4 May 2011

May the 4th be with you :)

Today will be my PATHETIC attempt at an outfit post... I have an excuse though.. No tripod (I plan to get one) and there is no-one home to take my picture. I did try though lol. I'm also gonna share my favourite site to buy amazing jewellery!

Here goes :s

Top: All Saints
Cardigan: Topshop
Shorts: River Island
Ok so NOT a very good picture AT ALL... and why is my fringe so wonky? it isn't in real life lol! I'm wearing black leather shorts by the way... The pic is a little dark and they blend with my tights.
Cute little bargains... £14 George @ASDA
Not bad for under £20 eh? Very similar to Topshop and they have a cute crochet thingy going on too.. :) I've scuffed them a tad though. 

Models Own '25 Carat Gold'
Models Own/Wah Nails black nail art pen
Ok for the jewellery... 
My all time favourite site to buy jewellery is 'Galibardy.' I absolutely LOVE the things they come up with.. I discovered this site maybe a year or two ago and have fallen in love with many of their beautiful items. They seem to be one step ahead of the trends as this was my very first order with them, and that was way before 'skull' related jewellery hit the high street. The price is well worth the quality of their pieces... there's been no 'green finger' related incidents.  
My first purchase :) 
I need to buy a brass polish... as this ring is a little worn now... I also had an idea to put red diamonte thingys in the eyes? but yeah.. prob will never happen as I'm full of ideas, but tend to forget I had them and never put them into action lol. 

My most recent purchase (My hand looks so ugly and weird in this photo)
This was the first 'amour' ring I came across (that wasn't designer).. they're everywhere now. 

And finally here's what I'm lusting over 

All items can be found here :)
So a rather long post today... Hope you enjoyed reading! Love reading everyone's comments... :) 


ps... How ANNOYING is blogger to upload photo's... takes so long! 
pps... I'm a little obsessed with skulls, if you didn't already notice :) 


  1. I'm stuck just like you slightly on the outfit posts. I have no tripod yet, and taking pictures in the mirror isn't the best way to present the image! But your outfit is cute :) xo

  2. Blogger is so poo for uploading photos! if it helps, what i do is image host them first (usually via imageshack.us) and then use the html code. Always much quicker!

    Galibardy is very amazing! You have good taste in jewellery! :) xxx

  3. Thanks all... and thanks for the advise.. and Temporary Secret... I love your jewellery as well :)


  4. That site has some great stuff! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to end upnspending way too much by the time I'm done shopping there. But I've gotta get the measuring tape bracelet! Too cute!!!


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