27 April 2011

This is me.. Lowri Bevan

At the moment feels like I'm writing to no-one? Which I suppose I kind of am?

Ok so getting to know me...

Who am I?
...Well I'm Lowri Bevan (full name Lowri Elizabeth Doreen Bevan, Oh the shame!)
... I'm 21 years old
...I live in South Wales in a little village in the valleys called Senghenydd. (google it.. biggest mining pit disaster in Britain ever!!! or something like that)
...I'm currently (regretting) studying music at Cardiff University

What are my interests?
...Big LOVE for fashion and spending money.
...Love Love LOVE playing the piano, so many emotions to explore which you never knew you had.
...I love hanging out with friends, being COMPLETELY childish.
...I like writing lists about everything! The feeling of completing a to-do list or a wish list is UH-MAZ-ING.
...I have a massive love for Cats... I have two (Tigger and Sox) who are my life!

Aim for this blog?
To be honest, I don't really know where I'm going with this blog, I just LOVE reading the many blogs out there and want to do my own. I want it to lean toward fashion, outfit posts, NOTD posts etc. I hope I can find my way, and stick to scheduled posts each week. There will possibly be a 'rant of the week' as I ALWAYS have something to rant about. I'm currently (already) struggling with the design of this blog... I'm just no good with computer designing thingy's.

A few pics of me... (and my amazing kurt geigers at the bottom (had to get them in haha)
So, hopefully there will be a lot more interesting posts... and we'll soon see what direction my blog takes :) 
thanks for reading my FIRST EVER POST :) 

ps. I don't actually have a camera yet (but am getting a new one ASAP... so outfit posts are guna be a bit of a challenge LOL)
pps. I have started a blog in the middle of exam period... what AM I thinking???? I procrastinate WAY too much!


Thanks so much for the comments everyone! I love reading them they make my day :)
Any direct questions can be asked through twitter... @LowriBevan