6 May 2011

Friday Feelings

Hey all... Welcome to Friday feelings. I'm gonna throw out a few things I'm loving and hating this week.

LOVE <3...

Aztec prints... 

Yayer top

I think my love for Aztec is pretty self explanatory... just look at that amazing print.. 

Chocolate Milkshake

ahh they're so refreshing... craving one now! add a bit of whipped cream and your sorted!

DIY Clothing

I've been chopping clothes up like there's no tomorrow lately... and bought myself some studs to customise a bra! Got the wonderful idea from this post on Effiesmakeupbox. I love how DIY/Customisation can make a perfectly average item completely unique and special.  

I love how ALL SAINTS display these singer sewing machines in their windows, they are really beautiful vintage machines. My auntie apparently has one somewhere in her house so I'm gonna adopt it and display it in my bedroom :) 

Nail Art

I'm constantly thinking up how I'm going to decorate my nails next... my main style is the Gem fatale inspired leopard print, as its so wonderfully easy and quick! I'm hoping to get better at nail art.. maybe buy myself a Konad stamper. I've just bought a 16 set of nail art pens on Ebay for like £6.95... Haven't received them yet but I'm expecting cheap and rather crappy products.. but for that price I don't really mind. 

I loled so much this morning reading through these... I kinda want a phone that autocorrect's things now. It would be too funny! 


Yea.. hate's a pretty strong word... but it works so well and I'm so overdramatic! 

The words ''OUT OF STOCK''

It's so devastating.. especially when you know you have like a week to wait until payday so you start making a wishlist and you fall in love with the PERFECT item... payday comes and BAM... 'OUT OF STOCK' 

Uni/Uni work/Exams

Just bleughhhhhhh! enough work already please!!! 


aka The Only Way Is Essex. Like seriously. What is the point of this programme. When I watched it I felt my brain go numb and I wished and wished I could have got that hour back that I wasted and spent it more wisely. I just don't get the hype.. yea the girls are pretty the boys look good.. but seriously.. Are they acting? It Cannot be real life I'm sure! Who the f*** vajazzles? I'd actually love to know if you have been vajazzled haha

Lazy ass pieces of shit :/ 

So I live in a little village in the South Wales Valley's... I love it here sometimes.. living in the countryside.. beautiful views village life where everyone knows everyone and everyone looks out for each other, community spirit and all that jazz... But there are people who spoil where I live. There are countless people here who have never worked a DAY in their lives.. they got kids running round left right and centre (the kids are normally horrible, cheeky little shits).. they take drugs.. they have benefits to spend on booze and fags. They wear awful AWFUL clothes and need a good bath! It really REALLY infuriates me. I could go on forever about these people, but for your sake I wont! 

The thing that lives in my house that steals my socks :/

Ok.. random I know.. but I'm sure everybody has the same problem. I'm really fussy when it comes to socks, I can't bring myself to wear an odd pair.. and I always have plain black for work. I put both socks in the wash... both socks come out of the wash, they both go to the tumble dryer.. and only one sock returns. It happens all the time. I do not understand where these socks go? Just imagine all the money I've wasted on plain black socks coz I have to have a matching pair. Where are my damn socks :s 

I've got a last and final hate.. Currently hating Blogger for refusing to upload my pictures. Anyone else have this problem often? I had an amazing pair of matching plain black socks to show off.. and a wonderful picture of a MASSIVE chav.. kinda spoiled my post now! lol! 

hope you Enjoyed reading :) 




  1. haha, I love your bit about the lazy ass peeps. I TOTALLY feel the same way. Why do we contribute so much to the economy and get NOTHING back!? pfft. rubbish! x x x x

  2. Nail art is of course my favorite of all these ;).


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