2 November 2011

October... Monthly Round up #5

I say this every month... but seriously, these round up's come around WAY.TOO.QUICKLY!!

Favourite Outfit

Loved this monochrome outfit! See my post here 

Favourite Fashion Buy

My gorgeous Cardigan... which I adore more than anything else I own at the moment.. Literally haven't taken it off!! See the post here :) 

Favourite Beauty Buy

I haven't bought anything beauty wise... WOW!! But I do plan on buying some 'Bioglo' Products! They're not very well known in the UK.. but my friend has been using some of the products and they look amazing.. so I'm gonna splurge I think! 

Favourite Nails

Definitely my Red, White and Black Aztec beauties! See the post here :)  I haven't painted my nails in about 2 weeks :( My job wont allow me to wear nail varnish, and now I'm working 30 hours I find it pointless painting my nails for 1 day then taking it off for work the next! Sucks though... Having MAJOR withdrawal symptoms! Think I'm gona try some 'firework' nails for Bonfire Night.. (Didn't even get to experiment with Halloween Nails :( )

Biggest Splurge

My gorgeous aztec cardigan shown above was also my biggest splurge.. It was £50 (I really couldn't afford that at the time lol)

Best Bargain
I bought this fur stole from H&M and am totally in love with it... you put it around anything and it makes it more fashionable!! It's £12.99.. but I had a few discount codes and ended up spending like £5... The H&M delivery service were super quick too!! I was shocked!

Biggest Lust

I NEED a Tweed blazer! None of these are perfect.. I fount the perfect one on ebay.. but stupid idiotic me forgot to bid, was so so angry at myself :( I dont want such a fitted one... Kinda want it to be slightly oversized!

Plan on Buying 

If you take a look at my last post, I dressed this top up in 3 different ways.. and I really need this top now! Friday it will be mine!! Oh and if you do look at my last post.. I need the Topshop skirt in Look 1.. Its.Sold.Out. Im devastated :( lol!

Favourite Picture
Stole this picture off Rosie (A pocketful of Rosie)
This lovely picture is from the South Wales Blogger Meet.. We are in O'Neils Cardiff and had the most delicious buffet ever!!! It was free as well, always a bonus! (Thank you Chantelle). Oh and I really should mention how amazing the sausages were... Every other post about the meet up has mentioned the sausages, so I really must follow the lead haha! But seriously they were beyond tasty! Had an awesome day at the meet up :D 

I am now checkout supervisor in Morrisons! Kind of bitter sweet really, as I have more hour = less time to blog! I'm sure when I get into a routine I'll be blogging back to the way I used to, but atm I'm struggling to fit it in! Outfit posts seem impossible atm! I am still in Uni too.. so I really have no time lol!! 

I made it to the final 15 in Sarenza's 'Pure British Style' competition! PLEASE VOTE FOR MEEEEE!! lol! If you vote for me and I win, you're in with the chance of winning £800 worth of shoes!!! 

tweet this to vote: 

My vote for the @SarenzaUK comp goes to @LowriBevan http://lowri-thedeerhead.blogspot.com/2011/09/pure-british-style.html #SarenzaUKstyle.  

Thanks everyone, and thanks to anyone who's already voted! :) 

Looking Forward to
Well a few of my friends have Birthday's this month which are always awesome nights out! Oh and I'm REALLY looking forward to payday!!! 

That's all from me.. Have a great November :D 


  1. Nail art an the aztec cardi are my fave too!!!

  2. That is a superb cardigan. Really want that super cute tee with a bow too :)

  3. Hey :)
    I just found you blog and I looove it! You have a really great sense of style! ;)
    Follow you!


  4. aww i love that picture of everyone at the blogger meet xx it was a great day :-)

  5. This is so much better than monthly favourites


  6. Loveeeee the first ouftit, gorgeous!

  7. I love your monochrome outfit! xxx

  8. thank you for your lovely comment :)
    really loving your cardi and nails, aztec amazingness!

  9. Thank you for my comment on my blog.
    Lovely blog as well.


  10. That cardigan is amazing! And congrats on the job! :) xx


  11. All those picks are great, your card is so cute, loved that outfit too. Totally gonna find my tweed blazer after seeing that! And I love that pic too!!

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    The Penthouse Clan

  12. Can't go wrong with b&w stripes and a cute peter pan collar :D

    -Laura xx

  13. You know how much I LOVE That cardigan! And those shorts oh and your face :) ha-ha love the blazers too!



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