22 January 2012


 As your probably aware Sarenza are holding a competition to become one of their ambassadors.. Now you all know how much I love shoes so I cannot and will not miss this opportunity. I always browse the Sarenza Website and when they say that it is 'Your ultimate shoe closet' they are not lying! To be involved with sarenza and have the chance to review amazing footwear EVERY MONTH is a dream come true for a shop-aholic/shoe-aholic like me!

My favourite shoes are the Cherry Red Dr Martens
If I had to chose a shoe that personified my personality it would be a pair of Dr Martens, they are... 
-Completely British
-Hard to break in, but forgiving when done so
-Hard exterior but soft interior 
-Top Quality
-Stand out in a crowd 
-Loads of fun
-You either love them or hate them 

I don't really need to explain why they're my favourite.. just look at them! Here's a few ways I would wear them, I especially love the last outfit, very 90's grunge which is the style I'm edging toward lately. 

I will be purchasing these regardless of the outcome of this competition coz they are freaking AMAZING! 

Good luck y'all if you enter :) 


  1. I have mixed feelings about them but love the way you've styled them! I seen a lovely pink pair recently so if I ever did get a pair it would be the pink or this colour!

  2. I love them but they look awful on me, I'm far too girly. All these looks are very you :) xx

  3. I like your outfits so much! This is such a cool post!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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  4. Good luck :)
    K x

  5. i adore cherry red docs! and you've put them with some really awesome outfits here! xx

  6. Love the items you´ve picked dear, love your blog!



  7. oh i badly want the cherry docs!

    ps i'm hosting a giveaway at the moment...ends tommorow!


  8. I love all the items! I'm definitely going to have to enter this competition!


  9. Good luck with the competition, it sounds like an amazing opportunity!
    I love that last outfit, I noticed that dress on the Topshop website the other day and I really want it!

    Gillian x

  10. I love the vertical striped blazer and have been wanting one to add to my wardrobe. Great pieces! :)


  11. I abs love Dr Martins, I haven't yet got myself a pair, but I think there quite versatile footwear. They do have a grungy look to them, but if styled right they can look great!

    For my blog, click here :)

  12. I want the cherry red docs so bad! x

  13. YES I love these, so perfect!! good luck xxx

  14. loving this grungey collection! great blog hun. i am a big fan of dr martins - got some black ones recently.


  15. Hands down DM's are the single best shoes ever created. Love them in that colour & love the blazerrrr! Great blog :-) xo

  16. AHHH these outfits are amazing,can you be my stylist pleeeease :D love the red docs they are beautiful xx


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