2 September 2011

August...Monthly Round up #3

Hey Guys

August has been a bit of a YAWN month for me... There's not really any excitement in my world any more
:( boo poor me! Lol!

Favourite Outfit
Dress & Shoes: Topshop

Worst picture in the world sorry.. I've had this dress for ages, but it's one of my faves. It's the perfect shape for me and easy to throw on day or night or dress up or down. I wore it out for my friends birthday :) I don't know if you can see my earrings... they are AWESOME.. they're feathery and so long!

Favourite Fashion Buy

I bought this gorgeous necklace for an amazing price.. It's deffo my favourite buy this month as I have worn it most days. I have been after a necklace like this for ages and now I finally have one and am very happy about it :) 

Favourite Beauty Buy
This was literally my favourite mascara from about age 13-16. I loved it, but started to become interested in higher end brands such as Benefit. So from about age 16-now I have been trying various different brands, never sticking to the same mascara and trying to find my perfect one... Then I spotted this one day in boots and remembered how much I loved it. I bought it, used it, and BAM.. I still freaking Love it!! :)

Favourite Nails

Without doubt, these were my favourite nails this month. They were awesome, in your face, and I had so many compliments about them!! 

Biggest Splurge
Kandee Shoes
These were definitely my biggest splurge. I spent my last pennies on these babies but as gorgeous as they are, they don't half hurt your feet! They are 6.1 inches high and are practically impossible for someone who is used to a chunky heel and massive platform to walk in. But I still LOVE them!! 

Best Bargain
My biggest bargains were all from a boot sale featured in THIS post... check it out :) Also ironically my 'biggest splurge' shoes above were also a massive bargain reduced from £180 to £50 :)

Biggest Lust
I was struggling to decide my 'biggest lust' as I want so many things but not just one thing stood out UNTIL.. I realised this gorgeous cardigan that I WANT/NEED so badly and was planning on buying as soon as I get paid has disappeared of the face of the earth. And you know what they say 'You always want what you can't have' the saying is totally true.. as Yes I wanted it before, but I need it now.. (please someone tell me I'm delusional and that it is still on the Topshop website somewhere. Pleaseee! )

Planning On Buying
Well apart from the gorgeous cardigan above^^^ which I was originally gonna buy!

In Love With Fashion
I want this dress to wear out for my birthday I think... will probably change my mind! I don't know whether it is too casual, well, I know its not casual but I wanna look extra special on my birthday; a bit more dressed up than normal. 

Favourite Picture

Just me and the girls painting the town red (God I hate that saying haha)... We somehow bagged ourselves two free bottles of Champagne.. it turned out to be a VERY messy night!!


  • Well.. I finally changed the name on my Blog. I chose the last name (You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory) in like 2 minutes and it wasn't well thought out; An 8 word name wasn't ideal at all!! I wanted something memorable and short! I also managed to change a few things like the background and header etc which is a BIG achievement for me as I don't do computer things lol! 
  • My favourite achievement is trying to convince my mam for four days to buy me £25 worth of Models Own nail polish in their 50% off sale.. I succeeded!!! .. I thought I was gonna miss out and I was getting proper down about it lol! THANK YOU MAMMY :) 

Looking Forward to
  • My Birthday is this month.. '12th September' Remember the date ;)!! I will be 22 years old, which is proper scary! My parents are going away so I have the house to myself which only means one thing... MASSIVE BIRTHDAY PARTYYY!!! Gonna be Fun :) 
  • I'm hoping to buy myself a '.com' this month. Hopefully my new name will be 'www.lowri-thedeerhead.com' 
Not Looking Forward to
This month I'm gonna try and make changes to my spending habits. I'm getting beyond control, so I'm gonna cut down on what I buy and ask the dreaded question before every purchase 'Do I really need this.' I wanna try and make a 'capsule' wardrobe thing but it seems very hard actually getting round to doing it and sitting down and thinking about it... but expect a few upcoming posts on my progress :) (I've contradicted myself here I'm cutting down on spending AND building a capsule wardrobe haha)

So that's that. Not really an interesting month for me to be honest! I'm sure September will be more eventful :) 


  1. omgggg, i love them nails! and all these finds above, that cardigan is so cute :)


  2. I love that cardigan too - it's sold out on the website though. :(


    & I adore the dress you're wearing in the first photo - you look fab hun! xoxo

  3. I've lusted after that cardigan too , ITS AMAZING. You should look on beyondretro.com theyve got crazy jumpers just like the topshop one xx

  4. :O those Kandee shoes are AMAZING! Definitely an investment. Gonna pop over to their website now to see what beauties i can find! (: Lovely blog, following now! (:



  5. Absolutely adore your favourite outfit :) it's just beautiful :) I also realllly want that feathery dress too :) and as for that gorgeous necklace purchase of yours dont even talk to me :p very jel!

    Good luck doing a capsule wardrobe I should really do one of thoe myself it just never seems to happen :P


  6. those nails are so cute! I've just done my monthly favourites too :)

    Lucy xx

  7. Haha, I love your Models Own achievement! I did the same :P
    The Topshop cardigan is so cute!

  8. Love the dress you're wearing! ♥

  9. love the TopShop Dress! Birthday Months are always fun!

    love from San Francisco,


  10. Love the dresses! and everythign really!
    I'm a new follower but i'm loving your blog already! Definite follow.
    Would love if you could check out my blog sometime and follow back if you like it? Would mean a lottttttttttt
    Anyway lots of love Bex X

  11. ohh i do love that white lace dress on you, its soo lovelyyy :) xxxx

  12. I adore the Topshop lace dress. It's so cute.


  13. That cardigan is amazing! I also really like lace dress, looks so pretty *.*

  14. Love the dress you are willing to buy!

  15. Such great buys! You look lovely!

  16. I also have that dress for quite some time now, but I rarely wear it. Should wear it more! The outfit is really nice :)

  17. love so much in this post, especially the shoes and cardigan....which i've yet to see on the site :( x

  18. the capsule wardrobe thing sounds so hard! i'd never be able to do it, i think it's just the downsides to being a fashion blogger ey? and love your dress and shoes you look gorgeous! and that love fashion dress is stunning :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  19. wow, i really love this august round out, seems like you had a great month :)


  20. this is such a fun post! I love the dress from your favourite outfit.

  21. I love the way you do this round-up, with all the categories! The nails are soooo gorgeous too.

  22. cute outfit! i love the photos!! (:



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