20 July 2012

Want Want Want...

Shops aren't wowing me at the moment! I haven't had that 'OHMYGOD I NEED THIS' feeling in forever! Really that's a good thing, coz after buying a car and all my other outgoings each month, I really cannot afford any big splurges! I'm gonna try and treat myself to just one item a month if I really like/need it!!   

|Dungarees, lace dress : Yayer | Cosmo Jumper : River Island | Watch, Mickey Jumper : Asos | Lipstick, Necklace, Shoes : Topshop
Seen the cosmo jumper in the new in section on River Island and fell in love with it... hoping it's still there in about a months time as it's absolutely amazing but I can't afford it right now! I also really love the lace dress from Yayer.. looks awesome over shorts and a crop top.. but doubt I'll be purchasing as the weather really wouldn't allow me to wear it! Dying for a pair of dungarees, and these ones are pretty awesome, but again, don't think I'll get the wear out of them! 
I've cheated a bit as I have already bought the shoes.. they are SO COMFY and they have a hidden wedge which is so cool as I get that lil extra bit of needed height! I don't wear anything else right now! 
I love the retroness (new word) of the Mickey mouse jumper and the watch is super cool!! 

My style right now is full of colour, which is very unlike me... but I love it! 

I'm going to a Wedding next month.. well just the after party, and I need a dress! I've whittled it down to two and need your help to decide.. 

Left: motel @ Asos | Right: Asos
I think I'm edging toward the cosmo print one as the colours are amazing! BUT I'm also thinking to save money I could wear the dress I wore to my graduation (see my last post)! Can't decide!! Help a sister out :) 

That's all from me today... 

19 July 2012


Thought I might upload a few pics of my graduation yesterday!! Was such a good day even though the weather started off horrendous and put me in a foul mood! Can't believe I've actually done it and that its all over! Quite sad really, but I'm definitely glad to see the back of uni work! 

(picture heavy-ish)

We had an gorgeous meal at Bellini's.. who threw in some free shots and dessert! The steak was absolutely mouthwateringly amazing!! Overall an amazing day :) 

If anyone is interested, the dress is from Asos, bag from Topshop (old) and my shoes are from Ebay! 

16 July 2012


Long time no blog!! I'm actually finding it SO hard to get back into blogging.. I feel like I just have zero ideas  worth sharing!! But I am determined to get back into it... miss it so much! 

Literally have shitloads to catch up on.. But first for the outfit, The playsuit is from River Island and the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Litas, DUH ;)  I have a massive love/hate relationship with RI.. You can find really lush things there or really stupidly tacky things! I wore this out saturday night with the girls.. it was an amazingly drunken night... lets just say the playsuit wasn't quite as white as this when I got home!! I literally never wear white for this exact reason! 

So.. whats new with me?

My Blog turned 1 in April!! WOW!!! I'm actually amazed! Wish I was actually blogging at the time to celebrate it!

I passed Uni with a 2:2!! I am extremely happy with that result.. I'm graduating on Wednesday :) I will have a picture to share as I'm in LOVE with my dress! 

I bought a new, extremely girly car (which is AMAZING) It is a citreon DS3.. it's white with a pink roof and mirrors! I will get a picture soon, as you literally need to see it!

I got hair extensions... and they are THE MOST ANNOYING things in the world!! 

That's all my 'big' news... Once blogging does get back to normal (it will eventually I'm sure) I'll be sure to update on my silly little news too (just can't think of any right now lol)

Ahh feels soooo weird writing again! Thanks all for sticking with me...