27 June 2011

Holiday Special

Hey guys

There's just four weeks until I jet off to Glamorous Magaluf.. It will be my third year holidaying there, I totally love the place. The atmosphere is amazing, the sun is a welcome change, the cheap drinks are lethal.. and it really is one of the best party places on this Earth! Obviously somewhere like Magaluf is not for everyone; but it suits me to a tee!

What am I going to wear? 
Magaluf certainly isn't the place for glamorous sunnies, beautiful detailed maxi dresses, and big floppy hats. Magaluf is no Marbella! Of course that doesn't mean that fashion and glamour goes completely out of the window.. the style is just more laid back and casual.

You're totally hungover from a crazy night out on the Maga strip.. all you want to do is get some greasy fried food down your throat. You throw your un-brushed hair into a topknot and maybe add a hairband, wipe off last nights make-up (then in my case put some waterproof mascara and eye-liner on),  put on a cute bikini and some sort of cover-up, grab your shades then your good to go.. normally takes less than 15 minutes..

All items: Topshop
After a day of baking in the sun (or in my case sitting in the sun for half hour, deciding it's too hot, then going back to the room to cool down/sleep for the rest of the day) it's time to get ready to go get drunk (again). Night time looks in Magaluf are still casual, people wearing heels kinda looks odd (by heels I mean huge ones). You don't see many 'going out dresses' like you would see on a night out in Cardiff etc. This would be my perfect night out outfit, Magaluf style..

Jewellery: Regal Rose
Bag: River Island
Everything Else: Topshop

Beauty Essentials

Models Own nail varnish
Mac- Kohl Eyeliner
-pigment eyeshadow
Benefit -Bad Gal waterproof mascara
-instant brow
-high beam
-hoola bronzer
-throbb blusher
Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
Carmex lipsal
E45 cream
I actually probably have more beauty essentials than this, such as face wipes, hair care etc..

Everybody loves pretty underwear.. obviously underwear is an essential (for most) these are the sets that I would love to be wearing on my hols...

All topshop
(click image to enlarge)
Of course I'd need to take plain white, black and nude bra's too! 

As much as shoes are my favourite accessory ever, they really arn't important to me on holiday. Flip flops for the day, Sandles for the night... I'll probably take a tan pair of sandles and a black pair. Here's some of my favourite...

Hope you enjoyed this post.. I sure did enjoy making it.. Got me super exited! I want to start packing my suitcase already! I actually love the week before holidays, lots of organising, planning outfits, sorting out essentials and getting the last things together ready to leave! Bring on the 26th July :) 


  1. i have never been - is it good>? x

  2. for me the best is short with USA flag ;)


  3. this whole post is pretty sweet:)

  4. loving the bright outfits you've put together! and bright nail polish is a must! so many people seem to be going to magaluff! hope you have a fab time lovely xxx

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  5. Kirsty- It's Amazing if you like that sort of thing! Just a place you can completely relax and let your hair down!

    Thanks all for the comments :)


  6. Ooooh my friend is off to Magaluf too. I'm off to dubai in 2 weeks, woop woop! xo

  7. Hahah I went to Mallorca for five weeks on a field trip but stayed in the mountains and couldn't face a trip to Magaluf - is it fun? Your picks for it look nice!

  8. i want alll of this!

  9. Great post! love all this Summer look inspiration too, thanks for sharing x

  10. ohhh, how long are you going for? have fun! i've never really been on a drinking holiday, but i know a few people who have... yep, i think you chose "lethal" as the right adjective :p


  11. I've never heard of Magaluf! That bikini is adorable!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely! We're now happily following! :)

    sorelle in style

  12. really enjoyed the post! I miss topshop so much!

  13. i really love top shops banana garments i need to get some the fruit prints there so fun!


  14. I love the american short!:) xxx

  15. I have a memory of me being at Magaluf you know?
    I love your sets!!!

  16. love the night look, I want those flag shorts so bad! just cant seem to justify the price tag at the moment x

  17. Completely in love with that banana bikini, that print is so much fun, it's brilliant!!

    Have an amazing holiday, enjoy the sun, sea and the sand!


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