22 February 2012

Catch up | Want

Today is going to be one of those posts where I just ramble on.. I have a lot to say so this is just a little warning haha!

| Topshop:Speckle T-shirt Mini
| Top four: Asos | Bottom two: Jeffrey Campbell BeeBee @ Sarenza
Ahhh my favourite Topshop dress is now available in lots of lovely colours!! I already have it in grey (worn here) and it's the kinda dress that is so unbelievably easy to wear/throw on and still look and feel stylish! You know that piece of clothing that you ALWAYS seem to be wearing, the one that's straight out of the wash and straight on on your back? this is that dress! I probably wont buy it in every colour, but the black is a must as is the navy, and maybe I'll get one of the bright colours for summer! Ahh payday you're just two days away :D 

Flatforms.. they're a pretty big deal in the blogging world right now. Not sure if real life people have caught on yet? but I'm sure they will catch up.. but anyways I've so just totally bought the Jeffrey Campbell BeeBee ones (with a lovey 25% discount) and obviously got the leopard print! Technically should have bought black, simply as I would have more wear out of them, but I could not resist the leopard! Aren't they amazing? Can't wait to get them on my feet! I might risk (possible) pain and wear them to #ldnlunch!

Talking of #ldnlunch.. I am SO exited! I wasn't sure whether I could go or not due to work but it's all official now, bought my train ticket and everything, although wasn't too amused with the £54 price tag! but ah well.. all in the name of blogging fun! It'll be amazing to meet lovely bloggers, I've followed all the attendees on twitter :)  Scared a little bit now though, I'm not amazing in social situations.. I wouldn't say I'm shy at all but I'm just really really shit at making conversation lol! 

Last thing (I think) for today.. just wanna say a little bit about my new teeth.. regular readers will know that I am in the process of having my teeth veneered! It's so exiting, I'm in the phase right now where I'm wearing temporary veneers, so my teeth are all shaved down and prepared for the real veneers. Already, even with just the temporaries which are plastic they look SO amazing and I can't wait to show you all.. I'm having the veneers fitted on Monday and I'm beyond exited! So expect a blog post next week with my smiley face all over it before and after pictures and a talk through the whole process :)  

Ok really now this is the last thing.. The last 2 weeks or so I haven't blogged! No real reason for it, just couldn't be bothered/had nothing to show or nothing to say! I actually hate not blogging I feel really sad when I have a week or two off and start to feel pressured to blog, but I haven't forced on a post coz I feel a forced post is so obvious and just waited until I had something to say, and now I'm writing I realise I have too much to say haha! I'm gonna shut up now and hope that more regular blogging resumes asap!

10 February 2012

Want Want Want

|Everything: Topshop|
All I'm looking for lately is clothes that would look good in a festival. I've no idea why! I am planning on going to a festival this year, but it's looking more and more unlikely. I cannot get time off work as all the holidays are booked up ALREADY! I'm sorry but it is fucking ridiculous.. I'm really starting to hate my job! You literally have to plan out your whole year about 26 years in advance to have any chance of getting time off.. really really pisses me off!

Anyway, enough with the rant! I just bought the aztec top.. and also got a free lipstick too (You can get a free lipstick using the code TSLOVEFB It's to celebrate their 2million facebook fans, you have to buy something to get it) It's a lush bright pink colour, sorry can't remember the actual shade! 

These shorts are a lush colour for S/S, can see me getting a lot of wear out of these... but do I really need any more shorts? The shoes are kind of ugly but I love them, don't think I'll be splashing out the ££ for them though. The sunglasses are a style that if you can pull them off you will look uber cool, but if you can't you will look uber stupid. I want them, but only if I look cool lol! I'm a little obsessed with Jimi Hendrix tee's lately. No idea why and I'm very obsessed with them bracelet/ring things. What the hell are they called? Do they even have an official name? I'm gonna call them Bringlets I think! I keep trying to find them on Ebay but searching for 'bracelet/ring thingys' is not coming up with much! Ha!

Oh, and this is just a little message to GOD telling him to chill the fuck out with the snow. I want to go to London on Monday. I want veneers ON MONDAY. If snow stops this in anyway I will not be happy AND you will not like me when I'm not happy. Thankyouverymuch.

8 February 2012

Monochrome Union Jack

| Base coat - Models Own: Concrete Mixer | Black & White: Topshop Nail art pens|
So.. The Topshop nail art pens?? I had super high hopes for these and actually dreamt of this kind of 'thin nibbed' pen when trying to do some more intricate designs.. BUT I just cannot get to grips with these pens! I know you have to pump and then just draw but mine didn't seem to work like that.. I had to pump onto a piece of paper then dip the pen in the ink to draw onto my nails. I either have faulty ones, or I'm just doing it all wrong? Any advise?

But other than that I think these nails turned out rather well... I love the British Flag and especially love this 'toned down' monochrome version of it. It's also something I've never seen on anyone else's nails before! Just wish my hand was a tad steadier then these would have been perfect! I'm a Virgo which means perfection is really important to me, so I'll never be truly happy with my amateur skills lol! Straight lines are probably the hardest thing to do nail art wise.. you can really separate the professionals from the amateurs by the straightness of lines lol! 

6 February 2012

Check mate

|Dress: Topshop | Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Topshop | Fur Headband: Spitalfields Market|

Seriously, don't judge the amazingness of the Canon 600D on these pictures lol! It's pretty hard to use with the self timer, I think I need a remote.. It's kinda out of focus coz when I put the timer on I'm obviously not standing there for it to focus on me.. if that makes ANY sense to anyone?? lol! 

I'm wearing this today just to pop out and run some errands, nice and casual, comfy and kinda grungy! I've got a day off work and uni today so it's nice to just do what I want without having to be anywhere for any reason! Although for some idiotic reason my body decided it was time to get out of bed at 7am? 

I'm so in love with this headband... seriously its the softest thing ever and of course it is lovely and snug! I'm wearing it to kind of hide the horror that is my roots coming through... but having my hair done later :D (Hi #tophairdresser Carla... I know your stalking me haah) 

That's all from me today folks.. Have a fun week :) 

3 February 2012

Deathly Hallows

|Jumper, Shirt & Belt: H&M | Shorts: Levi | Necklaces: Miss Selfridge, Ebay | 

Ok, so I need a new place to take photo's.. I got the fancy camera just need some good light! It was a gorgeous sunny day today and my room was still so dark! See the little square of light in the photo's? Yea, well thats from my only (tiny) window in my room lol!

I think this outfit looked better IRL than on photo's! I adore my Deathly Hallows necklace, I thought the white would really pop against my normally dark outfits. You can buy it off this seller who has it in lots of different colours! 

I went on a bit of a shopping spree on Tuesday in between lectures.. I needed it to cheer me up, had uni 9.30-11 then 2.10-3 then work 4-10 so was out of the house all day, so tiring! I bought a few nice things.. like this shirt and jumper and I really stocked up on the jewellery (as if I needed any more). I really should show my jewellery off more in outfit posts coz its my favourite type of accessory and I have SO MUCH of it! 

Less than 2 weeks now until I go back to London to get my veneers done.. I really can't contain my excitement, but I'm also starting to get a bit scared, not of the actual treatment or the pain but how they're gonna look.. Will I like them? Imagine I didn't ahh.. but at the same time I am very optimistic and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna Love them! 

That's all from me today :) 

2 February 2012

Classic leopard

Taken with my new Canon 600D haha! Love how clear it is, well at the same time I hate it coz now you can all see how bad my skin is around my fingers... dry skin galore lol! I cannot stop biting my nails lately either!

The other day I was stuck for what to do with my nails, and then I realised that I haven't had the classic leopard mani in months so obviously that's what I did. All colours used are Models Own: snow white, sterling silver, 18 carat gold and bronze rage! Black nail art pen is off Ebay! 

I've just bought the Topshop nail art pens in black and white and I'm so exited to try them out properly, I think more intricate designs will be attempted as its literally like using a felt pen! I'll show you what I come up with when I try them :) 

This week has been so draining so far.. uni is back up and running and after having nearly 2 months off makes it all the more harder to get back into the swing of things.. I seriously cannot wait to graduate and get this shit over and done with!