11 December 2011


 An all black outfit is my favourite outfit ever! Black can be sexy, sophisticated or fun.. you can dress it in absolutely any way! 

My favourite 'trends' are rock 'n' roll and gothic inspired which means lots of black; although now and again I will go crazy over a certain unrelated trend, like this year it was bohemian with lots of brown/tans fringing etc, but for some reason I will always go back to an all black obsession! 

Lipstick: Topshop Rio Rio
Shirt: Asos
Leather bralet: Topshop
Shorts: River Island
Tights: Henry Holland
By the way... I know my lipstick is all over the place, I applied without a mirror (believe it or not there is NO mirrors in my bedroom, crazy!! ) then took pictures lol!!! I'm such an idiot, but don't worry I did tidy it up before I actually left the house! 

I'm starting to look like a real goth with my all black outfits, my super 'I say dark brown others say black' hair, big thick black brows and red lipstick.. but I am loving it :) who needs colour anyway? Sooo, I wore this out  for my friends birthday last night, we went to Cardiff Bay and ate some lovely Italian food in Signor Valentino and had a lush time :) 

I actually sold this bralet on ebay a few weeks ago, but the buyer didn't pay for ages, and after countless emails without any reply I opened up a dispute (thinking they wouldn't pay, but wanted my fee's back), then they actually paid... but I was angry at them and didn't really need the money anymore, so I refunded them and kept it for myself.. HA!! bad Ebayer? 

That's all from me anyway, first post of December :) Soooo Can't wait for Christmas! 


  1. Gothic Rock n roll is literally my style to a tee. (Well when I dont have a bohemian moment and throw flowers on myself ha-ha) you look FAB! Adore the blouse the detailing is amazing <3 lol at the lipstick too - mine looks like this when I do use a mirror :p


  2. I'm in love with your eyebrows!

  3. So jealous! I love this shirt from ASOS. I cant wait to get my christmas money and go on a spree! :)


  4. You look great! Selling stuff on ebay can be SO infuriating. I once sold something that was never paid for but I couldn't be bothered with the hassle and it just kinda went away in the end ha. It was only like £6. Why big on something if you don't want it?! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  5. I love this outfit, I bought these tights recently at the clothes show, I'm excited to wear them! Ebay can be so annoying! xx

  6. i LOVE this outfit omg! Honestly love every single piece :O xx

  7. beautiful blouse!


  8. I love your top! The crosses are great :) I always veer towards dark outfits in the winter; they go with the dark days!

    Emma xx

  9. Love this outfit! Looks amazing! xx

  10. you look gorgeous,in love with that shirt :) xx

  11. Looove the crosses all over the shirt :D had never seen it as a print!!!

  12. Love that top - such a unique and elegant print!


  13. love it!


  14. that shirt is amazing, i need it in my life! i love anything with crosses on haha. you look really gorgeous here, totally working that look ;) xx

  15. love your outfit, the shirt is gorgeous! x

  16. Daymnnn i love ur teeeeee. And i love topshop collection of lipatick too!

  17. woooow this shirt is awesome! (:


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