6 July 2011

Primark vs Lowri

Yo yo yo!

My friend wanted to go shopping yesterday, so I tagged along just to get out of the house...

I am really skint so primark was my only affordable option. I went in seen two nice top's instantly and told myself I would spend only £10 maximum.. I seen another nice top and thought Ok, so maybe ill spend £20 maximum.. ended up spending £32.. but if I could have spent a whole lot more really easily!

Primark: 1 - Lowri: 0 

top: £3
Poncho/jumper: £12

It's looks like a poncho, but it has sleeeves! 

both £3


£5 or £6 (cant remember)
This top started it's life with frilly sleeves and a longer
body, but I cut off the sleeves and shortened it!
To be fair, I'm usually not too fond of Primark.. The shopping experience is normally HELL! 
  • Clothes all over the floor
  • Chav's galore
  • Sizes on hanger are never the size of the garment hanging on it
  • You have to physically fight your way through people to find the best things
  • You have to search and search through piles of crap to find something you like, whereas you walk, for example into Topshop and instantly 20 million amazing things jump out at you shouting 'BUY MEE'
  • Huge queue's no matter what time of day
BUT... yesterday was almost a pleasant experience. I walked in.. instantly liked a few things, most hangers were displaying the correct sizes, didn't see one chav (must have been sign on day in the job centre haha) the queues weren't rediculous! So all in all not a bad trip! Rather pleased! 

I also bought a little dress in H&M... It will be perfect on holidays with a tan belt, gold chunky jewellery and sandles...

Hope your all having an awesome week :)


  1. oh my god that poncho is from primark?amazing :D
    loving the dream catcher top been eyeing that up for a while

    awesome buys :D

    kate xo

  2. You snagged some beautiful fabrics!
    The patterns on your clothes are beautiful.


    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  3. So lovely! I'm loving the tribal pattern poncho top and the wolf top! Gorgeous.

    You've got a really cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  4. I can't believe these are all from primark?? I love them! Seriously need to see if can get some of these at my local store!

    Especially love the poncho!!



  5. Haha love the Primark shopping experience bit, so true. It's even worse in my home town, which is chavvy on its own, so all the chavs cluster together in Primark like bees in a hive!

    However, a trip on the train to Manchester and Primark is a lot better there. They have all the nice stuff where you can actually see it like you said, it's quite big so there's lots of choice and its a lot less untidy (but still rather untidy - the price you have to pay for bargains I guess...haha!)

    xxx Kat


  6. Some lovely primark finds!! I was in Primark today and the queues were awful! I love the vest in the first photo :)


  7. WHY OH WHY is there no Primark here? Love that poncho.

    strawberry freckleface

  8. Wow these items are so great! I want them so badly! Primark is so good!

  9. love the elephant vest, the colour is amazing.

    Got to love good old primark


  10. I love your fashion posts!! What a great read you have going on here =]



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