1 January 2012

2011 Yearly round up #1

Well... I have had my little space on the web since April, and with it being New Year and all I thought it may be time to reflect back on everything... 

I started my 'Monthly Round up' posts in June so I'm gonna take a look at them and pick my 'ultimate favourites' 

here's the link backs to my posts:

Ultimate Favourite Outfit


Just wish I wore it somewhere more special than for an Indian Meal lol!

Ultimate Favourite Fashion Buy


It's still easily the best cardigan I own!

Ultimate Favourite Beauty Buy

Not featured in a Monthly Round up

HD Brow Palette 
How did I actually live without this before?? I looked like a plonker before this ha!

Ultimate Biggest Splurge

Not featured in a Monthly Round up

These were once practically every bloggers dream! lol! Theres so many wannabe lita's around now, makes me rather angry that I bought them.. and I sooooo wish I got them in black! *If only I could tuuurn back timme!* I would buy the wannabe lita's in black, but coz I got the real thing I don't think I could own any wannabe's, if you know what I mean lol! 

Ultimate Best Bargain

H&M Fur stole.. another blogger favourite! It's so soft and pretty and I got it for super cheap :D 

Ultimate Favourite Nails


It's funny coz I didn't like these that much when I had it on, but the picture is so lush! 

Ultimate Biggest Lust


I talked about a coat I'd seen that was no longer online, and I couldn't afford it and it was gorgeous blah blah... I finally got it in December woohoooo! 

Bought from Topshop via the wonderful world of Ebay... I've wanted a fur coat like this for years, but never wanted to spend the money, kept thinking they would go out of fashion... but nope I have faith that I will be wearing this same coat when I'm 80 lol! 

Ultimate Planning on Buying

Out of everything I planned on buying.. I actually only bought about 2 things! The biggest thing I'm planning on buying is a brand new smile... consultation is in ten days wooohooo!! 

Ultimate Favourite Picture

Aww.. all the blogger girlies :) Had a wonderful day with them.. and I need to go to more meets in 2012! I need to be more organised and book things off work straight away so I stop missing out! 

Ultimate Favourite Blog Posts

I've looked back through my whole blog and picked my favourite posts! Most are on this side of September.. that's when my blog started to become (in my opinion) a lot better, with outfit posts becoming a lot less sparse and a whole lot better :)  although, lately I've been posting a lot less than I am happy with! This must change :)  


Notable Yearly Achievements

I became a supervisor!
I completed year 2 of University
I actually paid for my own holiday (massive for me, normally have to have mammy to pay coz I'm shit with money)

2012.. Looking forward to..

Having a new smile.... veneers babyyy! 
I'm looking forward to seeing how my blog can grow and get bigger! 
Hopefully going to a festival 
Living life to the full! 
Paying off all my debt not including my student debt lol or the debt that my teeth are gonna cost me!

Well thats it, wish I done this post last night so I could say that this is the last post for this year! lol! 
I want to thank every single reader and follower for sticking with me throughout this year.. looking back at the beginning of this blog I don't know how I had any followers at all haha!! I feel 'The Deer Head' really started to grow when I changed the name from 'Arms around a Memory' or whatever it was called, I can't even remember now lol, it was a shit name. If any non-bloggers are reading I advise you MASSIVELY to think about your name for a good while before you take the plunge and start a blog! I enjoy blogging a lot more now than when I started, I felt a lot of pressure to look good, do the 'right' posts, blah blah.. now I feel a lot more comfortable about what I say, post, what pictures I use etc etc! 

Anyways, hope you all have a brilliant 2012!  


  1. Love this post! I hope 2012 is good to you and I hope that I get to meet you again this year, we should arrange another Cardiff meet, on a Saturday, involving food & drinks xx

  2. aaw I love that photo too. I will try and plan another event in 2012 :) xx

  3. Happy New Year babe!! Absolutely LOVE your blog :) deffo one of my faves and your top outfit is easily one of my faves from this year too! Can't wait to see more posts from youu :) and I still want that cardi ha-ha!


  4. Happy new year! Great blog post! Only just found your blog but I'm loving it already and I'm following you!


  5. Happy New Year! And you've got a lovely blog.

  6. wow love the nails!! and the leo coat;-) great style!!


  7. Leopard print coats are as much an investment buy as a plain black one I think! I still need to get my hands on one.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  8. I love the cardigan! Very cute post! xo


  9. New follower!!! :) I love your style <3 xoxo from Italy

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR LOWRI! Hope 2012 is a corker for you doll :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the leopard faux fur coat, it is absoloutly stunning and the nails look amazing :) I am loving your blog, you dress so well, i AM VERY jelous of all of your clothes too hehe xx poppymale.blogspot.com

  12. I have a leopard-print faux fur coat too, I am absolutely in love with it ;)

    Following you! x



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