20 November 2011

Party like it's 1999

Ah, two outfit posts in one week, aren't you a lucky lot :) haha! 

Dress: River Island
Took these pictures in about 2 minutes, so they aren't the best lol! AND no idea when my my knees got fat haha! 

Wore this last night for my friends 20th birthday :) Such a fab night.. If any of you ever go to Cardiff for a night out you must definitely go to Retro's. It's such an amazing place... the music is mainly 90's stuff, which is awesome and gives you such a nostalgic feeling! We definitely partied like it was 1999! 

So about my outfit.. I bought this dress for an absolute bargain price (read the post on it here) but it is literally a one night out only dress... everywhere I went I left a trail of sequins behind.. I would never have paid the full £60 for this! 
I love it on, even though it doesn't picture very well at all! I kinda felt like I was wearing a nighty though lol and I wish it was I tiny but more fitted.. to show of my curves and all that jazz haha, na it kinda just falls over my waist when I would rather it clinged a bit more! 

My brother is treating the family to an Indian meal tonight (Groupon deal obviously haha) so well exited for that!! 

Hope everyone's weekend was as good as mine :) 

ps: just a few hours left on my Ebay things: Take a look HERE :) 


  1. Such a gorgeous dress, you look lovely! I like the sequin scallop detail off the hem especially.


  2. Wowwww wowww wowwwwww.
    A)You look freaking amazing
    B)Still BEYOND jelous of that damn dress missy
    C)what fat knees?! Your legs look amaze!


  3. You look lush hun!

    P.s You don't have fat knees!

    Amy x

  4. dress is lovely sequins are always the most expensive outfit embelishments but never last long enough for it to be worth the price u pay!

  5. i love the bottom of that dress, really pretty!

  6. thanks for your comment hun, you look lovely this dress is gorgeous xx

  7. I lOVE that dress! I tried it on and it was WAY too short on me but on you it looks lovely! :) X

  8. Ha 90s music is great on a night out! N trance is a personal fave :)

    Love the dress, AS IF it was only £15 it's so pretty! As are you, and your knees are not fat at all.


  9. Awesome dress, but yeah, probably difficult to justify at £60. x

  10. This dress is gorgeous! And such a bargain!! I'm very envious. I went to Cardiff over summer with a few friends and we ended up in Retros, I loved it! Hope you had a really good night and enjoyed your curry!

    Fashion Stereotype

  11. You look lovely! Its a shame about the sequins falling off though, also you do not have fat knees dear!!

  12. I love that dress, you have lovely eyebrows x


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