30 November 2011

November... Monthly Round up #6

Favourite Outfit

Definitely my most recent outfit post... read all about it here 

Favourite Fashion Buy

River Island

The first time I wore it I wasn't that impressed, but now I absolutely love it.. it's so easy to wear and quick to throw on and look decent :) 
Favourite Beauty Buy
Believe it or not, this is the ONLY beauty related thing I have bought this month, therefore it is both my favourite and my least favourite lol! 
My mini review... I only really wanted it for the Hoola, as I couldn't afford a full one. Wish I splashed out on the hoola, as the size of the products are pathetic; but at the same time, it is only £9, so good if your looking for a 'sample' of the bigger products before splashing out; it is kinda worth the money then. Although, for some reason as they're so small they don't seem to work as well as the actual big products as they become hard to apply as my brushes don't fit in them lol! But hoola is prob one of my favourite beauty products ever!! 
Favourite Nails
I literally haven't painted my nails all month, and I'm so depressed about it lol! I miss my lovely nail art!! So I shall show you what is top of my 'nail art to do' list 
I think these are absolutely gorgeous and so unique! 
Biggest Splurge
Hmm... My vintage tweed blazer that I have yet to show you! It wasn't expensive, but was probably the most expensive thing I have bought this month. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post about it, coz I love it, but not sure it suits me (it's a little too big for me), so want everyone's advise :) 
Best Bargain
River Island
I had this £60 pound dress for £15... read about it here :) 

Biggest Lust

I reaaaaaally want some creepers!!!! 

Plan on Buying
For once in my life.. I have nothing that I HAVE to have... It's payday tomorrow, and I have no idea what I'm going to buy! Probably do an eBay spree though! 
Favourite Picture

Just me and my friend on a night out :) in ladybird Cardiff!  
I've managed to get all my uni work done.. yay!! 
Looking Forward to

All the Christmas festivities starting with works Christmas party on Saturday! I'm actually looking forward to having enough money to buy people decent presents! Love December!!! :D 

Have a brilliant December everybody.. I'm sure you all will!! 

Big thank you and hello to all my new followers.. and of course the regulars :) 


  1. I lovvveee the nails!

    come visit mee! xx :)

  2. benefit is amazing and that picture is so cool!
    Kayla xoxo


  3. Oooh they do good cocktails in Ladybird! coming to the Baci event nect week and cdfblogs xmas social?

  4. Those nails are amazing & what a total BARGAIN from River Island!?

    Thanks for your comment on our blog btw, we're excited about Xmas too & would love it if you would check out our latest 'Christmas Party Look' post & vote RAWR!

    T & J

    The Style Rawr- A UK based Fashion blog!

  5. looks really cool! especially love the nails!
    Love your blog btw hun! good work! you have great taste :)
    please visit mine! would be an honour!!
    It's Fashion damnit

  6. Love that night out photo soo fun! And well everyone and their dog/cat/fleas knows how I feel about that amaaazing dress of yours!


  7. LOVE the nails!
    nice blog! :)

  8. Awesome post, those creepers look fierce <3

  9. i love this post. Great ideas put together!


  10. Nice outfit!


  11. dont think ill be able to walk in creepers

  12. N'aww, what a fabby month it looks like you've had :) OMG CREEPERS I TOTALLY GET THE LUST FACTOR! Would NOT suit me at all though but I love those you've seen, the ponyskin touch is ace :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  13. agh sooo want that river island bow top, gutted i didnt buy it when i saw it! xx


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