17 January 2012

shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist

Since payday I've been pretty much non-stop purchasing! Going to London really didn't help the matter.. most of what is pictured here was bought there :) 

Not sure the dress is very 'me' but will probably toughen it up a bit, do love it though! The shirt is awesome and looks and feels a tad more expensive than it was! 


LOVE both of these things.. was actually hoping to find this dress in the dark red colour, but didn't! It literally fell out of the sale rail into my hands... I didn't even see it lol.. So I knew I had to buy it! What I love about velvet is the how theres lots of different shades of colour depending on where the light hits, weirdly though, thats what I used to hate about velvet! The shorts were featured in my latest Wish List and they are perfect.. have picked them up many a time in Topshop but always told myself I didn't need any more shorts!  Glad I finally got them! 


This picture does not do this jacket justice! I think it will be perfect in spring/summer when you just need a little cover up, its very lightweight! I love that it's aztec and pastely type colours (more-so in real life than on this pic) so will be bang on trend for S/S! This was a massive bargain, reduced from £40 to £20 and then when I got to the till it was £10 (£9 with NUS woohoo)! 


The design of this bag has me written all over it.. I could not leave it in the shop! The only thing is I'm really not fussed on the shape of the bag.. it's one of them shoulder bags that tuck right up under your armpit! Remind me of bags I used to use when I was like 12! I'm gonna buy a long silver chain to make it into an across body bag.. 


Well, when I went to spitalfields I was under the impression that markets start early.. but no everywhere around there doesn't open till like 11am! So there wasn't much to look at, but I aim to go there again on a Sunday in summertime.. I'm sure it is amazing then! I bought this beautiful headband, been lusting over one for a while, but didn't think it would suit me.. This one is so perfect, it feels like real fur it's so so soooo soft! It is faux though :) It's been so cold up here in the valleys the last couple of days, so I'm sure I'll get good use out of this!


This was a monster of a bargain.. I bought it over at NFD on Asos Marketplace on sale for £16 reduced from about £54! The blue is so vibrant in real life.. my camera does the colour no justice at all! Here's the link to this beautiful shirt! Ahh... while getting the link I've realised the shirt has gone back up to full price :( I feel extra lucky now though haha! 

Sooo, lovely people that's what I've been buying! Oh, and I'm well chuffed to say that I have reached 300 followers... YAY! Thank you all, another little mile-stone for me and my little blog!


  1. Firstly, I LOVE the title of this post. I may make it my motto!

    And second of all, that NFD shirt is gorgeous! Defs going to have a spy on their website and ASOS Marketplace now.

  2. Yup, the title of this post is a winner!!

    LOVE the aztec jacket from urban outfitters.. It's the type of thing that will go with just about everything. What a find.



  3. Love the NFD shirt :)
    K x

  4. I am in love with the heart print Primark dress, will be looking out for that definitely! Love the idea of turning the bag into a cross body one too :) xxx

  5. Love the urban outfitters jacket! such a great bargain as well :)

    Fashion Crossing

  6. I love every single item of clothing there! Especially the striped shorts, they are lush! xx

  7. Omg when you put a longer strap on the bag it will be perfection.. Some lovely things here sweetie xxx

  8. That bag is very you! I need to get in Primark and find that loveheart dress, so cute!

  9. I love the Primark, Topshop and Never Fully Dressed buys


  10. Two of my friends have the striped shorts and velvet dress, I get insanely jealous everytime I see them wearing them, they are gorgeous! Lovely buys :-) xx

  11. The last top is beautiful, good find!!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  12. How gorgeous is the navy blouse, I love the gold detailing!x

  13. Great buys, that bag does have you written all over it, you couldn't have left it behind! Love the idea of replacing the strap.

    Congrats on the followers - its well deserved xx

  14. I really love the Primark heart dress, I hope it comes into my local store soon!

  15. The primark dress it too cute! I really like the topshop velvet number aswell, i bought mine the red but i dunno i think i actually prefer the blue!


  16. Love the shorts and the blouse! X

  17. I love the spotty Primark shirt. I saw it the other day when I was shopping but didn't buy it, really wish I had now! The last shirt is gorgeous too, love the sequins!

    Gillian x

  18. Haha so true! Love the Topshop shorts!


  19. i want those shorts so badly!!
    i even do matching nails just to make myself feel abit better! xoxo


  20. nice haul, i love all your apparels! loving the bag!

    CMPang x

  21. I love those shorts they are so cute! :) X

  22. ahhhhhh my gad those purchases are making me so jealous wah! I love the primark dotty blouse abd that bag - I agree with the shape its a little awkward but the design is beeeautiful and the idea of turning it into a side bag is sweeet! Really love your blog - glad I found it! :)

    Kavita @ http://www.shewearsfashion.com

  23. You got some great things, can't even pick my favourite but I do love the sequin collar shirt and urban outfit jacket :) xx

  24. Love the polka dot shirt and the striped shorts. That last shirt is simply gorgeous and what a bargain you must be delighted! Congrats on 300!

  25. Great purchases! I have the topshop velvet dress in red! The U.O jacket is really unsual but nice too!

    Georgie <3

  26. Some great items! I got a black polka dot shirt from primark a few years ago...it's still going strong as one of my go to items! x

  27. Hey, in which Primark did you find the heart printed dress? I went to Oxford Street and Hammersmith today just for it, but it was out of stock :( and how much was it?

    1. I bought it in Oxford Street, think it was £13! Sucks that its out of stock :( x


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