10 August 2011

July... Monthly Round up #2


Little late with this but...time for my monthly round up!

Favourite Outfit
All Topshop
Top bought via Ebay, and I cut of the tight neck
I put this outfit on, and instantly felt happy with it.. Went to watch Dizzie Rascal in it.. should have just worn a bikini as we were right at the front, and the hooligans behind were throwing drinks and things at the front. GOT SOAKED!

Favourite Fashion Buy
I bought this when I was meant to be buying holiday clothes.. oops! STILL HAVEN'T WORN IT!!! So I don't actually know if it's my favourite, but I'm dying to wear it so much, kinda praying for rain ha!

Favourite Beauty Buy
The most long-lasting lipstick EVER! I was putting it on before I went out and waking up with it still on my lips! It's such a beautiful colour too, it suits everyone, all my friends were borrowing it, and it looked different on every person... definatley my favourite buy this month... as well as a MAC pigment eyeshadow.

Favourite nails

Awful picture sorry... Took it on my HTC then saved it from Facebook, turned out all blurry lol! But you can kinda see what I did.. Aztec. I used Model's Own base colour in Lemon Meringue (I think) then nail art pens from Ebay.

Biggest Splurge
For me the biggest splurge has to be this bag... It was only £32 BUT... It's in no way worth that kinda money. IT. IS. TINY! and one or two of the fringes have fallen out. I love the way it looks though, so I'm not taking it back haha! This is definatley a night time bag, where you would carry minimal things. DO NOT BUY IF.. you carry any make-up, a purse or anything bigger than an average sized phone (I have HTC Desire and it just about fits)

Best Bargain
The bracelets were 2euro and the rings 6euro
I bought these gorgeous rings and a few leather bracelets in Magaluf. I love that the rings are very unique, and no-one else will have them! I did buy another ring, but silly me has misplaced it somewhere :/ 

Biggest Lust
Senso Delilah 
I really really really want these gorgeous things!!! I may have to splurge, come student loan time :) 

Planning on buying
I'm in desperate need of a new pair of boots.. These caught my eye yesterday. Treat myself, me thinks!

Favourite Picture

This picture just sums up my friends and I... the childishness and stupidity just never stops. We're a crazy bunch!

Was Very Happy When...
I won my first giveaway :D I recieved this beautiful bracelet! Thank you the lovely Jess from Sparks and Fireworks :) 
Gorgeous bracelet from LUXLA 
I can't say I have achieved much this month... I'm proud of myself for organising a holiday, getting us there without any hiccups blah blah lol

Looking Forward to..
Meh :( Have nothing really to look forward to in August.. Holiday is over now, I'm still having holiday blues! But I'm sure it will be a good month regardless!

Just wanna say hope everyone effected by these RIDICULOUS rioters stay safe and well! The media are annoying me with these rioters.. asking 'why' the youths are doing it. Are they poor? Are they bored? Is it because of the government? I say NO... none of these reasons.. Only in Britain would a child who is setting up riots on a £300 smart phone could be called 'poor.' I didn't have many youth facilities as a child, many didn't.. yet I didn't didn't start riots. The kids are simply having the time of their lives... Its sad to say, but they are having ''fun''. They are pathetic children who have no respect for their country, the law, their neighbours. Stronger force is NEEDED.. Rubber bullets, water canons, tazer guns etc... Stay Safe everybody!

Thanks for reading you guysss :)


  1. Just found your blog and love it, especially this sort of post :) xx


  2. I love those shorts!

    Lucy x

  3. Nice post, I love the nails and your shorts :D x

  4. Love the first outfit! Especially the John Lennon and Marianne Faithful tee!


    Follow and comment please x

  5. I absolutely adore your Dizzee Rascal outfit!! You looked fabbo :) the coat looks gorgeous (it's raining here today maybe you'll be lucky too?!) and as for your lusting after boots - WOW!

    Completely agree that August is always a bit ofa downer month ha-ha but at least the weathers been fairrrly ok (probably jinxed it now but oh-well)


  6. Hi Lowri! Thanks for the comment. I love these pieces. Those Senso Delilah shoes are so amazing! Now you got me lusting for them too. :) xx


  7. I love the jacket that you bought, and that picture of you with your friends makes me smile! Those rings, what a bargain - they are beautiful!



  8. love your favourite outfit too!
    and those topshop boots are awesome


  9. this is such a sweet idea for a post! looks like you found some amazing purchases :)


  10. You are so cute! And those nails looks so cool. I want!

  11. love the nails. awesome post :)


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