7 November 2011

My lucky shopping trip!

Hey guys! Was meant to be going on a health and safety course today (yawn) but it was cancelled (annoying as I got up at 6am) so I thought I would use my spare day and actually blog about something! I went shopping yesterday so thought I'd show you what I've bought... It was definitely my lucky day!

Firstly up is my bargain of the century! 
River Island
I've taken the stock photo as I cannot get a decent picture of this dress, annoyed though as the dress is actually a lot nicer in real life than on the website! But anyway.. the price is £60.. Definitely not a bargain I hear you say! Well... there is about literally 4 sequins missing off the bottom of the dress so it was marked up as £10!!!! Well I ended up having it for £15.. but seriously that can't have been the right price.. When I seen the £10 price tag I thought the dress must have some serious sequins missing.. but no literally about 4! I couldn't even find the missing sequins at first! My luck was most definitely in yesterday! That's my dress sorted for my friends birthday night out! Oh don't you just love human error! 

My luck didn't just end there...

I'm sure you have all seen this Primark skirt that has taken the blogging world by storm? Well I have wanted it ever since I set my eyes on it, but it has been sold out every time I have been to Primark! Well yesterday my luck changed... sitting amongst all the coats was this skirt.. it was the only one in the whole shop and it was MY SIZE!! I was beyond chuffed! Can't wait to wear this little ensemble. The gorgeous top is from River Island! 

My other Primark buys were... 

The shoes look awesome on.. they're have a very slight 'creeper' style which I love as I can't afford proper creepers just yet! Oh and I'm obsessed with patterned/suspender tights so I bought three pairs :D 

Im awaiting on a few items in the post, including a vintage tweed blazer (woohoo) I'll be sure to show you when they all arrive :) 


  1. That dress looks so so nice!! x

  2. Good day shopping!! I got the coat I wanted in New Look 30% off today, hurrah and I found the fut h&m stole I wanted :)

  3. Oh my, what an amazingggggggggggggg outfit! I LOVE the teee, especially with the detailed bow it adds so much. And know what you mean about the skirt, if you don't have it, you aren't cool.. shame. I totally don't have it! Cannot wait to see this on.x

  4. Oh my actual goddddddddddd! That dress is just freaing amazing! I cannot BELEIVE you got it for £15. Please share with me?!! Ha-ha. Lovwe the skirt too ;)


  5. SUCH a great dress! you scored!

    xo, vanessa (the gal)


  6. Cheers to good prices and great purchases !!!! Happy for you that you found that primark skirt ! x

  7. Primark does have some really great tights at the mo!

  8. this dress is really beautiful...

  9. Seriously, £15 is amazing for that dress, it's amazing! Well done (:

  10. WOW i love when that happens!! soo lucky! the dress is stunning!!!! cant wait to see it on you!! :))

    XOXO Kasia

  11. I can't tell you how much I wish Primark was in Australia! Gahhh so excellent. That River Island dress is amazing, what a steal!


  12. That dress was an amazing bargain, lucky you! I also have been looking for this skirt but can not find it anywhere :( loving the suspender tights too!

    Georgie <3

  13. I always look for a bargain when I go shopping!
    I had my NYE dress sorted already in july as I bought a floor-length, sequined maxi dress (almost the same as Charlotte wore in SATC) at Oasis discounted from £200 to a tenner!
    Love the skirt as well!


  14. Great dress - perfect for the party season! Love your blog & am now following you. Please check out our blog. Thanks doll x


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