16 November 2011


You know when you look forward to wearing an outfit so much... and then you put it on, look in the mirror and  it is just nothing special... nothing like you imagined it would be.. Well, that is today's outfit! 

Skirt: primark. Top: River Island

The top doesn't fit that well, and the skirt is nicer off than on.. Not a horrible outfit, just not as special as I thought it would be...
I wore this out for a meal for my friends birthday last night, we went to T.G.I Firday's and it was quite nice.. I think I picked the wrong food though; hate eating at new places, it always takes me so long to decide what I want, and when I get it I wish I had something else! I like going to my regular places where I know what I'm eating without looking at the menu.. Yes, I'm such an adventurous person haha! 

Oh actually, talking of adventure.. some people in work are organising a sky dive for charity.. I'm sooo going to do it :D

I feel a bit out of the loop in the blogging world lately.. I'm not commenting and reading blogs as avidly as i once did, and I'm not blogging as much as I would like to! Quite busy at the moment, what with a full time job, as well as a full time uni course (and two essay's that have yet to be started that are due in next week). It's funny that you can miss a little 'online community' so much! 

Last thing for today... check out my clothes on Ebay HERE :) 


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  2. Oh Lowri, I personally LOVE your outfit here. I mentioned it when you'd bought it, it looks so so cute. The tee is amazing, and goes so well with the skirt. BUT I do know what you mean when things never look how they should. Sad times!

  3. lovely outfit, i love the little bow on the top!


  4. I love this look! I think it looks gorgeous :) the top is so pretty + as for the skirt -dies- I think we're always hard on ourselves but you look fabbo :)

    Missed your face/blogs!


  5. ah this is cute! love the top, the bow is so sweet! i know what you mean about eating at new places, i'm so stuck in my ways i always tend to order the same thing for fear of wasting my money.

    lovely blog :)


  6. I think the outfit looks great, I love the top!

  7. well I really like the outfit, I think the skirt would look fab with white tshirt with a black print on a a huge chuny cardi. x

  8. Well, I think you look LOVELY! I love TGI aswell but that was the place I went to when i found pieces of glass in my cocktail :( Won't be going there for a while! x

  9. Very cute outfit, love the skirt. Great blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back

  10. This post is pretty much something I could copy word for word haha! I always have'amazing' outfit ideas that disappoint me (I think yours looks great though by the way!)

    I always choose the same food in restaurants, I have had 3 essays due over the past 3 weeks so I have barely read posts properly or commented as much as I would like too!

    Ah well, looking forward to the xmas hols :)

    Serendipity Style Blog @

  11. such a cute outfit, i love the bow on the top xx


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