30 November 2011

November... Monthly Round up #6

Favourite Outfit

Definitely my most recent outfit post... read all about it here 

Favourite Fashion Buy

River Island

The first time I wore it I wasn't that impressed, but now I absolutely love it.. it's so easy to wear and quick to throw on and look decent :) 
Favourite Beauty Buy
Believe it or not, this is the ONLY beauty related thing I have bought this month, therefore it is both my favourite and my least favourite lol! 
My mini review... I only really wanted it for the Hoola, as I couldn't afford a full one. Wish I splashed out on the hoola, as the size of the products are pathetic; but at the same time, it is only £9, so good if your looking for a 'sample' of the bigger products before splashing out; it is kinda worth the money then. Although, for some reason as they're so small they don't seem to work as well as the actual big products as they become hard to apply as my brushes don't fit in them lol! But hoola is prob one of my favourite beauty products ever!! 
Favourite Nails
I literally haven't painted my nails all month, and I'm so depressed about it lol! I miss my lovely nail art!! So I shall show you what is top of my 'nail art to do' list 
I think these are absolutely gorgeous and so unique! 
Biggest Splurge
Hmm... My vintage tweed blazer that I have yet to show you! It wasn't expensive, but was probably the most expensive thing I have bought this month. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post about it, coz I love it, but not sure it suits me (it's a little too big for me), so want everyone's advise :) 
Best Bargain
River Island
I had this £60 pound dress for £15... read about it here :) 

Biggest Lust

I reaaaaaally want some creepers!!!! 

Plan on Buying
For once in my life.. I have nothing that I HAVE to have... It's payday tomorrow, and I have no idea what I'm going to buy! Probably do an eBay spree though! 
Favourite Picture

Just me and my friend on a night out :) in ladybird Cardiff!  
I've managed to get all my uni work done.. yay!! 
Looking Forward to

All the Christmas festivities starting with works Christmas party on Saturday! I'm actually looking forward to having enough money to buy people decent presents! Love December!!! :D 

Have a brilliant December everybody.. I'm sure you all will!! 

Big thank you and hello to all my new followers.. and of course the regulars :) 

22 November 2011

Ways to wear: Zebra Jeans

Loved these jeans when they first popped into Topshop... they sold out, and then I got over them. But now they're back :D Although in different colours, so don't know if I'll actually be purchasing because I think I preferred good olde black and white! 


These are black and pink... I hate pink. Thought they were an off white, but nope; pink! But I absolutely adore this outfit.. I really want that sweater and the bag oh and the shoes!! Everything! I think this look is for someone who is just to cool for school! lol!  


Now, I much prefer these jeans, the colour is fab (still not better than the white though) This outfit is has a gothic edge which I absoluetly adore, I am a Goth at heart I think. Black is my ultimate favourite colour! This look could be worn day or night just swap the accessories and shoes 

Everything featured is Topshop!
A very classy look if I do say so myself.. I can imagine this is the type of outfit that would turn a few heads, although simple it is gorgeous! The necklace is DIVINE and would add a massive element of glamour! 

So to buy or not to buy.. that is the question? 
I think I'll have to go try them on :) 

How are you all? I still feel a little out of the blogging loop lately, but I've been a lot more involved this last week I think! :) Yay for getting a routine and not feeling stupidly rushed off my feet! 

In other news, I have been e-mailing The Harley Street Smile Clinic in regards to full smile make-over. I think teeth are a really important feature, and mine just aren't up to scratch in my eyes. I'm the type of girl that gets an idea in my head, then becomes obsessed with it and has to do it. So this smile make-over thing is just another one of them lol! But yea, no actual plans have been made yet, but I'm hoping to go ahead with it soon after Christmas... I'll be sure to keep you all informed! 

Hope you've all had a good weekend :) 

20 November 2011

Snake Leather Fur and Studs

Technically this should be one of my favourite outfits EVER... It involves some of my favourite things... animal print, leather, fur and studs :) 

Trousers: H&M Shirt: New Look. (DIY stud collar) Fur Stole: H&M 

I do love this outfit.. it is ME all over! I wore this the other night to go out for an Indian Meal.. it was bloody lovely!! About half hour before we left I decided to add a few studs to the collar, as the top was lacking in something! You can't really see on the picture, but it looks pretty cool! Oh and the fur stole is probably one of the best things I've bought all year, as well as the leather trousers.. apart from the fly doesn't seem to stay up too well.. I was definitely flying low all night. Cringe! 

I'm thinking about getting extensions.. my hair has got to a stage where it seems to have stopped growing. Well it is definitley growing as my roots are coming through, but it is probably so damaged that my split ends are just stopping any length. I seem to think that if I have extensions I will notice the growth more lol! I'm desperate for long hair so think I may treat myself before Christmas! The whole Ombre thing has gone out the window, just seems like way to much effort, I have minimal blonde on the ends, but I just cba to add to it, think I'm over my obsession now! 

I actually can't believe how close we are to Christmas... it's actually scary how quick this year has gone! I haven't even managed a proper wish list yet.. when I do write one, I'll be sure to blog about it :D 

Chow for now :) 

Party like it's 1999

Ah, two outfit posts in one week, aren't you a lucky lot :) haha! 

Dress: River Island
Took these pictures in about 2 minutes, so they aren't the best lol! AND no idea when my my knees got fat haha! 

Wore this last night for my friends 20th birthday :) Such a fab night.. If any of you ever go to Cardiff for a night out you must definitely go to Retro's. It's such an amazing place... the music is mainly 90's stuff, which is awesome and gives you such a nostalgic feeling! We definitely partied like it was 1999! 

So about my outfit.. I bought this dress for an absolute bargain price (read the post on it here) but it is literally a one night out only dress... everywhere I went I left a trail of sequins behind.. I would never have paid the full £60 for this! 
I love it on, even though it doesn't picture very well at all! I kinda felt like I was wearing a nighty though lol and I wish it was I tiny but more fitted.. to show of my curves and all that jazz haha, na it kinda just falls over my waist when I would rather it clinged a bit more! 

My brother is treating the family to an Indian meal tonight (Groupon deal obviously haha) so well exited for that!! 

Hope everyone's weekend was as good as mine :) 

ps: just a few hours left on my Ebay things: Take a look HERE :) 

16 November 2011


You know when you look forward to wearing an outfit so much... and then you put it on, look in the mirror and  it is just nothing special... nothing like you imagined it would be.. Well, that is today's outfit! 

Skirt: primark. Top: River Island

The top doesn't fit that well, and the skirt is nicer off than on.. Not a horrible outfit, just not as special as I thought it would be...
I wore this out for a meal for my friends birthday last night, we went to T.G.I Firday's and it was quite nice.. I think I picked the wrong food though; hate eating at new places, it always takes me so long to decide what I want, and when I get it I wish I had something else! I like going to my regular places where I know what I'm eating without looking at the menu.. Yes, I'm such an adventurous person haha! 

Oh actually, talking of adventure.. some people in work are organising a sky dive for charity.. I'm sooo going to do it :D

I feel a bit out of the loop in the blogging world lately.. I'm not commenting and reading blogs as avidly as i once did, and I'm not blogging as much as I would like to! Quite busy at the moment, what with a full time job, as well as a full time uni course (and two essay's that have yet to be started that are due in next week). It's funny that you can miss a little 'online community' so much! 

Last thing for today... check out my clothes on Ebay HERE :) 

7 November 2011

My lucky shopping trip!

Hey guys! Was meant to be going on a health and safety course today (yawn) but it was cancelled (annoying as I got up at 6am) so I thought I would use my spare day and actually blog about something! I went shopping yesterday so thought I'd show you what I've bought... It was definitely my lucky day!

Firstly up is my bargain of the century! 
River Island
I've taken the stock photo as I cannot get a decent picture of this dress, annoyed though as the dress is actually a lot nicer in real life than on the website! But anyway.. the price is £60.. Definitely not a bargain I hear you say! Well... there is about literally 4 sequins missing off the bottom of the dress so it was marked up as £10!!!! Well I ended up having it for £15.. but seriously that can't have been the right price.. When I seen the £10 price tag I thought the dress must have some serious sequins missing.. but no literally about 4! I couldn't even find the missing sequins at first! My luck was most definitely in yesterday! That's my dress sorted for my friends birthday night out! Oh don't you just love human error! 

My luck didn't just end there...

I'm sure you have all seen this Primark skirt that has taken the blogging world by storm? Well I have wanted it ever since I set my eyes on it, but it has been sold out every time I have been to Primark! Well yesterday my luck changed... sitting amongst all the coats was this skirt.. it was the only one in the whole shop and it was MY SIZE!! I was beyond chuffed! Can't wait to wear this little ensemble. The gorgeous top is from River Island! 

My other Primark buys were... 

The shoes look awesome on.. they're have a very slight 'creeper' style which I love as I can't afford proper creepers just yet! Oh and I'm obsessed with patterned/suspender tights so I bought three pairs :D 

Im awaiting on a few items in the post, including a vintage tweed blazer (woohoo) I'll be sure to show you when they all arrive :) 

2 November 2011

October... Monthly Round up #5

I say this every month... but seriously, these round up's come around WAY.TOO.QUICKLY!!

Favourite Outfit

Loved this monochrome outfit! See my post here 

Favourite Fashion Buy

My gorgeous Cardigan... which I adore more than anything else I own at the moment.. Literally haven't taken it off!! See the post here :) 

Favourite Beauty Buy

I haven't bought anything beauty wise... WOW!! But I do plan on buying some 'Bioglo' Products! They're not very well known in the UK.. but my friend has been using some of the products and they look amazing.. so I'm gonna splurge I think! 

Favourite Nails

Definitely my Red, White and Black Aztec beauties! See the post here :)  I haven't painted my nails in about 2 weeks :( My job wont allow me to wear nail varnish, and now I'm working 30 hours I find it pointless painting my nails for 1 day then taking it off for work the next! Sucks though... Having MAJOR withdrawal symptoms! Think I'm gona try some 'firework' nails for Bonfire Night.. (Didn't even get to experiment with Halloween Nails :( )

Biggest Splurge

My gorgeous aztec cardigan shown above was also my biggest splurge.. It was £50 (I really couldn't afford that at the time lol)

Best Bargain
I bought this fur stole from H&M and am totally in love with it... you put it around anything and it makes it more fashionable!! It's £12.99.. but I had a few discount codes and ended up spending like £5... The H&M delivery service were super quick too!! I was shocked!

Biggest Lust

I NEED a Tweed blazer! None of these are perfect.. I fount the perfect one on ebay.. but stupid idiotic me forgot to bid, was so so angry at myself :( I dont want such a fitted one... Kinda want it to be slightly oversized!

Plan on Buying 

If you take a look at my last post, I dressed this top up in 3 different ways.. and I really need this top now! Friday it will be mine!! Oh and if you do look at my last post.. I need the Topshop skirt in Look 1.. Its.Sold.Out. Im devastated :( lol!

Favourite Picture
Stole this picture off Rosie (A pocketful of Rosie)
This lovely picture is from the South Wales Blogger Meet.. We are in O'Neils Cardiff and had the most delicious buffet ever!!! It was free as well, always a bonus! (Thank you Chantelle). Oh and I really should mention how amazing the sausages were... Every other post about the meet up has mentioned the sausages, so I really must follow the lead haha! But seriously they were beyond tasty! Had an awesome day at the meet up :D 

I am now checkout supervisor in Morrisons! Kind of bitter sweet really, as I have more hour = less time to blog! I'm sure when I get into a routine I'll be blogging back to the way I used to, but atm I'm struggling to fit it in! Outfit posts seem impossible atm! I am still in Uni too.. so I really have no time lol!! 

I made it to the final 15 in Sarenza's 'Pure British Style' competition! PLEASE VOTE FOR MEEEEE!! lol! If you vote for me and I win, you're in with the chance of winning £800 worth of shoes!!! 

tweet this to vote: 

My vote for the @SarenzaUK comp goes to @LowriBevan http://lowri-thedeerhead.blogspot.com/2011/09/pure-british-style.html #SarenzaUKstyle.  

Thanks everyone, and thanks to anyone who's already voted! :) 

Looking Forward to
Well a few of my friends have Birthday's this month which are always awesome nights out! Oh and I'm REALLY looking forward to payday!!! 

That's all from me.. Have a great November :D