30 September 2011

Pure British Style

Sarenza.co.uk are holding a review competition for UK bloggers. There is a chance to win a massive £800 to spend on their website! You have to post a review of your favourite shoes on your blog and title it 'Pure British Style'

Pure British Style
Everyone will have their own idea of what British style is. When I think of a 'Pure British Style' the first trend that screams out to me is 'Heritage.' Think tweed and fur paired with classic British brogues or riding boots. What I love about this trend is it epitomises a country style. You wear the same sort of things that farmers, horse-riders and countrymen and women all over Britain would be wearing. 

1  2  3

An outfit perfect to pair with these shoes...

All items Topshop

I would love to wear this outfit, I would feel classy yet down to earth. The different textures here give this outfit a very interesting look! 

Another trend that comes straight to mind when I think of 'Pure British Style' is Rock n Roll! Lots of out there patterns, animal Print and studs! Rock n Roll music spans over many generations and inspires many different fashion tastes. This is my take on what Rock n Roll fashion is...

1  2  3
These shoes would look amazing with this outfit... 

Gilet: Miss Selfridge Jeans: Topshop. The Who top: Amplified. Earrings: Regal Rose

This outfit is more of an every day look. I think you'd have to be quite confident to strut around in zebra print jeans, but rock n roll is made to stand out from the crowd and make yourself heard :) 

28 September 2011

Purple Shorts...

I hate my face in these pictures.. I'd run out of my usual foundation, so painted on about three of my mothers ones. I just look plain awful in these... thought I'd post them anyway coz I really do like my outfit :) 
This is one of them outfits that was thrown together, I had new shorts, so obviously had to wear them and I just picked up the first top I seen, not really much thought went into it, but really liked the way it turned out! 

Top: Primark 
Shorts: Clothing @Tesco

Necklace: Coleyyyful's shop

I literally have the shittest camera in the world.. I don't know if I'm using it wrong or if it literally is just plain crap, I think it may be the latter. I would love a DSLR.. Might ask for one for Christmas. I love learning how to work new things, so I think I might be OK with using it correctly. I'm just so fed up of having shit grainy poor quality pictures on my blog. I feel it's one of the reasons that I don't do outfit posts too often! 

The weather was lovely when I wore this outfit. Not too hot that I was sweating my tits off, just right, this outfit was actually perfect for the temperature! 

I'm going to attempt to start a 'nail art type business' where I paint false nails and make them all pretty and sell them to you guys so you can all have pretty nails too :) What do you think? Would you buy any? I'm willing to do custom designs too! 

Last thing for today.. Any bloggers near the South Wales area really must check out this post on 'Fat Frocks' Blog.. The lovely Gemma has organised a blogger meet up on the 12th October which is going to be amazing.. I'm so exited to meet other bloggers and the event itself sounds like it's gonna be one NOT to miss :) So if you live nearby GET INVOLVED!

P.s: You think I would have used a variety of pictures instead of three of practically the same photo lol! 

27 September 2011

What I've been buying... Tesco clothing

I've made my very first order with Florence & Fred @Tesco, and I must say I'm super duper impressed! Due to the low prices, I was expecting 'nice' clothes, just 'nice.' I popped over to their website, expecting to see maybe one or two nice things, but I seen LOADS of much better than nice things. Easily could have spent £100.

My routine when shopping online is to fill my basket with everything I like the look of, then think of a spending limit and whittle the basket down to the limit. My limit for F&F was £40 (there is a promotion on in aid of London Fashion Week that if you spend £40 you get 10 off) So in actual fact my limit was £50! :D #GottaLovePromotions

I spent £41.93 due to these charges lol!

Wine Jeans..

If you've seen my latest 'Want Want Want' post, you would have noticed wine jeans on there... I got them for the little sum of £16 :D 

Aztec Jumper...

Hello knitted jumper.. Hello Aztec.. Hello perfect jumper. It's OH SO Soft too... Always a bonus! £16 baby... Oh so cheap! (I'm reminding myself of the latest haribo advert here.. have you seen it? I LOVE it haha.. it's the father, he gets me every time with his cracking dance moves... 'Squiggayyy Squiggayy babyy')

Purple denim shorts...

I'm in LOVE with this shorts... they look so expensive. Seriously like really expensive. They're just as good as Topshop £35 shorts! I love the colour, I love the fit.. I LOVE the price, just £16! 

I'll probably be doing another of this type post in the near future when my Topshop things arrive :D LOVE having money! Next week I will probs be skint again haha! Oh and I'm going shopping today.. 'real life' shopping... that's when my spending habbit gets really out of hand... I'm on the look out for some shirts.. I always want to wear a shirt casually, but all mine are a tad 'dressy'... bet I wont come home with anything I 'need'

Have a good week y'all! 

25 September 2011

Want Want Want...

Yesterday was Student loan day, which has already got me searching for things I'm gonna spend my money on!
Although my intention is to be sensible with this loan.. I'm gonna pay off my student overdraft; but that still leaves me some money spare :) The main thing I'm after is essentials, I really don't wanna splurge on things I'm gonna wear once or twice! So here's some of my 'essentials'

A 'Boyfriend' Tee

Band tees: Amplified
Jack Daniels: Ebay? 
Boyfriend tees; tees that are typically seen on men but stolen by women lol! I have a few of these type tees and wear them all the time, so I'm a little bored.. need a new baby :) 

Wine Jeans
Love the colour, love jeans! I'm rather bored of wearing plain old blue denim.. this colour is such an autumnal colour and will jazz up any boring jeans and tee outfit! 

Tights and Socks
All Topshop
Tights and socks are so amazing these days, never just your boring old black! There is a massive range of patterned tights which completely transform an outfit! They are no longer just to keep your legs and feet warm, they are a fashion statement! Can't wait to get my mitts on some! 

Pleated Skirt
Therapy@ House of Frasier
I can't actually see me wearing this, as I don't really do skirts; I'm more of a shorts girl! BUT I really wan't it, and there's nothing wrong with giving it a try, will look gorgeous with some of the tights pictured above! 


All Saints
How freaking beautiful is this top!! Not a bad price for All Saint's either! I want snake print everywhere... might treat myself to this top.. I seriously love it! (Telling myself that this is not an essential.. I can't control my magpie-ness)

Ok, so I'm getting out of hand here.. So I'm gonna stop with this post before my sensible head disappears and I fall in love with something and have to buy it. I'm very proud/surprised that I haven't featured any shoes on my wishlist! 

Other things I'm coveting are...
Tartan Trousers
Dalamation Print in any way, shape or form! 
Big fat chunky knits
and much much more...

What y'all wishing for? 

P.s... If anyone is wondering why for the last three weeks I haven't done 'Shoes of the week.' It's simply because I'm uninspired by shoes lately and don't want to post a load of cack :) As soon as I'm inspired again it will be back up and running! 

22 September 2011

I'm Wearing a cape... Fearne Cotton @ Very.co.uk

The lovely Jessica over at Very contacted me last week and asked me if I would review an item of my choice. Of course, I jumped at the chance! I had sooo many things to choose from, but finally with the help of friend I whittled my long list of 'loves' down to one thing. I wanted something that I didn't already have, and wanted something a little different to what I'd normally buy, so I chose this gorgeous Fearne Cotton @Very tartan/checked cape.

Verdict: The very first time I tried it on I didn't like it, but I'm pretty sure that was because I was wearing pyjamas and didn't have my hair done or anything. I put it on again today after I'd got myself ready and I love it now! In the third picture I'm wearing a belt around it, which is possibly how I'd wear it out, I put the belt around my body and around the front of the cape, I think it gives me a little more shape.

Quality: The material is very soft and seems like it could last well, it kinda feels like a fleece blanket so will keep me lovely and cosy in winter. I won't know the true quality until I've wore it a number of times!
Style: I think with a cape it's either love or hate. This is not the type of thing I'd wear shopping as it's kinda awkward, but if I had a boyfriend who could carry all my bags it would be awesome :)
Fit: I've got a size 10... which fit's me perfectly around the neck and shoulder areas. Obviously the rest of the cape is meant to be oversized but it's not too baggy that it looks silly.

The main thing I love about this cape is the collar, it gives the cape a very vintage feel. I just love little details like this on clothes as they can transform the whole look.

Worth the Price? This cape retails at £75. I believe it's worth that. Littlewoods are also selling this coat, but it's a fair bit cheaper on Very! As this is a celebrity collection it is obviously going to come up a little more expensive than normal. I think this cape really reflects Fearne Cotton's style. I love how you can have a slice of Fearne Cotton and her fantastic wardrobe, yet still have your own style while wearing this! 

What do you think ladies? 

20 September 2011

Galaxy nails

I've tried to do galaxy nails on a number of occasions but kept failing miserably! But this time, I love them!

Avon midnight blue. Models Own: Fuzz peach, aciiid, snow white, jade stone,  juicy jules.
 Ebay white nail art pen
I have come to the conclusion that galaxy nails picture better than they look in real life? On camera they look so smooth, but they don't look as smooth in real life! I do love them though, wish they were a tad more sparkly! The first time I tried these nails I ruined them with the stupid amount of juicy jules I put on top, so I tried to use it sparingly... I just can't get that happy medium lol! Link me to your nails if you have done these :)

If you want to try them, there's a fair few tutorials on YouTube... but my suggestion is just try your own thing, coz if your anything like me.. your nail art never turns out as good as the girls on YouTube so it's easier not to compare lol! Oh, and do one nail at a time, as otherwise the nail varnish dries and doesn't smudge and give the same galaxy effect.. (It took me a while to figure this out lol). One last tip... lots and lots of topcoat really blends it all together and gives a finishing touch!

18 September 2011

My birthday Outfit

So last night I celebrated my 22nd birthday! It was an AMAZING night. Full of alcohol, laughs, lots of fun and a tiny bit of drama too! My favourite type of night out is when the next day you see your friends and everyone has a different story to tell, and everyone reminisces about funny happenings! There is no words to describe how rough I feel today!

I kinda run out of time to do a proper outfit post, but this picture will do.. lol! 

Dress: Yayer

My lovely friend made me this gorgeous cake!! Can't wait to eat it :) 

I hate when you have 'red eye' in pictures, then you correct it and it makes your eyes all weird!! My eyes don't normally look like this, they're blue, and now I have dark hair they're mega blue lol! After having pictures done, I've realised I need a new, darker eyebrow pencil.. A trip to Mac is in order :) 

Oh and if any regular readers are wondering ''what happened to ombre hair?'' Well... DISASTER!!! On Friday I was in the Salon from 9AM to 4PM.. bit of advise for you all.. DO NOT DYE YOUR HAIR RED!! Red is lovely until you wanna be a different colour, it refuses to leave your hair... we stripped the red with ColourB4 and it come out to a point that we thought brown would cover. Well I had brown roots and browny-red hair, but it looked OK, and I thought I can dye it again in a few weeks so it will be all brown. So we continued to ombre the hair, put 20% bleach on and it wasn't going blonde at all, just turning it a salmon pink, so we used the 40% really strong stuff.. and nope my hair would not go blonde (apart from the very tips)! I ended up looking a right hilarious state.. I had brownish hair with somehow bright red, salmon pink and bleach blonde ends. I looked funny! We just had to put a dark drown over the top then to hide the disaster that was my hair! So, I will be ombre one day, but Friday wasn't it.. I'm gonna try again in a few weeks! 
What do you think of my dark hair?

15 September 2011

I've grown a moustache :/

Haaaii :)

So I'm gonna post a picture of my nails even though they didn't turn out as expected.. My white nail polish has gone DISGUSTING! I have to do like 5 coats before it becomes opaque and it goes all bubbly and stuff then. With THAT amount of polish, nail art becomes very hard!!!

White: Barry M
Black: Nail art pen Ebay
I edited this photo within an inch of my life trying to hide the disgustingness that is bubbly white nail polish and very amateur nails. BUT at a distance they look kinda cool... thought I'd post them anyway even though they're not up to my standard! My little finger looks kinda decent though lol!

Since I actually wrote this post I have received lots of new lovely nail polishes from the models own 50% off
sale! I got myself a new white, so there will be no more disasters like this! Yay!

I'm ombre-ing my hair tomorrow.. I'm going through the 'shall I actually do it' 'no I can't' 'What if it looks shit' phase but I'm gonna let them thoughts carry on and gonna just go for it. I am so nervous/exited though. The hardest thing will be getting the red dye out of my hair! EEeeek!!!

I'm going out for a meal tonight... so hopefully there will be ANOTHER outfit post tomorrow.. IF I can find something to wear lol!

Have a fun weekend ladies & gents!

P.s: Moustaches are actually reaaally hard to draw on your nails lol!

13 September 2011

But don't you step on my yellow suede shoes... Outfit

Hey Guuuuuys! 

This is my new jumper that I wore yesturday on my Birthday... I'm totally in Love with it. Such an autumnal twist on the aztec trend! I had the last one in the shop in a size 12, but I like the oversized look! Oh and PLEASE ignore my face in this picture I look like a pervy old man :s haha!

Jumper: River Island
Faux Leather trousers: H&M
Shoes: Primark
I spotted these gorgeous mustard shoes in Primark and instantly fell in love! They were only £16 but back in the day these would have been about £10.. how bloody expensive has it gone? I spent £40 in Primark altogether, that would usually get you a fair few things.. I bought just THREE things? GOD £40 used to get a basket full! I'll show you more of the shoes in a different post; they are pretty awesome!

I never actually thought I'd have the guts to wear leather trousers, but these H&M ones are amazing, the material panel down the side make for a comfier less clingy version than the full leather ones! They're a steal at only £14.99 too.. Just imagine how much they would be in Topshop! Oh talking of Topshop.. I'm extremely proud of myself that for at least one day of my life I am not wearing ANYTHING by Topshop! Deffo a first for me :) Seriously bored of being head to toe Topshop all the time!

Last thing: BIG NEWS: On Friday I am taking the plunge and Ombre-ing my hair.. gonna be a hard process as I first have to get the red out, dye my hair brown, THEN finally put the bleach on! Don't even know if it is gonna be possible yet, but fingers crossed that come Friday evening my hair will be beautiful :) So bored of red now... literally everyone has got it around where I live. I wanna stand out in a crowd and not blend in! I actually don't know ANYONE who isn't a celebrity/blogger that has ombre hair... Even though us bloggers see it as a big trend, I think in 'real life' it isn't, just like no 'normal' person lusts over Arty Rings and JC Litas and all the other little 'blogger lusts.'

God I feel like I could talk for hours today... Sorry about the rambley post. I'll stop now otherwise I'll be writing a 2000 word essay here! haha! If only uni assignments were this easy eh? God here I go rambling again. SHUT UP LOWRI!!!

Lots of Love

12 September 2011

It's my birthday :D

Happy Birthday to meee :) I'm 22 years young today! Thought I'd celebrate by doing an outfit post.. this is what I wore out on Saturday night. I'm actually celebrating my birthday next Saturday as my parent's go away tomorrow so I'm gonna have all the girls round mine for lots of drinking and then we're gonna go to Cardiff and party hard :) I finally found a 'birthday dress' (I think; ordered it online so gotta see if I love it when it comes) thank's everyone who looked for a dress for me, you were all very helpful :) 

Top: Topshop
Shorts: vintage Levi
Ignore my bedroom behind me; I'm in the middle of decorating so it's looking a little boring at the moment! The wall used to be black so it's a massive change so far.. I wanna make the wall a feature wall using my ram head (from this post) and lots of vintage pictures in vintage photo frames! This is the first time I've wore my hair up on a night out, but I will deffo be doing it more often, life was so easy without worrying about hair going frizzy or whatever! I tried doing galaxy nails yesturday.. they turned out disasterous, I actually tried twice and each time they just looked shit! I'm so gutted :( lol! 

One last thing... I was planning on buying myself a domain (.com) name.. but as I expected I have run out of money within 2 days of being paid but it's really annoying that my blog name and URL were different SOOOO...

Anyways I'm starting to ramble about shit, feel like I got so much to say today but...I shall love you and leave you :) 

P.s How shit are Birthdays when your old?? YAWN! Much more exited for the night out :) 

8 September 2011

Pow, Leopard, Cake, Spot and Anchor

Hey guys

First of all.. A big massive thank you to everyone who commented on my last post... you were all a great help in finding my birthday dress.. I'm gonna go 'real life' shopping tomorrow for a final look around I shall keep you all updated!

My nails last week were a random mix of things. I wanted lots of patterns and summery colours in hope it would inspire the weather.

Sorry the pic is a little dark, had to turn the flash off as it was reflecting off my nails
All the nail art was done with nail art pens from Ebay. 

Thumb:  Models Own Lilac Dream. You can't see it very well; it's comic book theme inspired. I've seen a few images of these 'POW' nails and wanted to try it myself :) 

Pointing Finger:  Models Own Fuzzy Peach. Classic leopard print... so easy and so effective! 

Middle Finger: Models Own Lemon Meringue. A cupcake: Didn't turn out as good as I expected, think I needed a darker 'background' colour so the cake would stand out better! 

Ring Finger: Barry M pink Flamingo. I Love this... So simple, yet so pretty. Cannot wait to do this with a Black background and white spots. I think it would look awesome! 

Little Finger: Models Own Top Turquoise. I love this little anchor. It was easier to do than expected so I was rather chuffed with that. I've been inspired to do nautical themed nails now with anchors and stripes and lots of nautical related things.

I've made a little 'nail art to do' list in my filofax.. Top of the list is galaxy nails but before I can do that I need my Models Own order to arrive; which is taking FOREVER! I haven't even painted my nails this week as I didn't wanna spend time painting them only to take it off and try out the new polishes when my order arrived... so I've had horrid boring nails for a whole week now! How long should I wait before I connact them? It's been 8 days since I ordered and they have confirmed my order but I haven't had a dispatch confirmation? I'm so freaking impatient! 

Lots of Love

6 September 2011

I Need Your Help... Birthday Dress

So... My birthday is a matter of days away (12th Sept) and the night out is on the 17th of September. That doesn't give me long to buy a gorgeous dress...

Typical that there isn't the 'perfect' dress out there at the moment! My original choice was this dress.. 

In love with fashion
Guess What... It's sold out!!

My other unrealistic choice was this dress.. 
All Saints
As beautiful as it is, it is a ridiculous price £206 and selling for near enough RRP on Ebay. At this moment though I want it so much I would probably buy it but they haven't got my size (luckily lol). God My mother would KILL me if I spent this much money on a dress!

My dresses of choice are no longer and I CANNOT find a dress I like/want. (I'm yet to look anywhere other than the internet mind, so I could be wrong!)

To make life harder for myself I have decided I MUST wear my JC lita's (taupe colour) on my birthday... I want comfort so I can crazy dance and not have to worry about my feet.. the lita's are actually pretty comfy. So I need a dress that will look good with them...  I've seen a few that I kinda like...
Never Fully Dressed @ Spoiled brat
I don't know if this would look cheap or gorgeous.. and at £74.99 I have to be 100% sure before I commit to buying! But I would love something glitzy and glamourous with LOTS of embellishment! 
motel/in love with fashion/motel
Love all these dresses BUT they are not 'perfect'! Arghhh getting so stressed!! So my plea for help; does anyone know any websites that sell similar dresses to the All Saints dress? Or any websites that I may not have heard of that sell beautiful dresses? Or have you seen a gorgeous dress somewhere that you think I may love? 

Wish me luck on search... :) 

5 September 2011

Zalando Fashion Frenzy competition

zalando fashion frenzy Hey guys

Zalando are holding a competition over on their blog!

Basically you have to chose your dream outfit from their website and do a blog post about it to win some seriously awesome prizes!

  • The winner gets £300 a month to spend on Zalando FOR A YEAR! (£3,600 worth of gorgeous things!!)
  • 3 runners up get a one of £100 voucher! 

I couldn't NOT enter this amazing competition as I love shopping too much to miss out on the chance! .. so ladies head on over to Zalando and get creating your outfits :) 

So all you need to do is create an awesome outfit then leave a link on their blog and also fill in this form HERE
Here's my dream outfit...

click to enlarge 
This outfit simply screams my name! I would LOVE to be wearing everything here! It's the perfect everyday outfit, it's comfy and stylish! I think it would be lovely in the quickly approaching Autumn! 

Amplified 'The Who' tee: A band tee is the easiest thing to wear. It goes with everything and always looks awesome.. it's even better when you actually adore the band too! (which I do) 
7 For All Mankind Slim Fit Jeans: Skinny jeans are amazing and again totally wearable.. I will forever be grateful to the dude who invented them! 7 for all mankind are known for their great fitting jeans that cling in all the right places! A little pricey I know.. but I would deffo invest if I won this competition!
Pepe jeans KILLEN belt: I love tan belts and this one is gorgeous and will look awesome around the jeans.. with a very black based outfit a tan belt always adds a little extra something! 
MuuBaa Cropped Leather Jacket: Everyone needs a leather jacket and MuuBaa never disappoint. The whole range on Zalando is gorgeous. This one works best with this outfit as it's very Rock n Roll! 
Lavera Beautiful Lips Red Lipstick: When I put this outfit together it was crying out for one thing and I instantly knew that was red lipstick. I'm not familiar with this brand, but the colour looks gorgeous and I love trying new things! 
Dr.Martens Union Jack: I swear my jaw dropped when I seen these. They need to be mine! I love Dr. Martens and I love the Union Jack.. and when you put them both together they are WOW! I know they probably arn't everyones cup of tea.. but they are just perfect for me. I think they tie the whole outfit together and give an extra edge that would make you stand out in a crowd. 

Link me to your competition posts if you enter :) 

4 September 2011

Shoes of the Week #8

Hey ladies

Today I'm gonna focus on the ever popular Oxford Shoes and Brogues. 

Did you know that although they are very similar they are actually different types of shoes? I didn't! I thought that people from different places simply had different names for them; similar to how the word us Welsh people use for 'plimsolls' is 'daps.'

What is the difference? 

Both are shoes with closed lacing but the most obvious difference is that brogues have a perforated pattern along the edges and seams of the shoe, also there is the distinctive 'W' (Wingtip) at the front. The word 'brogue' doesn't actually describe the shoe; it decribes the pattern on the shoe. Basically Oxfords are plain and brogues are Oxfords with brogue detailing. So not really that much of a difference! 

So even though the difference is pretty obvious.. many of the high-street stores are getting the naming of the shoe wrong... take for example these two gorgeous pairs of OXFORD SHOES. They are described as BROGUES. 
The offenders = Topshop
Ok, so there is a tiny amount of 'brogue detailing' near the laces.. but where is the classic Wingtip? The very thing that makes a brogue a brogue?

Even the more expensive places are doing it.. Surely these gorgeous shiny shoes should be described as an Oxford?
The offenders = John Lewis
But who knows I may be completely off the mark here.. from the very little research I have done.. to me Oxfords are plain and Brogues have a Wingtip?

Anyway I bet your bored of me rambling on about the difference.. If Topshop call an Oxford a brogue it ain't really gonna stop me buying. There is soooo much choice for these type of shoes on the high street but these are some of the more unusual (and my favourite)...
Ok these are actually 'winklepickers' but they totally have brogue detailing and I'm totally in love with them! They're from here (My newest alternative online shoe find). 
Asos. River Island
I LOVE the Asos ones they're super cool and unusual and have a Creeper feel about them (They would have fitted it perfect with my last Shoes of the Week post).. and the RI ones are an awesome colour!

Brogues/Oxfords/are so wearable and can literally be teamed with practically all types of outfits. My only problem with them is that they tend to be easy to scuff... or maybe that's just me? lol!