15 August 2011

Stop, LOOK and Listen...

Entry for Look Magazine Blogging Competition

My life in Style

To say that the place I grew up in had streets paved with fashion would be a big fat lie. Fashion was never part of my life, it took me years to actually realise that clothes were not just for wearing, but for expressing personality, feelings and to make you look good. My unfashionable past is a thing I look back on and CRINGE!

 My mother is a dab hand on the sewing machine; as a young girl she would dress me in handmade beautiful floral dresses, and gorgeous velvet floppy hats- thing's that I would Love to be wearing now but back then I was your typical Tom-boy; not in the way of Alexa-esque boyfriend shirts or Coco Chanel inspired jackets; I lived in tracksuits and would only buy trainers in the boys section as the girls section was home to WAY to much pink! 

As I grew a little older I started to become more clothes concious; I actually started dressing like a girl... BUT I looked more ridiculous than ever! I used to plaster blue eyeshadow right across my eyelids, blue clearly suited me as I have blue eyes; that was the thought behind the process! I remember wearing skirts way to tight for someone the age I was. I just looked a MESS! 

The turning moment for me and my style was when I started to become obsessed with Playboy (lol seriously). Talk about a girl obsessed... I had EVERYTHING PLAYBOY and it wasn't cheap y'know!! I wouldn't dream of wearing anything Playboy now, but I do thank it. My 'Playboy fix' was in the local Debenhams; while in Debenhams I had to pass the Topshop and Oasis concessions, and being the Magpie that I am I couldn't just pass without looking at all the pretty things. One thing led to another and I suddenly became interested in fashion. 

Fashion has became more than just an interest, but a MAJOR part of my life. If I'm not shopping I'm window shopping. I'm always styling my friends and family and giving them style advise. I am forever trying to predict up coming trends.. and I'm not often wrong. I'm constantly reading magazines and blogs. I find inspiration everywhere from city streets to more untouched natural places. I started this blog in hope to find other like-minded people who live and breath fashion. 

So, Why should LOOK pick me?
I think I could give a different perspective on fashion. I'm someone who hasn't always been a little fashionista so I know what works and what doesn't. Living in a little unfashionable  village I have had to find inspiration from different types of surroundings. I could give a 'small town' perspective on a 'big town' thing, which I think a lot of people would benefit from and love reading. Sitting in the Front Row would be something I have only of ever dreamt of becoming a reality. I think winning would benefit me personally, and give me an experience which would help me in my career, as well as benefiting my blog; I would love to reach out to people who may never have found me. 

lots of Love...


  1. This is a great piece! Good luck!!! (and I had to giggle at the Playboy part, sorry! hehe )

  2. Haha.. I was young and confused ;) Thanks hun xx

  3. Definitely got my fingers crossed for yoooou! Good luck x

  4. Good luck girl! :)

  5. Aww I just entered this too! Good luck with your entry.


  6. Good luck!


  7. Thanks everyone.. and good luck to all you who entered too :)



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