10 February 2012

Want Want Want

|Everything: Topshop|
All I'm looking for lately is clothes that would look good in a festival. I've no idea why! I am planning on going to a festival this year, but it's looking more and more unlikely. I cannot get time off work as all the holidays are booked up ALREADY! I'm sorry but it is fucking ridiculous.. I'm really starting to hate my job! You literally have to plan out your whole year about 26 years in advance to have any chance of getting time off.. really really pisses me off!

Anyway, enough with the rant! I just bought the aztec top.. and also got a free lipstick too (You can get a free lipstick using the code TSLOVEFB It's to celebrate their 2million facebook fans, you have to buy something to get it) It's a lush bright pink colour, sorry can't remember the actual shade! 

These shorts are a lush colour for S/S, can see me getting a lot of wear out of these... but do I really need any more shorts? The shoes are kind of ugly but I love them, don't think I'll be splashing out the ££ for them though. The sunglasses are a style that if you can pull them off you will look uber cool, but if you can't you will look uber stupid. I want them, but only if I look cool lol! I'm a little obsessed with Jimi Hendrix tee's lately. No idea why and I'm very obsessed with them bracelet/ring things. What the hell are they called? Do they even have an official name? I'm gonna call them Bringlets I think! I keep trying to find them on Ebay but searching for 'bracelet/ring thingys' is not coming up with much! Ha!

Oh, and this is just a little message to GOD telling him to chill the fuck out with the snow. I want to go to London on Monday. I want veneers ON MONDAY. If snow stops this in anyway I will not be happy AND you will not like me when I'm not happy. Thankyouverymuch.


  1. Topshop has been brilliant lately! I want a BRINGLET now :) xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. topshop is crazy hot right now! x

  3. i love your style! you've just gained a new follower :)
    also if you type in 'chain ring braclet', some nice ones come up! that's where i found mine :)
    hope that helped! x

  4. How annoying about work hun! That'd drive me mad, I have two jobs - in a school and in an office and I feel dead weird asking for time off in the office as I'm only there 1day a week / 2 days in half terms etc it does feel wrong ha-ha. I love that crop top! S'gorgeous and the pendant :) hope you get your festival fix you certainly sound like you're gonna be looking beauuuuttts!


  5. I love everything on here! want it all!!


  6. oh my life i want it all too haha,saw those shorts in there the other day but was too cold to try them on haha xx

  7. Love that little vest, it's so cute!

  8. I love the necklace! I know a lot of places call those Bringlet's a hand harness, so you could try searching that. It's such a pain trying to find things on ebay when you don't know what to call them :) xx

  9. ahh that tee and shorts combo is amazing, can't wait until it's summer & we can go out in tshirts and not worry about a coat it needs to speeeed uppppp x

  10. I've not heard of bringlet... but I've heard hand harness :)
    That crop top is amazing!

  11. Loving the little crop top ... may have to make this purchase when im next in topshop :)

    Have a lovely Thursday!

    Love H


    Ps I love your belief of 'Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist'

  12. Cute look. The glasses are awesome!

  13. Amazing selection!!!!



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