6 September 2011

I Need Your Help... Birthday Dress

So... My birthday is a matter of days away (12th Sept) and the night out is on the 17th of September. That doesn't give me long to buy a gorgeous dress...

Typical that there isn't the 'perfect' dress out there at the moment! My original choice was this dress.. 

In love with fashion
Guess What... It's sold out!!

My other unrealistic choice was this dress.. 
All Saints
As beautiful as it is, it is a ridiculous price £206 and selling for near enough RRP on Ebay. At this moment though I want it so much I would probably buy it but they haven't got my size (luckily lol). God My mother would KILL me if I spent this much money on a dress!

My dresses of choice are no longer and I CANNOT find a dress I like/want. (I'm yet to look anywhere other than the internet mind, so I could be wrong!)

To make life harder for myself I have decided I MUST wear my JC lita's (taupe colour) on my birthday... I want comfort so I can crazy dance and not have to worry about my feet.. the lita's are actually pretty comfy. So I need a dress that will look good with them...  I've seen a few that I kinda like...
Never Fully Dressed @ Spoiled brat
I don't know if this would look cheap or gorgeous.. and at £74.99 I have to be 100% sure before I commit to buying! But I would love something glitzy and glamourous with LOTS of embellishment! 
motel/in love with fashion/motel
Love all these dresses BUT they are not 'perfect'! Arghhh getting so stressed!! So my plea for help; does anyone know any websites that sell similar dresses to the All Saints dress? Or any websites that I may not have heard of that sell beautiful dresses? Or have you seen a gorgeous dress somewhere that you think I may love? 

Wish me luck on search... :) 


  1. I like the gold one....the way you do your hair and accessorize with jewellery and the right shoes will make it look very classy.

  2. I've been window shopping for you....




    They are all Topshop....the last link I sent is well cool

  3. Owhhh that all saints dress is so perfect, if I come across anything I will let you know!


  4. Miss Selfridge have this one http://www.missselfridge.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33055&storeId=12554&productId=2633243&langId=-1&sort_field=Relevance&categoryId=222486&parent_categoryId=208100&pageSize=40 (sorry if the link doesn't work well). You could cut it to customise it & know no-one else will have it! If you really want something similar, try going on clothes websites and searching for aztec :) x

  5. What about this similar gold one...

    I just bought it online myself, 20% off at the mo as well woo!

  6. Heyy
    The All Saints dress embelleshment sooorrt of reminded me of this Miss Selfridge one. Its a liiittle bit pricey but by no means in All Saints league! That's a bit of a crackers price, I don't blame you for shying away lol. I wanted this dress for ages, wish I had the birthday excuse to buy it!!


    Dunno how it would look with the Lita's though...hmmmm

    Same goes for this one too


    Maybe one of these instead??





    Anyway, love your blog. Have a very happy birthday!!

    Scrubs xx

  7. (gosh those URLs make it a very long post, sorry!!)

  8. I love the first dress! The 3rd dress is gorgeous too, its very Serena from Gossip Girl! Wear it with a really high slick pony tail, itd look amazing :)

  9. That All Saints dress is amazing but yeah, the price is too steep. I'd bet on that gold dress. I think it can look really chic and not cheap at all. :) xx

  10. Thanks soooo much everyone... I'm just checking out all the links :)


  11. i like the first dress,

    nice blog!



  12. have you tried topshop online for the feather dress thats sold out. i know they def had it in my local topshop under consessions. xo

  13. it may seem a bit obvious and boring but topshop really DO have an amazing selec. of dresses in atm!
    also very.co.uk are great for dresses :)
    Rosie xo

  14. ooh i've been swooning over that all saints dress for weeks now :(
    have you tried miss selfridge? they usually have nice sequin dresses x

  15. you shoulda went last month to all saints, they were doing a massive sale... i may of went a little bit crazy in there haha :) xxxx

  16. I'm so in love with this website polyvore.com
    It has everything u need in every price from lowest to highest. You should go and look there because its the website that I will choose my birthday dress and prom too :)) ..

  17. I loved the feather dress from In Love With Fashion and wanted to buy it too. I got something else instead, can't wait to show everyone soon. x

  18. Ah that first dress is GORGEOUS!! What a complete shame that its sold out - I HATE when that happens! However, I do think the one shouldered gold one is delicious also :D xx


  19. I really like the gold asymmetrical dress


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