16 December 2011

Christmas Wish List

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I was going to attempt to make a gift guide for you to help with your shopping, but then I realised I'm shit at buying presents lol! So I've rustled up my wishlist.. most of it I won't be getting on the big day, but will possibly buy with my Christmas moneyyys :D 

I've featured the gorgeous Paw top from Topshop on this blog before and cannot get it out of my head! Dying for a bobble hat, and love the colour and style of this Topshop one! I think a DSLR camera is on every bloggers wishlist.. I've asked my parents for one for Christmas, but really doubt they will buy one for me! 

Desperate for a new purse and this Zadig et Voltaire one would be perfect for me.. not the friendliest price mind! The Urban Outfitters belt would be a nice alternative to the Moschino belt that I will forever lust after! Finally the Dr Martens.. I've wanted them for years and have had countless pairs when I was a little Lowri... They will go with any outfit from a pretty dress to a jeans and tee ensemble! 

I've just treated myself to another item on my wishlist THIS amazing leopard print coat from Topshop.. paid way over the odds for it on Ebay, but ah well, I wanted it.. lost a few I had bidded on as refused to pay over £80, then decided I wanted it enough to pay whatever it took to get my hands on it lol!! Hope the seller manages to post this before Christmas! Now, gonna try and make my mother give me the money for it as a Christmas prezzy lol.. wish me luck! 

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.. I have a VERY busy week in work next week, Oh the joys of working in retail at this amazing time of year.. So don't know when I'll next have a blog post for you! Probably Christmas day to show you all my awesome presents! 

P.s 250 followers.. Oh yeaaaaa :D Thank you all!! 


  1. oooooh, I must get that paw shirt!! lovely list miss!

  2. love the jumper! totally see why you want it :P also the dslr, i think i'm the only blogger who doesn't, i love my little digital :P well done on 250 followers! :)xxx

  3. Dr Martens are so cool! I hope you get them/buy them =D

  4. YES to the camera! Such a babe. I need a new one too!

  5. I would absolutely love a new camera! Mine is on it's last legs. Gorgeous hat, too!


  6. looove this stuff, would happily have a any of it for christmas.
    That coat is AMAZING
    lucky you!!
    have a great xmas

    Serendipity Style Blog

  7. I love the paw jumper! Very cute :)

  8. Love the boots + purse! Gorgeous picks lady!


  9. a fabulous wishlist!
    it's the week of christmas and i've realised that i still don't have a wishlist. ha ha!
    i just came across your blog. i really like it, by the way!

    take care :)

  10. actually I don't celebrate Xmas but I want to wish u all Merry X mas

  11. I LOVE that paw jumper :) hope you get everything that you've wished for!

    Fashion Stereotype

  12. I would love a DSLR so much! but the price tag is so high :(
    love that peace belt!

    hope you have a fab christmas,

  13. Great wishlist! I really like the peace belt and the purse. xx

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  15. I would love that sweater in my closet ASAP!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  16. yup your right a dslr cmaera is on evry bloggers list,
    i jus got the canon powershot:
    when i was looking I came up with thesehttp://liveurfantasyevryday.blogspot.com/2011/11/search-is-on.html
    the canon powershot is less expensive than the canon eos and some nikons, hope u get your camera :)

    happy holidays

    follow me?


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