24 July 2011

Shoes of the Week #4


Cannot believe how quick the weeks fly by.. On #4 already! In aid of my holiday (which I totally haven't mentioned yet LOL) I thought I would dedicate this weeks feature to holiday shoes! Different types of holiday require different types of shoes.

1: Sam Edelman 2: Topshop 3: River Island
1: Finsk 252-95 2: Haus of Price Multi Gem Pump 3: Sam Edelman 'Lorissa'
Think London, Paris, New York! Shopping, sightseeing and everything else you would do on a City Break holiday. For the day you would need something comfy but stylish. In the night you would have to wear something that makes you stand out from all the other gorgeous ladies that fill the stylish streets of the City! Every street is a catwalk.. ESPECIALLY in the cities!

Beach Break
1: havaianas 2&3: Topshop
1, 2 & 4: Kurt Geiger 3: Missguided
Everybody needs the perfect comfy flip-flops.. In my humble opinion Havaianas are them; they're comfy, colourful and stylish! Sandals are also an essential on a summer holiday! The night time becomes complicated, as heels wouldn't be an option for a lot of beach break type holidays; I'm not taking any heels to Magaluf with me. BUT if I were to take heels.. I would be well happy with these gorgeous ones.. Platforms and Wedges are the most comfy heels, and in hot weather I think comfort is quite essential. There's nothing worse than being hot and bothered AND not being able to walk in your shoes! 

Festival Trip 

1: Topshop 2: Kurt Geiger 3: Doctor Martens
Ok, so a festival is not technically a holiday..but it is something you would get exited over and pack your suitcase/backpack for. I'm directing these shoe idea's to a British Festival. We all know what the British weather is like, and we all know how muddy festivals are. Wellies are pretty much an essential for an outdoor event. Sandals are a 'just in case' the sun comes out. Need I say anything about the Doc Martens, they're effortlessly cool and are hard-wearing and I reckon they could take on the rain, sun, hailstones and whatever else the weather could potentially throw at us! Fashion is one of the most important factors in a festival.. so shoes must not only be comfortable and weather ready but also super stylish!

So guuuuuys.. Unless I write a scheduled post you wont be hearing from me now until about the 3rd August.. as I am going to Magaluf Tuesday (Eeeeeeek) BUT there will be plenty to talk about and a whole load of holiday pictures/outfits for you to nose at when I'm home.. I'm so unbelieveably exited! :D

Hope you all have an amazing week (I'm positive I will hehe)

Lotsa love 


  1. You can get a fab pair of leopard boots like the first pair in internacionale for about £20!! they look really nice.
    Have fun on your hols x

  2. I love the studded loafers, they're amazing!

  3. I
    I've just discovered your blog. It's amazing. I like your style and I agree with you with the collar loving and buttoned up style.
    Best regards from Barcelona

  4. Hey honey! You have won my LUXLA giveaway! I have sent you an email too!

    Sparks and Fireworks


  5. Heyy! congats on winning jess' giveaway! and i love pretty much all of those shoes! they're gorgeous :)
    XOXO Becca

  6. Would LOVE some floral DMs! You're right, very festival-ey!

  7. Fabulous shoes picks! Dying over the colorblocked wedges!


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  9. Love the black studded flats! Gorgeous!

  10. love the "night" picks!
    xo Cara

  11. OMG at those leo print boots! Perfection!

  12. I love the city break shoes, especially the night time ones. I have a thing for heels!

  13. the first selection for night is awesome! Love the 1st ones!!!!!



  14. Wow, these shoes look great!!:D Totally loooove them!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  15. just discovered your blog!!.. love it!!


  16. I'm totally loving the patterns on shoes. It took me a while to get used to the look, but I can't get enough of them now! Bold shoes are a must-have.
    I love the name of your blog, by the way- genius!



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