20 July 2012

Want Want Want...

Shops aren't wowing me at the moment! I haven't had that 'OHMYGOD I NEED THIS' feeling in forever! Really that's a good thing, coz after buying a car and all my other outgoings each month, I really cannot afford any big splurges! I'm gonna try and treat myself to just one item a month if I really like/need it!!   

|Dungarees, lace dress : Yayer | Cosmo Jumper : River Island | Watch, Mickey Jumper : Asos | Lipstick, Necklace, Shoes : Topshop
Seen the cosmo jumper in the new in section on River Island and fell in love with it... hoping it's still there in about a months time as it's absolutely amazing but I can't afford it right now! I also really love the lace dress from Yayer.. looks awesome over shorts and a crop top.. but doubt I'll be purchasing as the weather really wouldn't allow me to wear it! Dying for a pair of dungarees, and these ones are pretty awesome, but again, don't think I'll get the wear out of them! 
I've cheated a bit as I have already bought the shoes.. they are SO COMFY and they have a hidden wedge which is so cool as I get that lil extra bit of needed height! I don't wear anything else right now! 
I love the retroness (new word) of the Mickey mouse jumper and the watch is super cool!! 

My style right now is full of colour, which is very unlike me... but I love it! 

I'm going to a Wedding next month.. well just the after party, and I need a dress! I've whittled it down to two and need your help to decide.. 

Left: motel @ Asos | Right: Asos
I think I'm edging toward the cosmo print one as the colours are amazing! BUT I'm also thinking to save money I could wear the dress I wore to my graduation (see my last post)! Can't decide!! Help a sister out :) 

That's all from me today... 


  1. I think you should wear your graduation dress! It's gorgeous


  2. That jumper is incredible! Wow xx

  3. love that jumper! and as for the dresses, i love the black and white one. you could always throw a black jumper over it in winter and wear it like a pencil skirt too :)

    great blog too btw, following :)

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  4. Love the lace dress and both midis bother so beautiful
    S xx

  5. those 2 jumpers are amazing! i like the motel dress but i am loving digital print at the moment


  6. I adore that cosmic jumper! I will have to check out river island xx

  7. I love the mickey jumper! And I love both dresses, but your graduation one is just as beautiful so you could save some money!
    Also my skull shirt, I've found it cheaper on Miss Guided:


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