4 September 2011

Shoes of the Week #8

Hey ladies

Today I'm gonna focus on the ever popular Oxford Shoes and Brogues. 

Did you know that although they are very similar they are actually different types of shoes? I didn't! I thought that people from different places simply had different names for them; similar to how the word us Welsh people use for 'plimsolls' is 'daps.'

What is the difference? 

Both are shoes with closed lacing but the most obvious difference is that brogues have a perforated pattern along the edges and seams of the shoe, also there is the distinctive 'W' (Wingtip) at the front. The word 'brogue' doesn't actually describe the shoe; it decribes the pattern on the shoe. Basically Oxfords are plain and brogues are Oxfords with brogue detailing. So not really that much of a difference! 

So even though the difference is pretty obvious.. many of the high-street stores are getting the naming of the shoe wrong... take for example these two gorgeous pairs of OXFORD SHOES. They are described as BROGUES. 
The offenders = Topshop
Ok, so there is a tiny amount of 'brogue detailing' near the laces.. but where is the classic Wingtip? The very thing that makes a brogue a brogue?

Even the more expensive places are doing it.. Surely these gorgeous shiny shoes should be described as an Oxford?
The offenders = John Lewis
But who knows I may be completely off the mark here.. from the very little research I have done.. to me Oxfords are plain and Brogues have a Wingtip?

Anyway I bet your bored of me rambling on about the difference.. If Topshop call an Oxford a brogue it ain't really gonna stop me buying. There is soooo much choice for these type of shoes on the high street but these are some of the more unusual (and my favourite)...
Ok these are actually 'winklepickers' but they totally have brogue detailing and I'm totally in love with them! They're from here (My newest alternative online shoe find). 
Asos. River Island
I LOVE the Asos ones they're super cool and unusual and have a Creeper feel about them (They would have fitted it perfect with my last Shoes of the Week post).. and the RI ones are an awesome colour!

Brogues/Oxfords/are so wearable and can literally be teamed with practically all types of outfits. My only problem with them is that they tend to be easy to scuff... or maybe that's just me? lol! 



  1. uhh im in love with both these shoes,i want a massive collection with lots of different colours haha

    Kate xo

  2. need to ger similar for this autumn xxxgreat post!

  3. i'm a newbie to your blog! and i didn't know the difference! i had just assumed brogues was a UK term for oxfords!

    great post!

    alissa b

  4. they're all the same to me! loafers and mocassins aswel. shoes are shoes are shoes. those shiny ones are so shiny O,O i always look like a man in them..or a butch girl xx

  5. i actually have no idea what so ever x

  6. all those shoes are gorgeouss! Hard to pick a favourite x


  7. Love the mustard river island pair! x

  8. You've really picked out some gorgeous ones here sweets! Especially like the patent John Lewis ones, yummy! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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