28 April 2011

Want Want Want...

I'm pretty sure that this is a common problem for everyone... when you have NO money, you want EVERYTHING you set your eyes on! Yet, when you have money to spend you often walk out of a shop empty handed! How annoying is it? Also when you have a massive wish list pay day seems sooo far away! 

Student loan comes in on 9th May for me (later than ever grr!)... Has anyone ever spent their loan on 'studenty' things? Coz I sure haven't. This loan will pay the remaining off my holiday (Magaluf- July 26th woooo!!!) also I will save a few hundred for spending money. I'm left with about £400ish to blow on myself! Sooo, here's a few items on my wishlist.

I am DETERMINED to find myself a pair of these very rare shoes... I have found a pair in my size on an American Website, but they're navy suede. I do love them, but really want them in this colour.
How cute is that castle ring?? I tried on the jumpsuit (when I didn't have any money) and it is sooo amazing, and fits perfectly! I really love it... really don't love the price though- £70. But something like this will last me through the summer/autumn/winter... (Im justifying the spend here). I love the scallop hem on those jeans.. but I'm starting to DIY.. so guna find myself a cheaper pair in a similar colour and maybe create them myself! 

I am lusting over this BEAUTIFUL dress from

This website has absolutely beautiful clothing! This is my favourite dress... £49. 

I have so much more I want, but haven't found exactly what item yet...
  • Dream Catcher Earrings (MASSIVE ones)
  • Tribal pattern dress (there's an amazing one on Yayer, but not in my size grrr)
  • Camel floaty skirt/or bodycon
  • Lots and lots of stone rings
  • Lots and lots of nail varnish
  • Bikinis 
  • Vintage Levi highwaisted shorts (The Urban Outfitters ones have kinda annoying sizes)
  • lots of crochet items
So here's some of what I want! Any similar items on your wishlist? 
Thanks for reading :) 


  1. I can completely understand that feeling. All the nice things are in the shops when you're skint!

    Lovely shoes btw.



  2. that dress is stunning! and yes hopefully kate will become a style icon!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  3. i love everything you have picked out :)
    i will be visiting your blog again as its soo good :)



  4. I also need a pair of those shoes in my life very badly x


  5. I totally know what you mean.
    When I have no money I want everything!
    Ha :D

    I like those Jeffrey Campbell shoes



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