2 October 2011

September... monthly round up #4

These monthly round-ups come around way too quickly!! I almost forgot to do one until I realised it's actually OCTOBER? Crazy right? 

Favourite Outfit

I wore this on the day of my birthday and just felt super comfortable! This outfit defines some my fashion loves right now.. leather, aztec, chunky knits, skulls (necklace)... see the 'outfit post' here

Favourite Fashion Buy

I bought this shirt from New Look the other day, I'm yet to wear it but I've been lusting over snake print for a while now! I can't wait to style it up and actually wear it :) It looks much much nicer in real life than in this picture. I think New Look website makes everything look so mumsy.. they really don't picture their clothes very well! 

Favourite Beauty Buy
rio rio
I ordered this online, something I wouldn't normally do when buying lipstick but the colour is absolutely fab, a really bright sexy red! With my newly dark hair I thought red would look fab as when I had red hair I was a bit scared of red overload! It's not as easy to apply as my favourite Mac lippy (which I may have lost :( ), but it is half the price! 

Favourite Nails

My take on the 'galaxy nail' trend. I didn't appreciate these nails as much as I should have when I actually had it on, I wasn't that impressed. After I took it off I missed this gorgeous mani and can't wait to do it again.. see my post here

Biggest Splurge
I haven't really splurged at all this month, most things I have bought have been fairly cheap and cheerful. Although I did spend £40 in Primark on just three things.. which in my eyes is a bit of a splurge! 

Best Bargain

I always contradict myself... as I just mentioned my 'spurge' in Primark, well during that splurge I found these gorgeous bargains! Just £16 and I absolutely love them! they have a little heel too which I love! Super comfy too! 
Biggest Lust

I'm annoyed that I can't find a picture of my 'biggest lust' item online. It is a leopard print fur coat from Topshop and it is absolutely devine!! It is a tad pricey at £100 but looks like it would be well worth it! 
I'll leave you with a picture of a coat that isn't quite my biggest lust, but I would happily buy if money was no object :)

Plan on Buying

I have actually bought for now everything I want, but I plan on buying a claw ring once I find a cheap one and I need a vintage lace Basque more than anything but I CANNOT find one! Anyone know of any? I want black! There is one on ASOS but it's not quite perfect! 

Favourite Picture

Makes me laugh every time.. just sums up my birthday night out perfectly: MESSY! 

Well I work in Morrisons and took the plunge and applied for a supervisor job... don't know if I got it yet, but just applying is a bit of an achievement! Other than that I've been a lazy bugger this month... uni starts again Monday though, so no more lazy Lowri! 
Also I think my lovely blog has grown a bit this month, as in I feel I have put more effort with outfit posts, which was the original aim for this blog! 
Looking Forward to

SOUTH WALES BLOGGER MEET!! I'm beyond exited! Can't wait to meet some fellow bloggers.. although I hope I'm not shy; I don't think I'm shy but you never know with me... lol!

HALLOWEEEEEEN!!! Last years Halloween was probably the best, most funny night of my life... you know a night that will stay in your memories forever? Well I'm hoping we can re-create that same madness this Halloween! Just what do I dress up as? Dying to dress as a Jack in the box, but maybe be awkward to go the the loo! 

Also.. I mentioned in my last post that I'm going to start my own little business selling hand painted false nails.. Well I can't wait for that to get underway and hopefully start making some moneys :) 

That's all from me.. September has been a good month :D Bring on October!


  1. Looks like you've had an amazing month, love that photo of you on your birthday!

  2. Haha that sleepy/drunk photo is hilarious, I feel asleep in the loos on my last work night out - we're kindred spirits ;)


    p.s. Those nails are AMAZING!

  3. I love the Galaxy nails! Gorgeous! I love how yo have rounded the month - its a great idea for when you look back on your blog next year and remember what you did 12 months ago. x

  4. i just love ur jumper, the pattern on it is lovellyyy and i love those nails to and i need to pop into primark myself but just havnt had the time yet! xxxxxx

  5. i know the topshop coat you are talking about, it's beautiful! that coat you've posted a picture of is just as nice though, i tried it on the other day and i fell in love with it, can't afford it though and already have one too many coats. still it's nice to dream! haha xxx

  6. Ooh, I'm love with that snakeskin top as well as those shoes! Hope everything works out for the business. :) xx

  7. great post! love your aztec sweater! I also like the leopard coat from topshop but its too expensive!! nice blog as well wanna follow each other?


  8. Your vesion of the galaxy nails looks really good! And I really like the jumper you wore on your birthday! :)

  9. I wish you good luck for your application:) Your sweater is lovely and I also love the galaxy nail trend! That coat is very chic:)

    Stories and Sequins

  10. I loved this post, everything is so gorgeous especially those shoes! I can't believe they are from Primark, they are perfect!

    I'm well excited.
    I've got a wedding, Britney, ballet and Patrick Wolf this month well excited!

  12. Fab post, loving the drunken pic hehe.

    Sadie x


  13. Love this monthly round-up! :) I love your outfit!


  14. Your nails look frigging awesome! x

  15. Great post! I officially need to do some galaxy nails :)

  16. That coat from Topshop is definitely very lust worthy. So pretty!

    Yeah, I think I'd like to live in NY for a couple of months or a year, but not to settle down in.


  17. Those nails are wicked! Where in Wales are you living? I am from Pembroke but am a London gal now ;) I go home once a month though x


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