12 July 2011

Holiday Special #2

Hey guys

As you all probably know I'm going to Magaluf on 26th July..

My last holiday special was more about what I would like to be wearing while living it up... this one is my actual outfit's I will be wearing.. so I would love any advise and comments on what you think..

I was gonna model the outfit's but I look a right state this morning, and I really coudn't be arsed to slap some make-up on and do my hair!

I've started packing my suitcase as I like to be super organised.. and this way I know what I have and haven't got and still have plenty of time to buy the thing's that I need!

While packing I realised just how bad my shorts addiction is.. here's a picture of about half of my collection.. haha
Top image left to right: New look, Levi's, Levi's, Topshop
Bottom Image left to right: Topshop x3, Miss Selfridge
Anyway's onto the outfit's!

1st Night

Haven't got a picture yet, as we will be wearing our holiday T-shirts and we haven't got them made yet! 

2nd Night 

Both item's: Topshop
Rather exited about this outfit.. looks really nice and summery! The shorts are a bit too short so there is a risk of arse cheek hanging out.. I'll just have to be cautious lol!

3rd Night
I have wore this dress in one of my previous posts.. I thought it might be too 'nice' for Magaluf, but I love the summery colour, and it will be dressed down with a tan belt and sandles

4th Night
Dress: H&M Belt: Vintage

This dress looks proper nice on.. fits so well.. and the tan belt really pulls it together (did I just make an unintended pun there) This dress just instantly reminds me of being on holiday, think it's meant to be a beach type dress, but I think it can be dressed up easily!
5th Night
Both: New Look
Rather exited about this outfit too! Hoping to find a boob tube top in this sort of colour to wear instead.. I just think it will dress it up that little bit more.. (If anyone has seen one somewhere, please let me know) I plan to wear copious amounts of jewellery with this outfit! 

6th Night
Top: Topshop. Shorts: Levi's
I wore this in my last outfit post.. so nothing new here, but I really liked wearing it, and think it will be lovely on holiday.. even if the collar is a pain in the arse! 

Last Night 

Ok, so I need a top to match.. I wan't a sleeveless tie up shirt.. The image of this shirt is in my head, but I'm yet to find it in real life.. Annoying! (If anyone has seen one, preferably in navy please let me know :) )

You know what us girls are like.. I'll prob get there and hate one of these outfit and have a total bitch fit as I look fat or something.. Sooo, I have a few 'fail safe' outfit's that I know I love... 


All Topshop
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
So.. that's my outfits for the night.. I might possibly do another holiday special featuring some other clothes I'm taking, and of course my bikini's and shoes.. I haven't really bought anything new specifically for holidays this year, don't know if I'm gutted about that or proud of myself lol!

Thanks for reading my lovelies :) 

Ps... Thank you all so much.. I've reached 100 followers.. dead chuffed :D 


  1. love all the shorts and the red dress!!
    i'm following you by google friends hope you'll do the same if you'll like mine
    sweet italian kisses

    Syriously in Fashion
    Kandee Shoes GIVEAWAY!!!

  2. really amazin stuffffff

    love everythin:)


  3. These are so adorable! I love the shirts with the peter pan collars. And patterned shorts are just great. This is definitely an adorable mix!


  4. Haha, wow, amazing shorts collection! The outfits look great, especially like the peter pan collars. x

  5. I think I am slowly having a shorts addiction as well! It's probably due to the fact that I like to cut up high waisted jeans I manage to find at thrift stores. I am also slightly jealous of your lovely little collared tops. :)


  6. All of these are so darling, especially those Southwestern shorts. Have fun on your trip! xx

  7. Love all your shorts! I'm really not the type to wear shorts because I'm conscious about my legs, but I do have the same kind of fetish with skirts. haha Oh and I really like the third night's pink dress. :)

  8. Cute shorts!


  9. you have such beautiful clothes! great taste, seriously! And I need all those shorts! They look incredible!

  10. Great outfits! I hate packing because I get dressed based on how I feel everyday, so it's hard to plan outfits so far in advanced. I always end up taking way too much stuff!

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  11. cute shorts, i like the miss selfridge ones !

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    And if you want we can follow each other..let me know...

  13. congrats on the followers!
    I love those aztec shorts
    you are so organised - I could never do this haha


  14. Those shorts are totally amezing :)


  15. wow that is a lot of shorts! You are very organised with all your outfits planned, I pack very haphazardly hehe.

  16. i love love the crochet white short. h&m? always see them but never buy....gah want them now.
    hahahaa i always have bitch fits over clothing and feeling like a heffa ;) its hard being female! xx

  17. i love how you've planned all of it!
    hope you have a brilliant time!


  18. This is excellent planning, very impressed! I love the red topshop dress - gorgeous!

    ps. Well done for getting 100 followers, yay!

  19. Have been looking for a good collection of shorts!


  20. lol, have a bad obsession with shorts myself, love the tribal ones :)

  21. I really like the 2nd & 6th outfits! So cute. :)



  22. lovely outfits!


  23. Lovely outfits :) I think my favourite is your 4th night outfit. Love that dress! Hope you have a great holiday! xx


  24. can I steal all of your summer wardrobe please? especially those peter pan collars and print shorts

  25. So darling, loving the little white shorts xxx

  26. I love all these looks! I need more shorts, I've shrunk and mine are all too big now! Appreciate your addiction! (:

    xo Maddy

  27. I love ALL the shorts! Especially the crochet ones. I believe they're H&M? Tried about 6 stores and they were all sold out in my size :'(
    I adore the ones with the festival patterns and the peter pan top is gorgeous! Love your style!

    Carly x


  28. O.MY.GOD.
    Talking about an addiction!

    Haha, I love it. I love shorts! You've got an amazing collection, chérie! I'm kind of jealous :)


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