25 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone :)

I'm not hungover... yay!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I've only just opened my presents and dinner is not till later than normal (but just had a lovely bacon sandwich using the bacon that has been cooking on top of the turkey all morning.. YUM) 

Shirt: Topshop
Trousers: H&M
Necklace: Young Forever

This is what I wore out last night, went to the local Weatherspoons and it was rammed with people who I haven't seen in forever.. That's what I love about Christmas time, you just seem to catch up with everyone, people who have moved away for uni, work etc.. and people who only show they're faces on special occasions. Where I live, for some reason everyone just all gathers in this one place on Christmas eve, it's always an awesome laugh :) 

Hope everyone had what they wanted for Christmas.. I did :) 

23 December 2011

Christmas Treats.. to myself :)

My routine this month was kind of 'one for you one for me.' So every present I bought for someone, I also bought one for myself :) 

First up is a little stocking filler for myself...

Super cute in every way shape and form! 

I have been lusting after these gorgeous shoes ever since I first seen them grace the 'New in' pages of Topshop... but I have only just got my little mitts on them :) Possibly the comfiest shoes ever, they actually feel like slippers!

Come across this shirt, added it to my basket, entered my card details and bought it without ANY hesitation whatsoever. Literally haven't taken it off since I've bought it! In LOVE!

Topshop via Ebay
Needed a fur coat... Knew this was 'the one' but sold out everywhere, ended up paying Waaaay too much for it on Ebay, but don't regret it coz I absolutely love it! 

Other un-photographed purchases are THESE gorgeous shorts from MOTEL. THESE jeans from the Miss Selfridge sale, and a shed load of stuff from the cheapest online jewellery store EVER, Young Forever! (check it out). 

By the way.. anyone else really disappointed with the sales so far? River Island had loads of gorgeous things this season, but yet the sale was shit.. Topshop had a few nice things, especially shoes, but nout special. Asos was OK, but again not amazing! I had my credit card at the ready this morning but spent just £20! Oh well... least I'm saving a bit of money! 

You all exited for Christmas? I'm getting super exited now.. even just for a day off to relax! I can't wait for Christmas eve to go get extremely  merry in town with the girls and I'm just exited to wear some nice clothes instead of a uniform and actually have a social life as mine has gone to pot lately. Mega mega exited to paint my nails all christmasy haha! I'm doing it tomorrow... there will be a picture as long as they turn out good; I'm out of practice now lol! 

Anyway.. feel like I have loads to talk about, coz haven't blogged in what feels like FOREVER! but I'm gonna bore you all, so I'll love you an leave you!

16 December 2011

Christmas Wish List

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I was going to attempt to make a gift guide for you to help with your shopping, but then I realised I'm shit at buying presents lol! So I've rustled up my wishlist.. most of it I won't be getting on the big day, but will possibly buy with my Christmas moneyyys :D 

I've featured the gorgeous Paw top from Topshop on this blog before and cannot get it out of my head! Dying for a bobble hat, and love the colour and style of this Topshop one! I think a DSLR camera is on every bloggers wishlist.. I've asked my parents for one for Christmas, but really doubt they will buy one for me! 

Desperate for a new purse and this Zadig et Voltaire one would be perfect for me.. not the friendliest price mind! The Urban Outfitters belt would be a nice alternative to the Moschino belt that I will forever lust after! Finally the Dr Martens.. I've wanted them for years and have had countless pairs when I was a little Lowri... They will go with any outfit from a pretty dress to a jeans and tee ensemble! 

I've just treated myself to another item on my wishlist THIS amazing leopard print coat from Topshop.. paid way over the odds for it on Ebay, but ah well, I wanted it.. lost a few I had bidded on as refused to pay over £80, then decided I wanted it enough to pay whatever it took to get my hands on it lol!! Hope the seller manages to post this before Christmas! Now, gonna try and make my mother give me the money for it as a Christmas prezzy lol.. wish me luck! 

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.. I have a VERY busy week in work next week, Oh the joys of working in retail at this amazing time of year.. So don't know when I'll next have a blog post for you! Probably Christmas day to show you all my awesome presents! 

P.s 250 followers.. Oh yeaaaaa :D Thank you all!! 

11 December 2011


 An all black outfit is my favourite outfit ever! Black can be sexy, sophisticated or fun.. you can dress it in absolutely any way! 

My favourite 'trends' are rock 'n' roll and gothic inspired which means lots of black; although now and again I will go crazy over a certain unrelated trend, like this year it was bohemian with lots of brown/tans fringing etc, but for some reason I will always go back to an all black obsession! 

Lipstick: Topshop Rio Rio
Shirt: Asos
Leather bralet: Topshop
Shorts: River Island
Tights: Henry Holland
By the way... I know my lipstick is all over the place, I applied without a mirror (believe it or not there is NO mirrors in my bedroom, crazy!! ) then took pictures lol!!! I'm such an idiot, but don't worry I did tidy it up before I actually left the house! 

I'm starting to look like a real goth with my all black outfits, my super 'I say dark brown others say black' hair, big thick black brows and red lipstick.. but I am loving it :) who needs colour anyway? Sooo, I wore this out  for my friends birthday last night, we went to Cardiff Bay and ate some lovely Italian food in Signor Valentino and had a lush time :) 

I actually sold this bralet on ebay a few weeks ago, but the buyer didn't pay for ages, and after countless emails without any reply I opened up a dispute (thinking they wouldn't pay, but wanted my fee's back), then they actually paid... but I was angry at them and didn't really need the money anymore, so I refunded them and kept it for myself.. HA!! bad Ebayer? 

That's all from me anyway, first post of December :) Soooo Can't wait for Christmas!