly! Aren't the Senso shoes amazing? 

1: New Look
2, 5: Topshop
3: Dorothy Perkins
4: Senso Delilah 
So I'm sorry for featuring the same shoes in two posts haha! But they come in SOOO many different amazing prints; deffo on my wishlist in the aztec print.. so unusual and beautiful! Oh and I bought these leggings earlier while shopping.. I cannot resist aztec prints right now!

1: Topshop
2, 3, 5: River Island
4:  Miss Selfridge
Yes I am a crap blogger, as I have also featured these shoes, although in a different colour on a previous post of mine. They are definitely on my wish list, and come in a range of lovely colours :) 

1:  Christopher Kane
2, 3: Topshop
4: Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Probably one of my favourite prints right now.. I LOVE these shoes! I absolutely don't know whether this 'galaxy print' trend is an old one or new one? It seems Christopher Kane has been doing it for a while (I'm guessing here) and now the high street seem to be catching on a bit... I really wanna see the Topshop shirt in real life other than on a screen... I bet it's beautiful!

How are all you guys? I feel like I haven't blogged in ages... I'm just so damn busy these days.. and I got a super busy week ahead of me getting ready for holidays.. having my hair done etc etc.. I went shopping today (with mammy's card :D ) and bought some lovely things.. Went a little crazy in MAC! Maybe I'll try fit a post in about what I bought this week.. and HOPEFULLY I'll get an outfit post too!

Last thing.. I'm thinking of changing my Blog name.. I'm so stuck on idea's though! I'm thinking maybe my name LOWRI or the Italian for freedom 'Liberta' or something else lol! Wish I was more creative. Meh :( 

Lots of Lovvvvvve

14 July 2011

Autumn/Winter Want Want Want's

Hey Guys..

Shops are starting to fill up with goodies for A/W.. It is making me very exited! I LOVE A/W clothes so much more than summer clothes! Here's my wish list from a few different retailers :)

As soon as I clicked 'New in' on the Topshop Website, I fell in Love with about 5 things.. Especially that barber jacket and that hat.. I need a barber jacket in my life this A/W.. could this be 'The ONE'

Love the colour of the trousers.. and I need that beautiful Jumper! The Gilet is gorgeous too!

Love that Jumpsuit.. would be lovely now in summer, and would carry you right through to Autumn.. Hoping to buy the top too! 

The Poncho is gorgeous.. would buy it right now as I have like £400 credit on H&M website, but we all know how unreliable their online shopping service is!

Everyone looking forward to filling they're wardrobes with A/W goodies? I definitely am after making this post!

12 July 2011

Holiday Special #2

Hey guys

As you all probably know I'm going to Magaluf on 26th July..

My last holiday special was more about what I would like to be wearing while living it up... this one is my actual outfit's I will be wearing.. so I would love any advise and comments on what you think..

I was gonna model the outfit's but I look a right state this morning, and I really coudn't be arsed to slap some make-up on and do my hair!

I've started packing my suitcase as I like to be super organised.. and this way I know what I have and haven't got and still have plenty of time to buy the thing's that I need!

While packing I realised just how bad my shorts addiction is.. here's a picture of about half of my collection.. haha
Top image left to right: New look, Levi's, Levi's, Topshop
Bottom Image left to right: Topshop x3, Miss Selfridge
Anyway's onto the outfit's!

1st Night

Haven't got a picture yet, as we will be wearing our holiday T-shirts and we haven't got them made yet! 

2nd Night 

Both item's: Topshop
Rather exited about this outfit.. looks really nice and summery! The shorts are a bit too short so there is a risk of arse cheek hanging out.. I'll just have to be cautious lol!

3rd Night
I have wore this dress in one of my previous posts.. I thought it might be too 'nice' for Magaluf, but I love the summery colour, and it will be dressed down with a tan belt and sandles

4th Night
Dress: H&M Belt: Vintage

This dress looks proper nice on.. fits so well.. and the tan belt really pulls it together (did I just make an unintended pun there) This dress just instantly reminds me of being on holiday, think it's meant to be a beach type dress, but I think it can be dressed up easily!
5th Night
Both: New Look
Rather exited about this outfit too! Hoping to find a boob tube top in this sort of colour to wear instead.. I just think it will dress it up that little bit more.. (If anyone has seen one somewhere, please let me know) I plan to wear copious amounts of jewellery with this outfit! 

6th Night
Top: Topshop. Shorts: Levi's
I wore this in my last outfit post.. so nothing new here, but I really liked wearing it, and think it will be lovely on holiday.. even if the collar is a pain in the arse! 

Last Night 

Ok, so I need a top to match.. I wan't a sleeveless tie up shirt.. The image of this shirt is in my head, but I'm yet to find it in real life.. Annoying! (If anyone has seen one, preferably in navy please let me know :) )

You know what us girls are like.. I'll prob get there and hate one of these outfit and have a total bitch fit as I look fat or something.. Sooo, I have a few 'fail safe' outfit's that I know I love... 


All Topshop
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
So.. that's my outfits for the night.. I might possibly do another holiday special featuring some other clothes I'm taking, and of course my bikini's and shoes.. I haven't really bought anything new specifically for holidays this year, don't know if I'm gutted about that or proud of myself lol!

Thanks for reading my lovelies :) 

Ps... Thank you all so much.. I've reached 100 followers.. dead chuffed :D 

10 July 2011

Shoes of The Week #2

Hey guys..

Shoe of the Week time again... Just to let you all know, I won't be keeping the same sort of structure every week like 'splurge' 'Save' .. I'm probably going to feature something different every week, whatever floats my boat like lol :)

After browsing the online shops this week I have realised it's that time of the year again, you know when the sun is shining and the weather is hot (haha who am I kidding) yet the shops are full of warm jackets, boots and furry hats...

So this shoe of the week will feature shoes that are completely perfect for the colder seasons ahead...

1: Topshop 2: Malindi Patchwork Platform
3: Topshop 4: River Island
All you leopard haters (are there any?) should just face the fact that the leopard print craze will never end! Well I'm at least hoping it will never end.. I will be wearing leopard print until I become 'mutton dressed as lamb' but even when your old.. there are still ways to wear leopard without looking silly!

Autumn Leaves
L-R Topshop, Jeffrey Campbell, Jeffrey Campbell
River Island, Topshop, River Island
I've called this little collection 'autumn leaves' as the colours for A/W seem to resemble the leaves on trees just as they're about to fall off.. I'm super fond of these colours, they're so warm and rich; burnt oranges, warm yellow's, burgundy, brown, tan.. Can't wait to also buy some clothes in these lovely colours.. I completely prefer the darker richer colours rather than the bright's and neon's.

1: Kurt Geiger 2: Sam Edelman
3: Topshop 4: Sam Edelman
Rock n Roll.. My favourite! I am totally obsessed with studs, if something has studs it instantly wins me over.. These shoes wouldn't be half as special if they weren't studded! STUDS FTW!!!

I've definitely need to buy some of these.. Love the Topshop leopard wedges, The River Island burnt orange shoe boot.. and ALL of the Rock n Roll collection! 

Lots of love

7 July 2011

I need a collar collar, a collar is what I need... OUTFIT

Hey Lovelies!

So I have an outfit post for you today.. I really wanna do more outfit posts, but for some reason since I started blogging I haven't been anywhere special, and have kind of gone a little boring, lol typical isn't it! But hope your all enjoying my other posts, coz I do enjoy making them, and actually spend a lot more time making them than I do making an outfit post!

Top: Topshop
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins
Shorts: Vintage Levi (DIY STUDS) bought via YAYER
Necklace: Etsy
I wore this outfit to go out for a curry with the girls (which was AMAZING).. Have to say this is THE most annoying collar in the world.. yea it looks good, but it doesn't sit still lol! I really struggled trying to find a jacket to go with this outfit.. the cardigan didn't really look good but it was raining and I had to wear something!

I haven't put the link for the Etsy seller for the necklace, as they've closed their shop.. I'm gutted as they had some super nice things! This necklace just defines the type of jewellery I love.. 

I spent a morning last week studding these lovely shorts.. trusts me it's not easy, I ended up with sore thumbs! Definitely worth it though, I think they look awesome! Bought the studs on ebay, click HERE for the seller.. Definitely recommend this seller.. items arrived the very next day! 

Oh and last thing.. don't you just LOVE old style photo's! 

6 July 2011

Primark vs Lowri

Yo yo yo!

My friend wanted to go shopping yesterday, so I tagged along just to get out of the house...

I am really skint so primark was my only affordable option. I went in seen two nice top's instantly and told myself I would spend only £10 maximum.. I seen another nice top and thought Ok, so maybe ill spend £20 maximum.. ended up spending £32.. but if I could have spent a whole lot more really easily!

Primark: 1 - Lowri: 0 

top: £3
Poncho/jumper: £12

It's looks like a poncho, but it has sleeeves! 

both £3


£5 or £6 (cant remember)
This top started it's life with frilly sleeves and a longer
body, but I cut off the sleeves and shortened it!
To be fair, I'm usually not too fond of Primark.. The shopping experience is normally HELL! 
  • Clothes all over the floor
  • Chav's galore
  • Sizes on hanger are never the size of the garment hanging on it
  • You have to physically fight your way through people to find the best things
  • You have to search and search through piles of crap to find something you like, whereas you walk, for example into Topshop and instantly 20 million amazing things jump out at you shouting 'BUY MEE'
  • Huge queue's no matter what time of day
BUT... yesterday was almost a pleasant experience. I walked in.. instantly liked a few things, most hangers were displaying the correct sizes, didn't see one chav (must have been sign on day in the job centre haha) the queues weren't rediculous! So all in all not a bad trip! Rather pleased! 

I also bought a little dress in H&M... It will be perfect on holidays with a tan belt, gold chunky jewellery and sandles...

Hope your all having an awesome week :)