30 August 2011

Boot Sale...

On Sunday I went to Cheddar Bootsale...

It wasn't as awesome as it normally is.. The weather was a bit hit or miss so not as many sellers turned up as usual! I was hoping to find some individual chunky knit jumpers and some one off clothing! I wasn't successful in that BUT...


Everything in the little hut was cowboy/Indian inspired. Think copious amount of dream catchers, Deer/Stag/Ram/Buffalo heads galore, Fur coats and fringed waistcoats, aztec bags etc etc. Honest to God I was in my element. My dad was angry at me coz I'm supposed to look 'uninterested' as the prices won't be so high or something lol.. but seriously I couldn't contain my excitement. I kept saying to the owner 'I want to live here' 'I want everything.' I wish I had my own money to spend as I would have bought pretty much all the clothes in there but I was spending Dad's money so I held back on a lot of things. Here's what I did buy...

I'm not sure what type of skull this is.. maybe a ram? I absolutely love it.. although it needs a fair bit of work, I need to re-mount it (Dads job) and paint the base before it takes center stage in my bedroom.. but I think it will look awesome! 

This dream catcher is one of the most unusual I've ever seen.. It has like a big patch of fur in the middle which is awesome! I think this is gonna look amazing in my room! 

Not really sure if I'll actually wear this.. it's one of them tie things that cowboys wear; I have no idea what they're called. I think it will look pretty cool with a shirt with the top button done up! 

So my obsession with animal heads/skulls continues... lol! But I really cannot wait to go back to this hut thing.. I'm gonna have a proper look at the clothes in there and hopefully buy myself a fur coat or a fur waistcoat. Oh and I'm so angry at myself I found a gorgeous aztec print bag but forgot all about it when I seen everything else! 
lots of love
P.s I've gone a bit mad on picnik and decided to cross process EVERYTHING haha

28 August 2011

Shoes of The Week #7

Hey guys.

This week I'm gonna focus on 'CREEPERS'


The correct title is 'Brothel Creepers.' This shoe originated from the soldiers of World War 2. When returning to Britain across the deserts of North Africa they wore suede shoes with hard wearing crepe soles. Many men found themesleves in less erm 'respectable' nightspots of London, such as Soho and Kings Cross, of course they were still wearing the same shoes.. hence the name 'Brothel Creepers.' Creepers have been taken up by progressive generations, such as punks. They go hand in hand with the 'Rock n Roll' generations. 
info taken from here

Again we have a case of something that is iconic in subcultures/counter-cultures becoming mainstream. Although I'm not sure that these will catch on the way that 'rock tee's' and 'biker boots' have. They are very Love or Hate. I think most of your typical 'mainstream' girl will hate them.. but they also all hated biker boots when they first come out but more than likely wear them now.  

L-R Topshop x2
Asos x2
Topshop. Asos
So what do I think of them.
I honestly do not know. I have always loved the Punk and Gothic style. I envy the way they have the guts to look 'different' and stand out in a crowd. I do love these shoes, but weather I'd love them on MY feet is a different story. I will definitely be trying them on next time I'm out shopping to see what they look like. The highstreet stores that cater to the mainstream market have put their own twist on these, making them less 'Creeperish' (new word? lol)

My one last point to make is: I HATE it when things go mainstream!! The general public spoil everything haha! 


26 August 2011

This A/W I want to be wearing...

Hey Ladies

First of all, you may or may not have noticed that I have changed my name... You can now call me 'The Deer Head'. I know some of you liked my old name (I also liked it but it was WAY TOO LONG and more of a phrase than a name) I'm hoping to change my URL in the next month or so too.. hopefully I will be a '.com'.

Anyways, on with the post... These are some styles I would LOVE to be wearing...

L-R Dorothy Perkins x2 Topshop x3

Last year I was obsessed with novelty knits. Nothing has changed. Anyone remember the Panda top in Topshop that was selling on Ebay for stupid money? Well I have that and it is STILL my favourite. The only problem with Topshop novelty knits is the price! Sites such as 'Desire Clothing' were coming up with lovely cheap alternatives last year, lets hope they do that again this year (atm the majority of the knitwear on that site is bleughhhhh)!

Topshop. Stripe jeans: Motel

Patterned jeans are for someone who wants to stand out and get noticed. It is kinda hard to sink into the backround with patterns all over your legs. I find they take a bit of courage to actually wear, and can be quite hard to dress an outfit around. Your mind automatically thinks that a plain top is the only answer, but I think some sort of rock tee or chunky knit jumper would look perfect!

L-R Miss Selfridge. Topshop. Miss Selfridge x2. Topshop

Black.. Well what can I say about black? It's my favourite colour, it's slimming, it's easy to dress up or down... It's definitely the easiest colour to wear; I've never met someone who thinks black doesn't suit them, it simply looks awesome on everyone... pale, tanned, blonde or brunette! What's not to love about black?

What are you loving?

24 August 2011

Fate is at your elbow...

Hello again :)

So fate is at your elbow... Suppose you better protect it with some lovely elbow patches! 

I've always had a massive thing for Elbow patches. Even though it's just a little detail it can transform clothing from YAWN to WOW! 

All Asos 
Left and Right: Zara
Middle: Asos
OR OF COURSE: You could easily make some DIY elbow patches. It's next on my 'to do' list!

All you would need is...

  • some sturdy fabric like suede/leather. (Or You could use anything really). 
  • Scissors, needle & thread/fabric glue. Sewing pins.
  • Paper/cardboard/whatever to draw the elbow patch pattern onto...
  • And a garment that needs some love and attention
All you have to do it...
  • Draw an 'elbow patch' pattern onto your paper, and cut around it. 
  • Place the pattern onto the fabric and draw around it
  • Fold the fabric in half. Pin together and cut around the pattern (this will give you 2 elbow patches lol)
  • Secure onto garment using pins (in the right place... probs best to try the garment on first and mark where the patches need to go)
  • Hand sew/glue securely onto the garment. Personally I think hand sewing gives the best effect rather than gluing.. I like to see a contrasting stitch. 
BOOM... You have a beautiful new item of clothing :) 

I love learning where something originated from and why it's there; Elbow patches were historically used on men's 'shooting jackets' and other hunting clothing. They were used to protect clothing from wear and tear from the rifles. I think it's crazy how something that originated from hunting attire can become fashion. This is what I love about fashion, how designers incorporate things that are completely 'off-topic' into their designs. I love how something that was never meant to be fashionable became fashionable! Fashion is such an awesome thing :) 

Have a fun week :) 

22 August 2011

Shoes of The Week #6

Hey ladies..

Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite pictures from the Jeffrey Campbell Autumn/Winter Lookbook! You can see all the images here (you have to download the lookbook though).

Jeffrey Campbell has quickly become one of my favourite designers. I already have the iconic 'Lita's' and cannot wait for my collection to grow!

What a gorgeous lookbook!! 

19 August 2011

Not ashamed to say that I'm wearing a tuxedo...


One of my original aims for this blog was to show you my progress with nail art. I have actually only ever done one nail art post ha!!

Here's my little tuxedo nails. I actually ruined these when I was asleep.. they are not as smooth as I would like. I used so much nail varnish resulting in the nail staying too sticky... I woke up to liney/smudgy nails :(

 Black: Rimmel Black out (800)
White nail art pen: Ebay
Shamelessly modelling my nails 
Despite the slight messiness...I  LOVE them! I've been meaning to try this for ages but just never got round to actually doing it. So glad I did though. My secret mission for today; to hide from all the managers in work... They will make me take it off and I will have to say NO :) 

Link me to any of your nail art posts.... ALWAYS looking for new inspirations and ideas :) 

Ps.. No idea why I'm holding Barry M nail polish... as I didn't actually use it. But it is good lol! 

17 August 2011

Does anyone know where I can get some Will Power Please?

Hey guys

Seriously. I. NEED. WILL POWER! If only you could buy it... Well actually that would be defeating the point of anything, coz I need will power to stop spending and stop getting drawn in by sales. I know deep down that not buying 'the perfect item' will not end me. I will not fall into a hole of deep depression and lose all will to live. BUT for some reason if I don't get my hands on things that I fall in love with I sort of believe that my life is over??

I was recently introduced to the gorgeous shoe company that is Kandee Shoes. They have only been creating gorgeous footwear since 2010, so aren't that well known. If they carry on designing as beautiful shoes as they have this season, I have no doubt that they are gonna be VERY popular!

Sooo... It all starting when I noticed this tweet from Kandee ''GO TO  CLEARANCE SALE HAS NOW STARTED!!!! RT'' ... 

It turns out that the shoes I have been LUSTING over for what seems like forever have gone down to £49.99 (From £179.99). All you lovely readers who have zero will-power like myself will know exactly what happened next...


I actually saved 72%. That's a MASSIVE saving in my eyes.... and I hope when I receive them that they are gonna be totally worth my last pennies in my bank! 

If you take a look at Kandee's Facebook page you can see previews of their A/W collection. They have come up with some beautiful designs. I truely believe that this Brand is one to watch out for. Lets hope when the shoes arrive they are as gorgeous in person as they are on picture. :D 

Anyone else gonna take advantage of the massive savings? 
lotsa love

16 August 2011

I'm Loving...


I'm Loving the colour...


Different names but in my eyes the same sort of colour. I personally describe this colour as a sort of 'dirty dark red.' For me this colour is British. I have no idea why, but I see it and it reminds me of Britain! The only other time I've seen the colour name 'Oxblood' is to describe horse-riding boots. But as you can all see equestrian style clothing and accessories are MASSIVE this coming season!It seems Topshop (once again) is coming up top trumps with clothing/shoes/accessories in this colour. I did search around but my favourite pieces were from good ol' Topshop.

Bracelet: Alexander McQueen.Belt: Isabella Oliver. The rest: Topshop

All Topshop. Middle one: 'Love' at Topshop

I can literally imagine a head to toe outfit ALL this colour.. although that would probably be over-kill.. but it is so beautiful! 

Are you loving it too?

15 August 2011

Stop, LOOK and Listen...

Entry for Look Magazine Blogging Competition

My life in Style

To say that the place I grew up in had streets paved with fashion would be a big fat lie. Fashion was never part of my life, it took me years to actually realise that clothes were not just for wearing, but for expressing personality, feelings and to make you look good. My unfashionable past is a thing I look back on and CRINGE!

 My mother is a dab hand on the sewing machine; as a young girl she would dress me in handmade beautiful floral dresses, and gorgeous velvet floppy hats- thing's that I would Love to be wearing now but back then I was your typical Tom-boy; not in the way of Alexa-esque boyfriend shirts or Coco Chanel inspired jackets; I lived in tracksuits and would only buy trainers in the boys section as the girls section was home to WAY to much pink! 

As I grew a little older I started to become more clothes concious; I actually started dressing like a girl... BUT I looked more ridiculous than ever! I used to plaster blue eyeshadow right across my eyelids, blue clearly suited me as I have blue eyes; that was the thought behind the process! I remember wearing skirts way to tight for someone the age I was. I just looked a MESS! 

The turning moment for me and my style was when I started to become obsessed with Playboy (lol seriously). Talk about a girl obsessed... I had EVERYTHING PLAYBOY and it wasn't cheap y'know!! I wouldn't dream of wearing anything Playboy now, but I do thank it. My 'Playboy fix' was in the local Debenhams; while in Debenhams I had to pass the Topshop and Oasis concessions, and being the Magpie that I am I couldn't just pass without looking at all the pretty things. One thing led to another and I suddenly became interested in fashion. 

Fashion has became more than just an interest, but a MAJOR part of my life. If I'm not shopping I'm window shopping. I'm always styling my friends and family and giving them style advise. I am forever trying to predict up coming trends.. and I'm not often wrong. I'm constantly reading magazines and blogs. I find inspiration everywhere from city streets to more untouched natural places. I started this blog in hope to find other like-minded people who live and breath fashion. 

So, Why should LOOK pick me?
I think I could give a different perspective on fashion. I'm someone who hasn't always been a little fashionista so I know what works and what doesn't. Living in a little unfashionable  village I have had to find inspiration from different types of surroundings. I could give a 'small town' perspective on a 'big town' thing, which I think a lot of people would benefit from and love reading. Sitting in the Front Row would be something I have only of ever dreamt of becoming a reality. I think winning would benefit me personally, and give me an experience which would help me in my career, as well as benefiting my blog; I would love to reach out to people who may never have found me. 

lots of Love...

14 August 2011

Shoes of the Week #5

Hey y'all

Around this time of year I start lusting over A/W goodies.. especially new boots! There are plenty of beautiful ones cropping up all over the internet.. and I have already featured many in other posts. Here are some that caught my eye this week :)


They kinda remind me of a pair a child would wear, but still I like them. The print is awesome, and for that price I assume that they are hard-wearing and can conquer every type of weather! The neutral colour would work with most outfits. Of course I would never buy these, unless I suddenly became rather wealthy! 


I absolutely adore these gorgeous shoes! The studs on the back really make these shoes WOW! Sam Edelman never ceases to amaze with his gorgeous collections. These boots would go with pretty much everything... I would love to own these, just can't justify the spend :( 

Ahh, shoes I can actually afford! I love these a lot, the mix of leather and suede is gorgeous. I have already treated myself to these :) just awaiting for them to arrive in the post! I actually think these are really cheap for Topshop. When I seen them I was expecting the price to be above £50. I'm hoping these can conquer the British Weather, but you know what suede is like, luckily they are not completely suede! 

Hope your all enjoying this weekly feature.. can't believe I'm on #5 already! Shoes are my absolute fav thing ever so I love this feature, even if it does kinda make me depressed that I can't buy them all! Oh and a big Hi to all new followers, and of course to the older ones too :) 

Lotsa Love..

12 August 2011

Condoms for your... shoes?

Hey ladies

Today I introduce to you all...


They're kind of a 'fancy dress' for your shoe! You simply slip the condom over the heel of your shoes and hold them there with elastic, which can either go over your ankle, or under the shoe...they could potentially take your shoes from boring to amazing! Here's some pictures of my favourite 'Condoms' you can get...

They fit stilleto heels ranging from 2-5 inches. They were made in the USA, but you can also buy them in the UK too! I took the pictures from this site:  Pretty Pinky Toes. The price range is about £15-£20 depending on how much detail and work went into them. 

I think these are a really good idea! Obviously I'd rather see them in real life first, as they could look really cheap and nasty... but they could transform a pair of plain shoes to jazz up an outfit. 

Totally wish they found a different name for these though 'Heel Condoms' doesn't exactly sound glamorous does it?

So what do you think ladies? Yay or Nay? 

10 August 2011

July... Monthly Round up #2


Little late with this but...time for my monthly round up!

Favourite Outfit
All Topshop
Top bought via Ebay, and I cut of the tight neck
I put this outfit on, and instantly felt happy with it.. Went to watch Dizzie Rascal in it.. should have just worn a bikini as we were right at the front, and the hooligans behind were throwing drinks and things at the front. GOT SOAKED!

Favourite Fashion Buy
I bought this when I was meant to be buying holiday clothes.. oops! STILL HAVEN'T WORN IT!!! So I don't actually know if it's my favourite, but I'm dying to wear it so much, kinda praying for rain ha!

Favourite Beauty Buy
The most long-lasting lipstick EVER! I was putting it on before I went out and waking up with it still on my lips! It's such a beautiful colour too, it suits everyone, all my friends were borrowing it, and it looked different on every person... definatley my favourite buy this month... as well as a MAC pigment eyeshadow.

Favourite nails

Awful picture sorry... Took it on my HTC then saved it from Facebook, turned out all blurry lol! But you can kinda see what I did.. Aztec. I used Model's Own base colour in Lemon Meringue (I think) then nail art pens from Ebay.

Biggest Splurge
For me the biggest splurge has to be this bag... It was only £32 BUT... It's in no way worth that kinda money. IT. IS. TINY! and one or two of the fringes have fallen out. I love the way it looks though, so I'm not taking it back haha! This is definatley a night time bag, where you would carry minimal things. DO NOT BUY IF.. you carry any make-up, a purse or anything bigger than an average sized phone (I have HTC Desire and it just about fits)

Best Bargain
The bracelets were 2euro and the rings 6euro
I bought these gorgeous rings and a few leather bracelets in Magaluf. I love that the rings are very unique, and no-one else will have them! I did buy another ring, but silly me has misplaced it somewhere :/ 

Biggest Lust
Senso Delilah 
I really really really want these gorgeous things!!! I may have to splurge, come student loan time :) 

Planning on buying
I'm in desperate need of a new pair of boots.. These caught my eye yesterday. Treat myself, me thinks!

Favourite Picture

This picture just sums up my friends and I... the childishness and stupidity just never stops. We're a crazy bunch!

Was Very Happy When...
I won my first giveaway :D I recieved this beautiful bracelet! Thank you the lovely Jess from Sparks and Fireworks :) 
Gorgeous bracelet from LUXLA 
I can't say I have achieved much this month... I'm proud of myself for organising a holiday, getting us there without any hiccups blah blah lol

Looking Forward to..
Meh :( Have nothing really to look forward to in August.. Holiday is over now, I'm still having holiday blues! But I'm sure it will be a good month regardless!

Just wanna say hope everyone effected by these RIDICULOUS rioters stay safe and well! The media are annoying me with these rioters.. asking 'why' the youths are doing it. Are they poor? Are they bored? Is it because of the government? I say NO... none of these reasons.. Only in Britain would a child who is setting up riots on a £300 smart phone could be called 'poor.' I didn't have many youth facilities as a child, many didn't.. yet I didn't didn't start riots. The kids are simply having the time of their lives... Its sad to say, but they are having ''fun''. They are pathetic children who have no respect for their country, the law, their neighbours. Stronger force is NEEDED.. Rubber bullets, water canons, tazer guns etc... Stay Safe everybody!

Thanks for reading you guysss :)