9 August 2012

My New Obsession...

I am completely and utterly in LOVE with Wedge trainers!! 

They are just perfect; easy to wear with practically any outfit, an extra bit of height without the extra bit of pain that normally accompanies wearing heels/wedges!

I bought a pair from Topshop and they literally do not leave my feet! 

| Top Row - Topshop | Bottom Row - Nasty Gal |

| Jeans, Necklace, Shoes - Topshop | Jumper - River Island |
Still SO, SOOO in love with this jumper! If you still love something after a month of not buying it, it kinda means that you need to buy it I think haha! 

| Everything - Topshop | Shoes - Nast Gal |
This is just the most perfect outfit!! My love for black that has disappeared recently is slowly creeping back in!

| Hat, Shoes, Necklace, Ring, Tunic - Topshop | Trousers - AA Disco Pants | 
This is such a gorgeous top.. another that I need in my life I think? 

Ahh Payday tommorrow, I'm getting a wee bit exited! I have been extremely skint this last month, it's been really awful so I need to treat myself to something! 

I'm off to a wedding tomorrow, and have decided to wear the same dress I wore to graduation. Saving money and all that jazz... sucks really :( 

Ohh and I have a job interview on Wednesday... don't know whether I'm nervous or slightly exited!! 

20 July 2012

Want Want Want...

Shops aren't wowing me at the moment! I haven't had that 'OHMYGOD I NEED THIS' feeling in forever! Really that's a good thing, coz after buying a car and all my other outgoings each month, I really cannot afford any big splurges! I'm gonna try and treat myself to just one item a month if I really like/need it!!   

|Dungarees, lace dress : Yayer | Cosmo Jumper : River Island | Watch, Mickey Jumper : Asos | Lipstick, Necklace, Shoes : Topshop
Seen the cosmo jumper in the new in section on River Island and fell in love with it... hoping it's still there in about a months time as it's absolutely amazing but I can't afford it right now! I also really love the lace dress from Yayer.. looks awesome over shorts and a crop top.. but doubt I'll be purchasing as the weather really wouldn't allow me to wear it! Dying for a pair of dungarees, and these ones are pretty awesome, but again, don't think I'll get the wear out of them! 
I've cheated a bit as I have already bought the shoes.. they are SO COMFY and they have a hidden wedge which is so cool as I get that lil extra bit of needed height! I don't wear anything else right now! 
I love the retroness (new word) of the Mickey mouse jumper and the watch is super cool!! 

My style right now is full of colour, which is very unlike me... but I love it! 

I'm going to a Wedding next month.. well just the after party, and I need a dress! I've whittled it down to two and need your help to decide.. 

Left: motel @ Asos | Right: Asos
I think I'm edging toward the cosmo print one as the colours are amazing! BUT I'm also thinking to save money I could wear the dress I wore to my graduation (see my last post)! Can't decide!! Help a sister out :) 

That's all from me today... 

19 July 2012


Thought I might upload a few pics of my graduation yesterday!! Was such a good day even though the weather started off horrendous and put me in a foul mood! Can't believe I've actually done it and that its all over! Quite sad really, but I'm definitely glad to see the back of uni work! 

(picture heavy-ish)

We had an gorgeous meal at Bellini's.. who threw in some free shots and dessert! The steak was absolutely mouthwateringly amazing!! Overall an amazing day :) 

If anyone is interested, the dress is from Asos, bag from Topshop (old) and my shoes are from Ebay! 

16 July 2012


Long time no blog!! I'm actually finding it SO hard to get back into blogging.. I feel like I just have zero ideas  worth sharing!! But I am determined to get back into it... miss it so much! 

Literally have shitloads to catch up on.. But first for the outfit, The playsuit is from River Island and the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Litas, DUH ;)  I have a massive love/hate relationship with RI.. You can find really lush things there or really stupidly tacky things! I wore this out saturday night with the girls.. it was an amazingly drunken night... lets just say the playsuit wasn't quite as white as this when I got home!! I literally never wear white for this exact reason! 

So.. whats new with me?

My Blog turned 1 in April!! WOW!!! I'm actually amazed! Wish I was actually blogging at the time to celebrate it!

I passed Uni with a 2:2!! I am extremely happy with that result.. I'm graduating on Wednesday :) I will have a picture to share as I'm in LOVE with my dress! 

I bought a new, extremely girly car (which is AMAZING) It is a citreon DS3.. it's white with a pink roof and mirrors! I will get a picture soon, as you literally need to see it!

I got hair extensions... and they are THE MOST ANNOYING things in the world!! 

That's all my 'big' news... Once blogging does get back to normal (it will eventually I'm sure) I'll be sure to update on my silly little news too (just can't think of any right now lol)

Ahh feels soooo weird writing again! Thanks all for sticking with me... 

14 June 2012

Motel 50% Off Sale items

Just had an email from Motel Rocks that I thought would be worth sharing with you guys... The sale doesn't start until next Wednesday, but I have a discount code here for 50% off the 'soon to be' sale items... 
You can get all the best items before anyone else :)

Remember to add discount code 'SECRETSALE50'

P.s guys... I will be back to blogging properly next week!! I'm going to Beach Break Live festival today and am super exited!! I'm stupidly taking my camera with me so hopefully will have a few pics! (Everyone pray for no rain for me)

4 April 2012

I'm baaaaack!

So, no idea where the mini break from blogging came from. I actually have no reason for it and it's kinda annoying as I've been wearing loadsa nice clothes lately! I think I'm having a little mid-life crisis and I'm trying to rebel to anything I have to work on in my life lol! Even though I love blogging, it can be kinda stressful and I think I just had too much going on with uni/life to be able to keep it up! I've been the same with uni work, at this crucial point in my degree I've kinda somehow decided to just have a 'not give a shit' attitude! I'm a dick! ha! I have an un-started dissertation to do, as well as exams and all other uni related crap all to be in within the next 2 months and I've just got to the point where I seriously cannot be arsed!

Anyway onto the post... I haven't even attempted to take outfit posts lately, even though, like I said I have been wearing/buying some pretty amazing clothes! Here's the kinda stuff I've been sporting lately. 

My new favourite combo is highwaisted jeans or shorts that have to be either patterned or coloured (literally haven't worn plain old blue denim in ages), a crop top and a coloured or patterned blazer and some statement jewellery! I literally cannot get enough of this combo! The mini summer we had was amazing.. and now the weather is coming back to the normal 'this time of year' weather and its starting to depress me.. coz I'll have to get my chunky knits/jumpers back out again, and for once in my life I really don't wanna! I normally hate summer clothes, but the clothes hitting the shops this year are perfect! Hopefully I'ma get back into blogging over the coming weeks.. but I probably wont have many posts to show you, as like I said I really do have shitloads of uni work to be getting on with! 

Don't really have much going on in my life at the moment to update you with... so here's a pic just to remind you all what I look like ha! 

Roll on June when my life can get back to all play no work ha! #Layzeee 

ps: I have a tumblr - get your follow ooon!!

Pps: I nearly forgot to say.. WOW at the influx of followers I've had over the last month.. last time I posted I had like 350 now I'm just over 400 :D THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! xxx

4 March 2012

Peter Pan Collar Nails

These are the nails I wore to #ldnluch yesturday. They looked awesome for about the first 30 minutes that they were painted, then I decided to smudge them and make them into a mess! But regardless of the mess I love them! I always struggle to find inspiration for nails these days, I've tried pretty much everything and hate wearing the same nails twice and everything I would love to do is way too complicated and you need proper professional nail art tools to do stuff! These were pretty simple to do and turned out quite well I think! 

#ldnlunch was freaking awesome! I loved meeting the people behind the blogs and chatting/laughing etc! Didn't get to speak to everyone though which was a bit of a shame.. but I'm sure we'll all have the chance in future meet-ups :) 

We took over the bar, it was a room full of ladies drinking lovely cocktails.. I had a Singapore sling which was delicious! There were 3 men there watching football who were wondering what we were all up to... they came to the hilarious conclusion that we were either on a hen party or lesbian speed dating! haha how funny! 

Had a fabulous day anyways and can't wait to meet you all again :) 

1 March 2012

Veneers at The Harley Street Smile Clinic: My experience

Ok, as most of my readers know, I have just had veneers! Here's a review of my experience :) 

 I have wanted to do something about my teeth for as long as I can remember, I went to the NHS dentist to see what orthadontics would do for me, but the thought of wearing a brace for two years physically turned my stomach and still after all that there would still be things that I didn't like about my teeth. So I started looking into cosmetic dentistry. I had been looking for a while and finally decided on having a consultation with the The Harley Street Smile Clinic.

The first thing I loved about this clinic was that they offered an online consultation, which is free and can give you a realistic idea of what needs to be done and how much its going to cost. (Email jill@harleystreetsmileclinic.co.uk). So I went ahead and e-mailed a picture of my teeth and had a really quick reply off Jill, who is extremely lovely and friendly. After chatting with Jill for a little bit I decided to go ahead and book a 'real life' consultation. The consultation costs £75, and during that time you speak with the amazing dentist Maurice Johannes. He has a good look around your mouth and talks possible options. What I really liked was the computer imaging they use to show you what your smile would look like after veneers. 
The thing that made me believe that The Harley Street Smile really cares about their patients and are not all about the money was the fact that during the online consultation I was told I probably needed 10 veneers, in the actual consultation he said I only needed 8 veneers which is obviously considerably less money. I think this shows that they really are doing what's best for you and not what's more profitable for them! 

Ok, so after the consultation I was so happy that I  decided to go ahead and book the treatment right there and then. Normally you would need altogether four trips to the clinic
1: consultation 
2: take impressions
3: preparing the teeth and temporary veneers
4: fitting veneers

I decided to have the impressions taken straight after my consultation, which actually saved me spending the £75 on the consultation. Also, living in Wales and travelling to London is not that cheap so as little trips as possible was best for me. I decided upon the home whitening treatment, which was considerably cheaper than the laser whitening that they offer. I was told that I would have the same results so it was a bit of a no brainer for me. 

Whitening was a bit of a pain to be honest, for 2 weeks I had to sit for an hour a day with a gum shield on with horrible tasting bleach... but even if you do laser whitening you have to go through this phase for a week too! I had to have a week off inbetween my whitening phase, as my wisdom tooth decided to go crazy and made my face and gum swollen so the gum shield wouldn't fit lol, not sure whether this affected the final result or not, but my teeth were A LOT whiter!  

This picture shows my teeth after whitening, but before any other treatment...

I was so exited to get underway with the actual treatment. I'm not a nervous patient at all so went to the clinic feeling fine! Dr Maurice is really friendly and puts you at ease. He sat me down and talked me through exactly what was going to be done and made sure I felt fine and happy to go ahead. The treatment strarted with a numbing cream to ease the pain of the 8 injections I had to have in each gum, it worked really well and only felt the first 1 or 2 injections and they didn't hurt at all. (Again needles don't phase me at all) After the local anasthetic starts to work your face feels HUGE and I mean you feel like silicone has been injected into your lips! He checks to see your completely numb then starts the treatment. He talked me through every single thing he was doing, and made it clear that he would stop at any time if I wanted. This phase is mainly shaving down your teeth; I didn't feel a thing! There was lots of 'scary' noises coming from the drill, but as long as I didn't feel any pain I didn't care! I also had gum sculpting, which is done with a laser. Again this didn't hurt, but it smelt pretty horrid haha! After the drilling was complete impressions were taken and then the temporary veneers were fitted. During this phase I chose the colour for my real veneers too, which was exiting!

This picture shows the temporary veneers.

These took a lot of getting used to, I absoluetly loved the way they looked but they felt super chunky in my mouth as these are kind of like dentures. It is just one piece, so you can't floss or anything. They didn't feel very nice either; you know when you have dirty teeth, that feel thick with plaque... well this is what these felt like. They also stain very easily as the plastic just absorbs colour, so that meant no curry, red wine or food with strong colouring. I wore these for 2 weeks, these are a 'trial run' so if there is anything you don't like about the shape or size you can get that changed for your real veneers. I loved the way they looked though, so didn't change anything. Toward the end of the two weeks my temporary veneers started to go a bit more yellow; the fact that I drink about 20 cups of tea every day didn't help!

This picture shows the final veneers.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my new teeth! The final phase was fitting the real veneers. I had to go through the injections and numbness again. Taking off the temporary veneers was kind of scary.. there was lots of drilling, banging, tugging.. but there was no pain involved at all! Dr Maurice put these on with a paste first, just to show me what they would look like before making them permanent and I absolutely loved them so he went ahead and put them on properly! Again, Dr Maurice was brilliant and talked me through every phase and made me feel totally at ease! A bit of shaving and polishing was done to get rid of any left over glue that was stuck to my teeth. I am so SO happy with the outcome! My new smile is absolutely amazing! 

The veneers feel like my own teeth, they're smooth and shiny.. I can eat whatever I like as they don't stain. They feel perfect in my mouth. The temporary ones felt abnormal, but these feel like they're meant to fit there if you get what I mean. 

I paid just over £5000 which I think is a brilliant price compared to other clinics. I know The Harley Street Smile Clinic offer a finance option to pay, but I can't comment on that as I just lent the money off my mother, so I won't have to pay any interest etc. 

I would recommend this clinic and Dr Maurice Johannes to anyone and everyone. I have not one bad word to say at all! I love that there was no 'hidden costs' or any pressure to do anything.. I really think the pictures speak for themselves at how amazing this clinic is. I absolutely LOVE smiling now, and use any reason to smile.. even if there is no reason I smile anyway haha! 

Hope you enjoyed this review, and found it helpful if your thinking of having veneers. If you want to ask me any other questions, just go ahead :) Also The Harley Street Smile Clinic has a twitter account too if you want any quick questions answered. 

P.s... If you do decide to e-mail Jill, include a picture of your teeth and what you don't like about your smile. Here's a direct link to the free online consultation page

22 February 2012

Catch up | Want

Today is going to be one of those posts where I just ramble on.. I have a lot to say so this is just a little warning haha!

| Topshop:Speckle T-shirt Mini
| Top four: Asos | Bottom two: Jeffrey Campbell BeeBee @ Sarenza
Ahhh my favourite Topshop dress is now available in lots of lovely colours!! I already have it in grey (worn here) and it's the kinda dress that is so unbelievably easy to wear/throw on and still look and feel stylish! You know that piece of clothing that you ALWAYS seem to be wearing, the one that's straight out of the wash and straight on on your back? this is that dress! I probably wont buy it in every colour, but the black is a must as is the navy, and maybe I'll get one of the bright colours for summer! Ahh payday you're just two days away :D 

Flatforms.. they're a pretty big deal in the blogging world right now. Not sure if real life people have caught on yet? but I'm sure they will catch up.. but anyways I've so just totally bought the Jeffrey Campbell BeeBee ones (with a lovey 25% discount) and obviously got the leopard print! Technically should have bought black, simply as I would have more wear out of them, but I could not resist the leopard! Aren't they amazing? Can't wait to get them on my feet! I might risk (possible) pain and wear them to #ldnlunch!

Talking of #ldnlunch.. I am SO exited! I wasn't sure whether I could go or not due to work but it's all official now, bought my train ticket and everything, although wasn't too amused with the £54 price tag! but ah well.. all in the name of blogging fun! It'll be amazing to meet lovely bloggers, I've followed all the attendees on twitter :)  Scared a little bit now though, I'm not amazing in social situations.. I wouldn't say I'm shy at all but I'm just really really shit at making conversation lol! 

Last thing (I think) for today.. just wanna say a little bit about my new teeth.. regular readers will know that I am in the process of having my teeth veneered! It's so exiting, I'm in the phase right now where I'm wearing temporary veneers, so my teeth are all shaved down and prepared for the real veneers. Already, even with just the temporaries which are plastic they look SO amazing and I can't wait to show you all.. I'm having the veneers fitted on Monday and I'm beyond exited! So expect a blog post next week with my smiley face all over it before and after pictures and a talk through the whole process :)  

Ok really now this is the last thing.. The last 2 weeks or so I haven't blogged! No real reason for it, just couldn't be bothered/had nothing to show or nothing to say! I actually hate not blogging I feel really sad when I have a week or two off and start to feel pressured to blog, but I haven't forced on a post coz I feel a forced post is so obvious and just waited until I had something to say, and now I'm writing I realise I have too much to say haha! I'm gonna shut up now and hope that more regular blogging resumes asap!

10 February 2012

Want Want Want

|Everything: Topshop|
All I'm looking for lately is clothes that would look good in a festival. I've no idea why! I am planning on going to a festival this year, but it's looking more and more unlikely. I cannot get time off work as all the holidays are booked up ALREADY! I'm sorry but it is fucking ridiculous.. I'm really starting to hate my job! You literally have to plan out your whole year about 26 years in advance to have any chance of getting time off.. really really pisses me off!

Anyway, enough with the rant! I just bought the aztec top.. and also got a free lipstick too (You can get a free lipstick using the code TSLOVEFB It's to celebrate their 2million facebook fans, you have to buy something to get it) It's a lush bright pink colour, sorry can't remember the actual shade! 

These shorts are a lush colour for S/S, can see me getting a lot of wear out of these... but do I really need any more shorts? The shoes are kind of ugly but I love them, don't think I'll be splashing out the ££ for them though. The sunglasses are a style that if you can pull them off you will look uber cool, but if you can't you will look uber stupid. I want them, but only if I look cool lol! I'm a little obsessed with Jimi Hendrix tee's lately. No idea why and I'm very obsessed with them bracelet/ring things. What the hell are they called? Do they even have an official name? I'm gonna call them Bringlets I think! I keep trying to find them on Ebay but searching for 'bracelet/ring thingys' is not coming up with much! Ha!

Oh, and this is just a little message to GOD telling him to chill the fuck out with the snow. I want to go to London on Monday. I want veneers ON MONDAY. If snow stops this in anyway I will not be happy AND you will not like me when I'm not happy. Thankyouverymuch.

8 February 2012

Monochrome Union Jack

| Base coat - Models Own: Concrete Mixer | Black & White: Topshop Nail art pens|
So.. The Topshop nail art pens?? I had super high hopes for these and actually dreamt of this kind of 'thin nibbed' pen when trying to do some more intricate designs.. BUT I just cannot get to grips with these pens! I know you have to pump and then just draw but mine didn't seem to work like that.. I had to pump onto a piece of paper then dip the pen in the ink to draw onto my nails. I either have faulty ones, or I'm just doing it all wrong? Any advise?

But other than that I think these nails turned out rather well... I love the British Flag and especially love this 'toned down' monochrome version of it. It's also something I've never seen on anyone else's nails before! Just wish my hand was a tad steadier then these would have been perfect! I'm a Virgo which means perfection is really important to me, so I'll never be truly happy with my amateur skills lol! Straight lines are probably the hardest thing to do nail art wise.. you can really separate the professionals from the amateurs by the straightness of lines lol! 

6 February 2012

Check mate

|Dress: Topshop | Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Topshop | Fur Headband: Spitalfields Market|

Seriously, don't judge the amazingness of the Canon 600D on these pictures lol! It's pretty hard to use with the self timer, I think I need a remote.. It's kinda out of focus coz when I put the timer on I'm obviously not standing there for it to focus on me.. if that makes ANY sense to anyone?? lol! 

I'm wearing this today just to pop out and run some errands, nice and casual, comfy and kinda grungy! I've got a day off work and uni today so it's nice to just do what I want without having to be anywhere for any reason! Although for some idiotic reason my body decided it was time to get out of bed at 7am? 

I'm so in love with this headband... seriously its the softest thing ever and of course it is lovely and snug! I'm wearing it to kind of hide the horror that is my roots coming through... but having my hair done later :D (Hi #tophairdresser Carla... I know your stalking me haah) 

That's all from me today folks.. Have a fun week :) 

3 February 2012

Deathly Hallows

|Jumper, Shirt & Belt: H&M | Shorts: Levi | Necklaces: Miss Selfridge, Ebay | 

Ok, so I need a new place to take photo's.. I got the fancy camera just need some good light! It was a gorgeous sunny day today and my room was still so dark! See the little square of light in the photo's? Yea, well thats from my only (tiny) window in my room lol!

I think this outfit looked better IRL than on photo's! I adore my Deathly Hallows necklace, I thought the white would really pop against my normally dark outfits. You can buy it off this seller who has it in lots of different colours! 

I went on a bit of a shopping spree on Tuesday in between lectures.. I needed it to cheer me up, had uni 9.30-11 then 2.10-3 then work 4-10 so was out of the house all day, so tiring! I bought a few nice things.. like this shirt and jumper and I really stocked up on the jewellery (as if I needed any more). I really should show my jewellery off more in outfit posts coz its my favourite type of accessory and I have SO MUCH of it! 

Less than 2 weeks now until I go back to London to get my veneers done.. I really can't contain my excitement, but I'm also starting to get a bit scared, not of the actual treatment or the pain but how they're gonna look.. Will I like them? Imagine I didn't ahh.. but at the same time I am very optimistic and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna Love them! 

That's all from me today :) 

2 February 2012

Classic leopard

Taken with my new Canon 600D haha! Love how clear it is, well at the same time I hate it coz now you can all see how bad my skin is around my fingers... dry skin galore lol! I cannot stop biting my nails lately either!

The other day I was stuck for what to do with my nails, and then I realised that I haven't had the classic leopard mani in months so obviously that's what I did. All colours used are Models Own: snow white, sterling silver, 18 carat gold and bronze rage! Black nail art pen is off Ebay! 

I've just bought the Topshop nail art pens in black and white and I'm so exited to try them out properly, I think more intricate designs will be attempted as its literally like using a felt pen! I'll show you what I come up with when I try them :) 

This week has been so draining so far.. uni is back up and running and after having nearly 2 months off makes it all the more harder to get back into the swing of things.. I seriously cannot wait to graduate and get this shit over and done with!

30 January 2012

Want Want Want

This is my current wishlist.. I'm starting to think of Spring/Summer and what I want to be wearing... 

|Jacket: River Island | Sleeveless denim jacket, dress, shorts, crop top: Topshop | Jewellery: Asos|
I haven't featured any pastel colours, but they are popping up everywhere and I'm starting to think how I can incorporate them into my current love of 'grungey' style. I always lose my identity in summer, I wear stuff that is not me at all such as pretty girly dresses and buy clothes just for the sake of it. I am determined not to do that this year... I will not waste money on things that I will never wear again. 

I've already bought the grey dress, after I featured it in my #SarenzaAmbassador post I knew I had to have it! I also now NEED a sleeveless denim jacket, but know that it's one of those things that I will end up hating and won't hardly wear. I'm hoping to find one in a charity shop or on Ebay to keep the cost down.

I have a £20 River Island voucher and the chavtastic summer collection is starting to hit the store... every A/W I see the new River Island collection and start to think, wow, they've really upped they're game this year.. then as soon as S/S comes... BAM it goes diamant√© crazy again! So kinda struggling to spend it, but really LOVE the stripe jacket.. think I'll buy that. I can wear it with my stripe Motel jeans (y'know the ones) and look totes crazy! haha! 

Anyway... I've been rather absent this week! I've been such an internet-phobe. I haven't even been on twitter/facebook I have hardly read any blogs.. It's all because I have been reading 'The Hunger Games' trilogy. WHAT.A.READ! Seriously so good, It took me about 4 days to read the whole trilogy. I don't read often because I turn into such a recluse, I cannot do ANYTHING until the book is finished, then for a few days after the book is finished all I can think about is reading and I get a little sad that I have finished the book lol! (I'm a weird one). Hopefully my somewhat 'normal' blogging will resume soon. 

God your all gonna get so bored, I cannot stop talking!! Right, I've bought myself a Canon 600D and I am LOVING it.. (can't wait to do an outfit post) It's actually amazing, the only thing I cannot get the jist of is the Macro setting, for example, I was trying to get a picture of my nail art but it was a blur.. any tips other than buying a Macro lens? Also.. I need to find a new free photo editing site.. picnik is closing :( so any recommendations? 

23 January 2012

Fed up of dry/cracked lips?

This is my first venture into the 'beauty' world. I'm in no way clued up on beauty/make-up but sometimes I may find a product or a solution to a beauty problem that just needs to be shared! 

So basically I have battled with dry/cracked lips for as long as I can remember. Most products I have tried over the years have somewhat 'disguised' the dryness but have never outright 'cured' it. 

I have two products here that I believe when used together they are like the DON of the lip healing world. My lips are softer than ever with no dryness at all!

They are... 

Carmex Classic Lip Balm

Think of treating your lips just like you would your face.. exfoliate then moisturise! 

The Lush lip scrub is a welcome change in my routine from the 'scrub your lips with a toothbrush' trick (anyone done that?). You literally just put it on your finger and scrub. All the dry skin will come away then you lick it all off. It tastes really yummy and leaves you lips super soft. Scrubbing your lips also encourages better blood flow to them, giving them a nice natural red colour; a good alternative to lipstick! I suppose you could make a DIY version of this with kitchen cupboard sugar and some sort of oil or honey, but that probably wouldn't taste half as nice! After using this scrub daily I left the house every morning with soft lips BUT half way through the day after fighting various battles with cold weather/central heating/air con my lips would be dry again, so obviously a moisturising agent was needed. 

This is where Carmex comes in. I had been meaning to buy this lip balm for a while, but just simply never got around to it. I spotted it in Urban Outfitters in London and just snapped it up. I think this product should be in every girls handbag! You apply and you feel a tingling sensation which is the product getting to work. The taste/smell is not amazing, quite medicinal, but that didn't bother me, it's probably better that it doesn't taste that good as you'd keep licking it and 'bothering' it before it did it's job. It's not like other lip balms where you have to re-apply countless times, it literally keeps your lips looking and feeling moisturised for hours, even when the product has physically gone from the lips! Most of the time I only re-apply just for the sake of it, or for the lipgloss 'shine' look. I really feel this product has soothed and relieved my dry cracked lips rather than just disguised the dryness. It is a little miracle in a tube!

I have now gone from using the Lush lip scrub every day to just 2-3 times a week, as my lips are in a much better condition and don't need the same extent of exfoliation as they once did. I'd say if you were looking to treat your lips with just one product I recommend that you get Carmex as it really is brilliant. The lip scrub is only really necessary if you have lots of dry skin that needs to come off!

Both products come in different flavours too :)

Each product is bloody brilliant in their own right, but when used together they literally are AMAZING!