21 July 2011

Holiday Shopping :D

Hey guys..

The title of this post is somewhat ambiguous. Yes, I was intending to go 'Holiday Shopping' but a lovely A/W goody sneakily found its way home with me! But I did mainly buy holiday related things so I was almost good!

All Topshop
I bought the bag online.. and was a little disappointed with how small it was.. The online picture is so misleading! I did read a review saying how small it was, but I thought meh whatever! BUT I am keeping it. It will no way fit a purse, but I'm gonna use it for nights out, so It will fit loose money, ID, phone, camera and cigarettes as long as you pack it as if your playing tetris! It is super cute though! Wanted these shorts for so long.. decided to pick them up yesterday FINALLLYYY! This shirt will look perfect with my H&M white crochet shorts :)

Crap picture soz
Seen these and thought I MUST HAVE.. Aztec is my biggest love right now, it's on my nails.. I want it all over my walls.. My background on twitter is Aztec. I want Aztec everything (seen the Aztec shoes in my last post? They're to DIE for!) Not really sure how I'll wear these.. never been one for patterned leggings.. Just could not resist!

So yeah.. I'm totally taking this on my summer holiday to Spain :S But seriously.. I'll probably be wearing this in the middle of August in Wales.. while the rain pours and the temperature drops.. Spring Summer Autumn Winter.. all the same in Good Ole Great Britain! But isn't it laveeeely! Was actually hoping it would rain today so I could wear it, it's actually lovely and sunny.. Typical Britain; when you actually want shit weather it shines!
Hate buying sandals, as I have awful feet and sandals are just blah to me.. so I wanted a cheap pair, and these are perfect, only £13! I should show you all a picture of my feet, they're actually so funny, all my toes are the same length and they're all like squished together.. I look like I have too many toes on my feet, sometimes I have to count them to make sure there are only 5 haha! (I can't believe what shit I am talking today lol) Oh, and my cat has a MASSIVE foot fetish... so he couldn't resist these shoes; sniffing them, licking them.. weird moggy!

Ring: Topshop
Necklace: H&M
The moustache ring is perfection! The necklace is also perfection BUT I NEED A PAIR OF DREAM CATCHER EARRINGS!

L-R: MAC: liquid last liner MAC: technakohl liner BENEFIT: Instant Brow (Medium) TOPSHOP: Skint Tint MAC: Amplified creme lipstick (Impassioned) TOPSHOP: Cream Blush (Neon Rose) MAC: Pigment (Copper Sparkle)

Cannot wait to try out some of this make-up. I didn't bother with swatches and stuff, I don't wanna spoil anything before hols lol!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my beautiful cat.. I have two, but the other one (Tigger) was probably sleeping. So meet my lovely, hilarious, fluffy cat SOX :)

I loled so much at the last photo.. he's inside a MAC bag.. He loves going in bags, he'll let you carry him around in them for hours lol! So funnyy!!

So that's all folks :)


  1. Absolutely love every item on here! I've wanted the H&M crochet shorts for a while but haven't been able to find them in my size! Love the coat!

    Carly x

  2. Aaa I want all your things ! My cats are always lurking round shoes and getting into carrier bags aswell ! xx

  3. LOL at your cat, how cute! You got some great stuff, love the ring!

  4. omg these are all so amazing. cute cat! :) cats are probably funniest pets ever

  5. Your cat's so cute, my cat does that too, always wanting to be involved. Love your blue shirt & your description of the tetris bag. x hivenn

  6. ah totally jealous! what a great shop,so many lovely things - I love that quilted coat - was defiantly looking at similar ones today

  7. I love the American flag shorts, so cute! Really want that dream catcher necklace too.
    I'm so bad at summer shopping - I always end up buying winter clothes instead, I can't help it!

  8. I love all of it !
    fantastic :)

    Klaudia B.

  9. Cute kitty!! :) I adore the shorts from Topshop, I am so craving some flag shorts.

    Followed your fab blog xx


  10. I love your stars and stripes shorts and those sandals by your cat (ps he's a real cutie)! Great pieces to have for summer and early fall. I'm your latest follower - stop by my blog and follow me back?

    xx from Montreal,


  11. love the things in the first photo!


  12. you shopped hard doll loving the leggings I am obsessed with aztec too best print ever. Love the pics your cat is too cute xoxo

  13. you shopped hard doll. Love the leggings I am obsessed with aztec too best print ever. I think the bag is perfect like you said great for nights out and on the beach. Love your pics your cat is too cute xoxo

  14. och that shorts...they're totally awesome! I have to buy them ;)

  15. I have the dream catcher necklace too. I love it so much and I have the American flag shorts very very much.

  16. All of these buys are brilliant. That moustache ring is amazing and I definitely need one! I really like those American print shorts too. Great blog! :)

  17. haha absolutely amazing cat!x


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