23 October 2011

Designer or High street...

 I'm gonna go all Gok Wan on you today!... Can you all tell which is the 'Look for MORE' or the 'Look for LESS'?
I think this will be easy for most of you as you will recognise high street items easily, especially if you shop as much as I do! 

Look for More = £5425 (wow)
Look for Less = £361.99


Which look do you prefer?

Personally... I like elements of both looks. I'd wear the trousers, hat and ring from Look 1 and the shirt and coat from look 2... and I'll take both pairs of shoes please :)

My point is... Is there really that much difference between designer and high street?
In my eyes the answer is NOT REALLY!
Obviously a designer item will last you much, much longer (probably longer than it will actually be in fashion) Designer items have special little details that are absent in the majority of high street clothes. The touch, cut and shape of a designer item will generally be better than that of a high street item. Designer items are investments.. If I were to splash out on a designer piece, I would make sure that it was something classic and not something 'on trend' something that will never ever date.. such as a black blazer.
On the other hand, why buy designer when you can get much much more for your money on the high street. You can even invest in high end high street items in places such as All Saints and Reiss. Shops like All Saints really match the quality and special details found in designer items.

So.. If I were to win the lottery would I loyally stick with the High Street or would I move designer?
Answer: I'd shop in both. Both offer different things! I'd buy what I really like, and it wouldn't matter what it said on the label!
Gok always says it doesn't matter about how much money you have... You can look good on a £50 budget or on a £50,000 budget! I think he's totally spot on! It really bugs me when people can't dress tidy (not fashionable, just tidy) when Primark is cheap and has lovely clothes!



  1. Haha, Gok Wan! I definitely preferred the second outfit - and knew it was the cheaper one straight away. The Topshop coat gave it away!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  2. I completely agree! I mean, if I won the lottery (we can all dream right?) then it wouldn't make me sack off high street and head for designer.. I mean i could AFFORD to and of course I'd probably splash out on one thing, but my theory is.. more money equals MORE things instead of one major expensive thing! Either that, or I'm just a greedy bear!
    I really like the second outfit. I love the trousers, although I never actually wear trousers.. but seeing so many posts with lovely ones, maybe i'll be converted! x

  3. I really like them both! The coat in the top picture is gorgeous. I want! X

  4. Ive gotta say i do prefer the second look :D great post love stuff like this xxx

  5. Love these posts ha-ha I'm obsessed with doing them on my blog because it is SO TRUE there is just not that much difference and I'm sorry breaking my bank for something when there's something for a 10th of the price and literallly 95%+ as gorgeous - no brainer for me ;)


  6. i love both outfits which just proves your point !

  7. those items are pretty much identical as well! wow ...

  8. t is nice to know that there are still some fashion bloggers who are dressing purely for comfort and not to show off their designer brands, I love this post.

    Emilia xo

  9. I must say, I love the shoes from the first look!

    Would be a pleasure if you visit me on my blog too!


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